Achieving “Khushu” and a Positive State of Mind |

Achieving “Khushu” and a Positive State of Mind

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Achieving “Khushu” and a Positive State of Mind

We have all heard about the importance of inculcating Khushu in our prayers. It refers to a state of mind when we stand in front of Allah and fully direct our minds and hearts towards Him. Ibn al-Qayyim defined Khushu as a state “. . . when the heart feels aware and humble before the greatness and glory of Allah, and is filled with awe, fear and shyness . . .” (Al-Rooh, p. 314).

Anything less not only diminishes the rewards of our worship and Ibadah but we should consider it as a sign of our disregard for our creator, as well as a lost opportunity for our spiritual rejuvenation. After all, what good is being in front of anyone – let alone our creator and sustainer – when our minds and hearts are not focused on “the moment”?

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Quran Islam Allah

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Khushu – A Positive State of Mind

In psychological terms, we can liken this state of mind to a single-minded immersion of oneself with deep focus on the activity at hand and one that leads to maximum performance. We know that our state of mind, directly or indirectly, impacts almost everything that we do in life. A bad state of mind can have a debilitating effect on our overall performance, shows its effects on our outward appearances, and in general becomes a hindrance to bringing out the best in us. On the other hand, we also know the good feelings associated with being in a good state of mind. It makes us feel livelier and more productive, and life generally seems more fulfilling.

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Needless to say, we must find ways to get in the right states of minds to maximize our performance for any given activity or else we can expect subpar results. The activity of “Prayers” or salat is no exception to that rule. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) alluded to something similar in that we get only a portion of the reward for our prayers depending on the level of our efforts. He said: “A slave may pray and have nothing recorded for it except a tenth of it, or a ninth, or an eighth, or a seventh, or a sixth, or a fifth, or a quarter, or a third, or a half” (Reported by Imaam Ahmad; Saheeh al-Jaami’, 1626).

An Appointment and Conversation with Allah in Paradise (Jannah)

The Tendency to Get Distracted in Prayers Salat

However, voluntarily getting in a focused state of mind and staying there is easier said than done. Many a time we tend to get sidetracked by our own thoughts. As for prayers, the reality is that as soon as we enter the state of prayers, various thoughts rush into our minds distracting us from the state of worship. These distractions also include satanic whispers, also referred to as “waswaas” (insinuating thoughts from Shaytaan) and sometimes reach to a level where the act of worship fails to deliver any notable spiritual value.

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Sadly, this lack of control on our thoughts and states of our minds not only deprives us from establishing a relationship with our creator but also prevents us from bringing calm to our jittery nerves and lives in general. Among other things, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) relied on prayers to provide him comfort and mental calm. He once said, “The source of my delight is the prayer” (authenticated by Al-Albani). He also used to ask Bilal to give the Adhan for the prayer by saying: “Give us comfort by it, O Bilal.”

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Stepping towards Khushu and a Positive State of Mind

Inculcating Khushu in our prayers, therefore, is about getting in the right state of mind where we are fully guarding our thoughts from any distractions and focused on Allah and the various prayer invocations. Besides spiritual rejuvenation, the practice of Khushu also teaches us to induce a positive state of mind for any other moment or activity by teaching us to keep distracting thoughts at bay and enabling us to focus on the task at hand with the heart and mind fully immersed.

So, what can we do to get in the right state of mind to help us perform optimally? The following are some tips that can come in handy:

Get passionate about the activity: One way to get in a positive state of mind so you may excel at a task is to ensure that you develop a passion for it. The more passionate you feel about doing something, the less likelihood there is to get distracted from that activity. We know this from our hypnotic interest in the many TV shows, movies, and numerous other entertainment episodes that occupy our minds on a daily basis. So, if you complain about reduced khushu levels in your prayers, you ought to assess your passion and level of interest in prayers and your relationship with your creator. How does it compare with your life’s other passions and interests? A reduced interest drives you to rush through prayers so that you can get back to your other activities of interest. The reason behind your poor khushu levels, therefore, may be rooted in your lack of interest to pray in the first place.

For some of us, this may be a harsh reality check but until our behavior proves otherwise, our priorities may be skewed.

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You can get over this problem by spending time (when you are not praying) to learn and internalize the merits and rewards of prayer. That can help you go a long way in raising your passion for prayers and other forms of worship, thus minimizing the likelihood of getting distracted. In this context, we should remind ourselves of what Allah said about developing the right khushu in prayers. He said in the Quran (interpretation of the meaning),

“Successful indeed are the believers, those who offer their salah (prayers) with all solemnity and full submissiveness” [Surah al-Mu’minoon 23:1-2]”.

Remember, the more passion you fill in your mind and heart about anything, the less vacuum you leave for the distracting thoughts to fill the void when you are involved in that activity.

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Prepare for the activity before the activity: Another sure method to help one perform optimally in any activity is to get mentally ready for that activity beforehand. Athletes do it regularly. We do it too before getting ready for any challenging activity (taking an exam, for example). This preparation before the actual event helps clear the clutter from our minds that maybe lingering from previous activities. As far as prayers are concerned, performing ablution, the high value associated with making dua before obligatory prayers in congregation, sunnah prayers, and so on are some of the things that can get us in the right state of mind before we start the obligatory prayers.

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Be mindful of the activity: To ward off distracting and negative thoughts, psychologists and psychotherapists also recommend the use of “mindfulness”. Mindfulness helps in directing your consciousness to what you really want at the moment rather than letting negative thoughts pull your mind from one distraction to another. Being mindful in prayers can help you consciously guard your state of mind from being poisoned by negative thoughts as well as satanic whispers (waswas). While praying, be mindful of the meanings of the invocations of your prayers. Done repetitively, this voluntary control can gradually help you control your state of mind and achieve high levels of Khushu.

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In Summary…

Khushu, therefore, is an ideal practice to help you increase the quality of your prayers that, as the prophet told us, can bring delight and calm to your lives and help bond with your creator and sustainer. The psychological underpinnings of this practice can also help you master the art of getting in the right state of mind for other activities too. It can also help keep unpleasant thoughts from the past at bay and also to stop related feelings of anxiety. That can come in quite handy in your relationships, at work, and in other aspects of your lives.

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  • Habiba Link Reply

    This is an awesome article, it gives a reality check on our Iman.

  • aminu shakirudeen olawale Link Reply

    May Allah help us to develop our our Eman to the state of khushu so that we can overcome satanic whispering during prayers.

  • Abdul Lateef O Bakare Link Reply

    Aaww, attaining Khushu should be the ultimate desire of muslims at salat,but, in reality, it is not easy. Muslims MUST continue to strive to achieve Khushu. Afterall, practice makes perfect, in shaa Allah

  • Anonymous Link Reply

    it is interesting topc jazakallah

  • zaynab Link Reply

    Perfecting wudu is key for perfecting your prayer, if one is heedless whilst making wudu then you will find yourself heedless in prayer, but if you concentrate whilst making wudu you will feel the difference and presence of heart in prayer. Try it out! insha’Allah and success alone is from Allah.

  • Sameena Link Reply

    JazakAllah Khair for such an article that shows how we can bond with our creator and sustainer
    Distraction in Salat is a common experience, and as you’ve rightly pointed out, our interest in all the other activities of life “drives us to rush through prayers” so that we can get back to them again as soon as possible. Most of us have reposed such confidence in Allah (as a naughty child has in his parents) that we feel Allah will forgive us as He knows our weakness, and it is enough for us to stand for prayer at the prescribed times to show that we care and give evidence of our Eeman in Him. But that is not enough. Thanks for sharing what our Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam has said about the reward getting reduced if we don’t have Khushu in the Salat.“A slave may pray and have nothing recorded for it except a tenth of it, or a ninth, or an eighth, or a seventh, or a sixth, or a fifth, or a quarter, or a third, or a half”. This is sure to shake us up!
    JazakAllah for providing this greatly required “harsh reality check”.
    May Allah reward you for all your efforts in directing your readers towards Him (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) Ameen.

  • Nadya Abu Link Reply


    I also find out that concentration on the meaning of prayer , for instance concentrating the meaning of surat al fatiha and so on will keep your khushu tact.I tryed it and it works, try it too

  • Good post
    Jazakallah khairan
    Jazakallah khairan `Jazakallahu Khayran` is an Arabic term and Islamic expression of gratitude meaning `May Allah reward you for the good. …

  • isa sulaiman Link Reply

    He is Almighty and Self-Sustaining. He is there eternally, and will be forever. Creation is depended on Allah (SWT), while Allah, is the antithesis to creation and has observed himself from the timeless quintessence effulgence. (Light upon Light!)
    Surah 24:35 Al Nur (The Light)
    Thank you…so much this is a great reminder on so many levels…

  • Thank you for the most enlightening article, advice and reminder. I will definitely share it with my family and friends.


  • Mohamed Nazim Link Reply

    Allah is great.

    Khusu will definitely lead one to achieve ultimate bless even though it is arduous.



  • Fatima Link Reply

    i would love to hear specifics steps to reach khusho like a how guide offering different things we can practicing doing to reach this mindfulness in salat
    example 1.focus
    2. empty ur mind heart and soul
    3.replace that emptiness with allah in mind only
    4 pray as though it your last salat in tis life
    just samples to help our brothers and sisters to stray to reach this level of khushu..

    • admin Link Reply

      Assalamu Alaikum – The following link provides a good source of that info. The article provides 33 Ways of developing Khushoo’ in Salaah. It’s an English Translation of the Book by Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid.

  • Very beneficial article mashaAllaah. I would also recommend to the readers that as part of the preparation prior to salah, one should remember that this life is not the true reality that we should be living rather it is just the pre-reality, pre-eternity. So this salah will help us prepare for the ultimate and eternal reality: heaven or hell (auzhobillah). Also, remembering that Allaah is your goal and focus in everything and that He should be the only One you are supposed to be attached to in this world will inshaAllaah help set your mind right before salah.

  • laila sobhee Link Reply

    Thank you much for the valuable information, Inshallah it will help me be closer to my creator, instead of focusing on my anxiety during prayers, i shall now be more cautious before and during my salat. Assalam

  • angsana Link Reply

    Khusyu is the highest acheivement in ones prayer to Allah, it is a state of calmness of the mind and heart facing Allah for our daily rights as Muslims, the article is very interesting it reveals our mental state of mind always disturbed by syaitan to distract us from tranquility of heart and mind when facing Allah. Allah Karim

  • angsana Link Reply

    Interesting write up Allahuakbar to reach that state of mind is not easy but daily practice will make perfect entrance to khusyu

  • mushtak Link Reply

    jazaakAllahu khair. its a very useful messege.

  • I’m very interested in this topic, I hope you’ll send me information.

    Thank you and God Bless us always

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    Assalaam Alikum.

    Jazakumum Allah Khairan. Can I translate this and post in online islamic news site in my language.

    • admin Link Reply

      walaikum Assalam – Yes! Feel free to translate it but please do provide a link back and reference the original source. Thanks,

  • Ahmed Nadumoolayil Link Reply

    Jazak Allah Khair, this blog post will help to open our eyes and perform prayers with khushu as most of us doing their prayers fast and careless without any concentration “khushu”.

    May Allah give you a long life and stong Eeman.

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    It is an awesome topic,Inshallah it help us to get quality prayer.
    jazakallah khairen

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    JazaakAllahu Khair

  • Zia Husain Link Reply

    The articles here have helped me a lot to clear my thoughts and ambiguities that I had. I am so glad that I got hooked on to this site. I also have ordered some beautiful e-books which are simply superb. Everyone at Iqra deserves thanks and may Allah always bless you all for the wonderful work you are doing. Jazak Allah.


    Here comes the knowledge and wisdom. calmness, tranquility, far away from disturbance connecting your self with the almighty. Meditation, yoga, and other practices of other religions are all included in our salat in their natural meaning.

    Jazaakallah Kair,

    Please show and teach and spread this more in Muslim society first. there is a great misunderstanding in prayer.

    thank you very much.

  • sharifa Link Reply


    Jazaka Allah. This is a very wonderful subject. Insha Allah, we pray that Allah helps us to attain this state.

  • Sana Link Reply

    I needed this a lot, and glad that I got the helpful information. Now is the time that I put good things into action. May Allah SWT help me and all to achieve Khushu. Another great article by IqraSense team, All Thanks be to Allah SWT. It amazes me how I got to know about this site and the great value it keeps adding in our lives.

    Jazakum Allah Khair

  • Yusuf Usman Mohammed Link Reply

    I am highly impressed with this article. May Allah reward you abundantly.

  • Sana Link Reply

    Hi IqraSense team,

    Is there an article which tells us how to keep relationships/behave with non muslims in this competitive world. I have many Non-muslims around me at work and sometimes there are occasions of non muslim marriages/gathering/ even having food with them during lunch hour. Any points/things we need to keep in mind?

    Can you be specific to gender, HE/SHE behavior with non muslims.


    • webadmin Link Reply

      Sister Sana – Assalamualaikum – JazakAllah Khair for your encouraging comments. The topic that you recommend is a good one and InshaAllah will be something that you can look forward to in the weeks / months to come. — The Blogger

  • Amina Remmy Link Reply

    Masha’Allah a very nice n precisely reminder topic on Khushu, may we read and adhere to the teachings Insha’Allah. Allah Barik us all.

  • Assalamu Alikum
    It;s very usefull and very intersting to read …
    Alhamdu lillah.

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    This is an important and interesting article especially for those people in their pray. It gives a clue how people can fight Sheitan.

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    It is really a wonderful reminder. Thank you very much

  • it is a very educative site that contains several important articles. may Allah bless you all and reward you with jannah.

  • Assalamo Akaikum!
    I read the above excellent article regarding Khushu and found it very useful and workable in our prayers and in our life activities.
    I pray to Almight Allah (SWT) to guide us to act upon the right path as narrated by Him in the Quraan and Sunnah of Prophet Mohamed (peace and blessings be upon him), Amin.
    Thanks and Jazakmullaho Khairun Katheera.

  • Aminu Link Reply

    I think this piece came at the right time. It’s not really easy to attain that state of calm and focus during prayers.
    May ALLAH bless us more with Khushu in all prayers and other good activities. Ameen

  • shabeer Link Reply

    Thanks for the article, really useful one…may Allah guide us thru the right way and maintain khushu, and may Allah forgive us for our negative thoughts in the time of salah.

    – Shabeer

  • aminu usman Link Reply

    May Allah give us the best as we strive towards our destiny

  • Ayesha Link Reply

    This is an article which is helpful for every person as everyone looses concentration while praying, but keeping our mind and soul at peace and the urge to thank Allah for the life we got, whatever be the circumstances (good or bad) pray and thank Allah whole heartedly will surely guide us to concentrate on prayer and lead us to the right path!

  • Bello Jimoh Link Reply

    Assalam Alaikum!
    Attaining Khushu during Salat is an uphill task, which every muslim must try to achieve. I read your article regarding Khushu and found it very useful. I wish to put it into practice and I pray that Almighty Allah make it easier for me. Jazakumum Allah Khairan

  • Syed Firasath Ahmed Link Reply

    jazakAllah Khairun..

    I congratulate IQRA SENSE TEAM for there wonderful commitment to impart knowledge to the ummah.

    I will be very thankful if u publish a article on Biography of prophet Muhammad( PBUH)..
    one of my Russian friend said he read abook on Biography of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) which staes that Muhammed(PBUH) got prophethood at the age of 40 and he proclaimed Monethesim for 10 years, at the age of 50 (after meraj) he started praying the age of 60 he practiced fasting, zakat n HAJ..

    I would request you to provide me some articles on biography.

    JazakAllah Khair

  • Mouna EA Link Reply

    Thank you for this.

  • UKHTI Link Reply

    Jazakumullahu kheyran; i had some serious thoughts before i read this mail, alhamdulliha its now gone replaced with taqwa and khushu’
    May Allah Bless u all, wabillahi tawfiq

  • Azeez Olaide Link Reply

    This is very good, may Allah bless the writer.

  • Thanks for the tips It is just in time I was very much disturbed due to unwanted thoughts and did not know how to curb it during salaat God bless you for your efforts

  • Habib Link Reply

    Jazakallahu Khairan. These are very use ful tips. 1 item that we may add to the list is constant remebrance of Allah



  • Mohamed Inshanally Link Reply

    Wa’alaikum mus salaam

    May Allah (swt) lavish His mercy, blessings and forgiveness on you for this article and indeed for all the others you have delivered thus far. We undoubtedly need these reminders ever so often to keep our focus and imaan relatively high. It amounts to no less than enjoining good and forbidding wrong. May Allah (swt) make us better muslims and accept us all in Jannah Tul Firdouse, ameen.

  • Garba Link Reply

    This is a topic I really enjoy, and will insha Allah discuss it with my family. Jazakallahu Khairan.

  • hafeez ur rehman Link Reply

    Aslam o Alekum
    the reason why our prayers remain ungratified is our failure to form o communion with Allah. Khushu is that communion which helps in taking man to a higher padestal. it is like a seesaw when one lowers himself, one is able to exalt his being.

    May Allah help us in our endeavours

  • Dr.Reffai Link Reply

    the most important thing is to make up your mind into a : I can” attitude. it si said ” If you think you can, you can and if you think you cannot you are right”
    Most of us think this is impossible and therefore even before starting prayers we have lost it. if you really want to you can concentrate on prayers.
    the other thing is to think of the meaning of everything you recite in prayers sincerely and with passion. Eg.: when you recite sura fathiha think of every verse in it’s total meaning. “sami’allahuliman hamidahu” must be thought of carefully and all other glorification will come naturally with awe.

  • Shams Link Reply

    Jazakalla bil khair! an excellent article. It will help in getting distracted during prayers.
    Would like to add: while praying to be in a state ‘seeking Grace from Allah SWT and (His) Good Pleasure’ as mentioned in Surah # 48 AlFath, ayaat # 29. (…Yabtaguna Fadlan min Allahi wa Ridwana…).

    • Shams Link Reply

      Indeed, it’s wonderful article. We Muslim umah certainely need a mindfulness in our prayers and in every part of our life to be at least a normal human being rather than Just performing rituals. May Allah bless u for taking the time to write on these very fundamental issues.

  • abt me, its a normal xpernce in ma prayers. der is no need denying it. ur article is de best description of ma problem,but thank GOD in de same article u provided de solution.thank u 4 de article. I wil apply ur steps to ensure quality of ma prayers. MAY HE BLEZ U

  • Peace Naj Link Reply

    This is indeed a very interesting and important topic. Concentration in salat is certainly something that almost everyone has great difficulty in achieving. These points that have been underlined are definitely helpful but only if put under practice. many of us here might just read and like the article, but may lack the will to go for it in reality because we think khushu is, for us, out of reach.
    Some advices are:
    1)At the call of the Adhan, stop all activities and listen to it and comprehend the words, concentrate and remove all other thoughts….it says sush to prayer, rush to success….this will pacify your heart and fill it with tranquility.
    2)Ablution or wudu will purify you physically to present yourself before God. If you have an appointment with your boss at work, you will surely get ready to the best of yourself. So, as you are performing wudu, keep in mind that salat is an appointed time for which you are meeting your Lord who has created you out of a mere clot when you were nothing. Feel His superiority and feel your position as a servant and be humble in your thoughts an dhikr.
    3)Step in the direction of the Qibla seeking refuge against the wicked and begin with Bismallah. Insha Allah you will emerge yourself in His presence. Aameen.

    This article is wonderful. May Allah bless the author of this topic.

    • Anonymous Link Reply

      Jazakallah for the relief this article has given me, I’ve always worried about how I get distracted in my prayers and sometimes have to start all over! Will insha Allah abide by this guiding principles of attaining Khushu. May Allah SWT continue to guide our actions Ameen.

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    i am glad i read your article

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    Great and very inspiring topic. may Allah ta’ala bless you

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    i read your article very informative , very true , May Allah bless you .

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    Assalamu Alikkum,
    Really helpful article may Allah bless the writer.

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    SubhanAllah !
    A very thoughtful article.
    Allah may help us all.

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    assalamu alaikum……
    ya allah the articles r really true.may allah help us to reach successful jannath by following 5 times salah and whatever teached in quran and sunnah by prophet{pbuh}……….ameen ya rabbal alameen….thank iqra sense & all who helped & everyone who read such good thoughts…

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    I am so fortunate to get these beautiful articles. May Allah reward you for it.

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    wonderful and highly benefitial. may ALLAH grant HIS Mercy on all who associate with this in writing ,reading,sharing and putting them into practice and make ourselves worthy of HIS Reward in this life and hereafter. Jazakallahu khairan.

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    Assalam alaikum!..
    Subhanallah!! What an apt article!!. May Allah Bless for this eye opener. I will definitely try to follow these tips to achieve Khushu in all my prayers..Thank u Iqra sense.. Pl continue to enlighten us!!

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    Very nice article!
    May Allah help us to apply it in our prayers.
    Ameen yaa Rab!!

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    Amazing very excellant artitcle., I love this articles

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    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Thank you very much for sharing this article on Khushu it’ s an important topic because is something we experience as a muslim. And importantly thanks for sharing mean of achieving khushu.

  • Wonderful article! Masha Allah!

    This is a breifing and a reminder of short to all those who faithfully follow the religion. We are all distracted due to the environment that we live in and this article will be an eye opener to concentrate fully in prayer.

    May Almighty Allah pour his choicest blessings upon you for the awareness created by you to all followers of Islam.

  • Hamza Ibrahim Link Reply

    I sincerely appreciate the efforts of the author of this article. May ALLAH (SWT) showers HIS blessings on him/her infinitely. If followed, the tips suggested in this article will go a long way in enhancing the quality of ones prayers and other acts of ibadah.

  • Khalid Mahmood Link Reply

    very rightly said and diagnosed. Thanks for giving practical tips to improve our concentration at our prayers.

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    hamdan khasiran dayyiban mubarakan fihi, may Allah reward u Amin as if u know what is affecting me seriously cos sometimes i hav to repeat my salat. thanks for sharing this article with us.

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    Alhamdulilahi Robi’l Alamin.
    This is one of the best articles i have read on the subject. Am glad i read it and pray to Allah SWT to continue to guide and increase the writers in knowledge.

    you realize one concentrate more when one is in problem than when observeing the regular salat.

    May Allah SWT make it easy for each and every one of us.
    Asalam alaikun waramatul lahi wabarakatul.

  • Abdullah Lukuman Link Reply

    Excellent indeed! May Allah (swt) guide us aright and help us to achieve calmness in & out of our prayers.

  • ROZINA Link Reply

    salam..this is something which all muslims face in their ibadah and also in other activities of our daily life..Shaitan is constantly after us and the shaitan ‘khanzab’ ia known well for its whisperings during prayers.We must also realise the fact that we are Allah’s servants and constantly seeking His mercy for every action of ours.We as servants should forget everything else when we are at His service.May ALLAH grant us that tawfiq to give our best in all types of ibadah which will nurture and prtect our IMAAN.


  • Shehnaz Link Reply

    This is a brilliant piece of advice, something that I was having problems with(waswas). Jazakallah for the article, it was posted in good time 🙂

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    assalaamu is indeed a very very worthy piece of good information, I thank Allah for it. If i would have had this 40 years ago i would be a better Muslim today,so young muslims,striving to be muslims, this is a good direction in defeating shatian early in your life and there will be fewer missteps in the deen. Stay focused. Alhumdulliah and defeat shatain..

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    Masha ALLAH! The article enlightens us on how to keep our mind in focus to worshiping ALLAH or doing good things not just for personal routine but also in trying to be productive in work.

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    mashallah..very nice and interesting article.. We muslims today are so engrossed in the worldly thoughts and activities that we forget the need of khushu in our prayers..but this article can help us to sort our problems of khushu that is most essential in our prayers..

    well written article.well searched and well composed..

    May Allah bless us with the bounty of khushu..ameen..

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    its a wonderful job u r doing. JAZZAIKALLAH KHAIR.

  • Fatima Ibrahim Link Reply

    Alhamdullilah for the opportunity toread the article. I have alwys been disturbed about distractions during prayers. i pray i will overcome the problem using the recommendations of the author. May Allah reward u with aljanna firdaus. Amin

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    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmathullah..

    Good work! I am glad that i have read this article!
    this is indeed very useful to us.
    May Allah help us to follow it in our daily life.
    Thanks for sending this article. Hope everyone liked it!
    May god bless you! Jazakullah Khair!

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    Assalamualaikum wa rahmathullah…….

    i was glad when i read this was very useful for me and my family.may allah reward you with al jannah.

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    This is a very helpful presentation.
    Jazakallahu Khairan!

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    Alhamdulillah, this is excellent, may Allah reward every body involved in this propagation pls does any body know how we can forwrd this long articles via sms to our brothers n sisters, this will go a long away to help in Daawah.
    Bil khair!!!,

  • Jazakumullahu Khairan. This post is a faith uplifting one. I agree to the fact that knowing the meaning of one’s suplication and being mindful of it makes one focus on our prayer. In my experience, I discovered that I assimilate better during my Hifzul Qur’an time when I know the meaning of the verses I am meditating. It also makes me develop passion for what I am doing during that time.
    Thank you so much for the post.

  • Mohammed Link Reply special formula for all my brothers n sisters ” just follow one golden rule n all your problems will b solved inshallah “EARN HALAL EAT HALAL” Even a small bit of haram disturbs your concentration towards ALLAH (s.w.t). Thats all.

  • hassan Link Reply

    jazakallah khairan. wish to also add that learning , understanding and reflecting on the Arabic expressions used in the salah especially by non- Arabs will go along way in achieving khushu. May Allah continue blessing us towards what is most pleasing to him. Assalamu alaikum

  • A very nice article. May Allah bless the writer.


  • Mukhtar Ahmed Link Reply

    Mashallah..An excellent piece of writing…. khushu is important because it is prayer and not just physical exercise as we seem to be doing sometimes; lack of khushu in salah is one cause for disgrace in this world. We therefore need quality in our prayers.

    May Allah SWT guide all of us in right path & give tafeeq to pray(salah) with khushu.

  • Mahmood Chiranci Link Reply

    May Allah the the Almighty reward the writer with Jannatul Firdaus for his immense contribution to the world of Islam and add more grease to your elbow for this wonderful enlightenment to the entire muslim’s world – aameen

  • Sham Link Reply

    THank you for these articles. I knew these when I was small but modern day life had distracted me. After reading your articles now I’m determined to come back on the right path.
    God Bless you for your efforts

  • Dr. Shahul Hameed, United Kingdom Link Reply

    May Allah give the reward for highlighting this important issue in our prayers.As all we know we start to remember the things which we find it hard to remember when we are not in prayer.That is when the devil (satan) act quickly to distract us.When the devil was kicked out from heaven he asked Allahu Subhanahu wataala to give permission to distract people. Allah told him at that time he cannot distract the people who are sincere. If we are very sincere in our action and mindful of our action(prayer or salat) which differentiate between a believer and a nonbeliever and ask refuge from the menace of satan In sha Allah, Allah will help us to attain Kushuh in prayers.Also it is important to realise that it comes with practice and we should strive hard for that. Even if we feel that we are not getting kushuh we should keep praying rather than thinking that we are not getting kushuh why we should pray.That is another act of devil to distract us and prevent us from praying. We should never lose hope .Allah remind us in Quran ‘La thakhnatu min rahmatilla’. Never lose hope about His blessings. The life of a believer is between fear and hope. May Allah give us thoufeeq to act accordingly.Ameen

  • Farooq Rajab Yusuf Link Reply

    The only problem or disease that this generation has is the abandonment of sunnah prayers. Most of us do not realise why the Prophet peace be upon him introduced sunnah prayers before or after obligatory prayers. One who is mindful of these sunnah prayers automatically will be mindful of obligatory prayers. when one developes a habit of praying the sunnah prayers, a maximum level of passion towards prayers is attained and this passion acts as a magnet that will attract and immerse you completely into a state of khushu every time you stand for prayers.

  • Mina Arafat (Ampang, Malaysia) Link Reply

    Assalamualaikum writer
    Very good read ! Informative, and personally i like the sub-topic “Prepare for the activity before the activity”. It gives me an insight and more understanding of the khusyu’. Thank you to my Sabahat who emailed me this article. May Allah swt Guides us all, Amin.
    Selasa 19 Rajab 1432 H = 21st June 2011 1103am

  • rashedea Link Reply

    Dear brothers and sisters of Islam I request u all humbly to pray for me so that i pray all the 5 prayers on time.Many a time I don’t pray even though i know that it is the first act of a mu-min. but I firmly believe in Allah and his messenger. in fact I Just rely only on Him and Him alone in all activities of my life. Please pray for me.

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  • Shafiq Link Reply

    Once a Sahabi came to Nabi (S.A.W) and complained to him about his concentration of his sallat saying that he gets distracted from shaytaan. So The Prophet (S.A.W) told him before his sallat read tawwazu once (aozubillahi minashaytaanirageem Bismillahirahamniraheem) then look to your left on do an imitation of spitting 3 times then start Ur sallat.
    Try it, it works.

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    nice article..
    May Allah shower his blessings on all of us..

  • arif chishti Link Reply

    No doubt the topic delivered an excellent information. As experienced, Prayer at Tahajjud & Fajr are offered in total khushu & khudu (thinking during prayer that Almighty Allah is looking at my prayer. The life during current era is is so busy(positive or negative activities) that our mind/brain remain full of foreign particles so during prayer khushu cannot be maintained due to attack of different programs in our mind/brain which we call shatanic interference. The best way for KHUSHU & KHUDU is that we should keep in mind the translation/tafseer of Quraanic surah/verses we are reciting during prayer also keeping in mind that Allah Taala is looking us during prayer. Thanks for your nice information please.
    arif chishti

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    Alhamdulillah for this reminder.Although attaining Khushu in prayers is a daunting task but but it can be attained with resolution by believers.This article no doubt provides the guide.
    Jazakallahu Khair.

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    As salamu alaikum very beneficial article alhamdulillah, I hope the readers also note that in this article the khushu isn’t just in salah, its also a state of being, submissive and humble throughout life and salah, but more so in salah. Jazakallahu khyr.

  • Amatullah Link Reply

    A succesful article on khushoo in salah should include advice for people who are suffering from brain fog, chemical imbalance, ADD, HSP and so on. Many people can not focus because of these and other reasons that are linked to neurology or a medical malfunction. If you can’t give advice on what to do if you suffer from such issues then at least, add a disclaimer or something where you clearly write that these advice are for people with a normally functioning brain. Otherwise some people may give up hope on attaining khushoo and loving salah when they see that they can’t achieve it despite following the advice given.

  • Mariam Goodur Link Reply

    Jazak Allah, an excellent article. As a matter of fact, a well prepared state of mind brings delight in our prayers.

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