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Pearls of Islamic Wisdom

Luqman was a wise person known to be from Jerusalem. It is said that he was a judge during Prophet Dawud’s (David’s) time. According to Ibn ‘Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him), he was an Ethiopian slave who worked as a carpenter.

Luqman’s wisdom is mentioned in the Quran in Surah Luqman. A summary of his wisdom from the Quran is covered in the post “Luqman’s Wisdom.”

In his book “Stories of the Quran”, Ibn Kathir has included more of his wisdom as narrated by others. Some of his wise sayings as he preached to people are covered below. They are similar to the message that prophet Muhammad brought hundreds of years later.

  • “Wisdom dictates: O my son: Let your speech be good and your face be smiling, you will be more loved by the people than those who give them provisions.”
  • “Kindness is the head of wisdom.”
  • “As you show mercy (to others), mercy will be shown to you.”
  • “You will gain what you give (or, harvest what you grow).”
  • “Love your friend and the friend of your father.”


  • Luqman was asked: Who is the best one in terms of patience?
  • Luqman’s Answer: It is the one who practices no harm after observing patience.
  • Luqman was asked: Who is the best one in terms of knowledge?
  • Luqman’s Answer: It is he who adds to his own knowledge through the knowledge of others.
  • Luqman was asked: Who is the best from among the whole people?
  • Luqman’s Answer: It is the wealthy. They said: Is it the one who has properties and riches? He said: No! But, it is the one if whose good was sought, he would not hold it back or prevent it. And, it is the one who does not need anything from others.
  • Luqman was asked: Who is the worst of all people?
  • Luqman’s Answer: It is the one who does not feel shame if found committing a sinful deed.

[Source: Stories of the Quran by ibn Katheer]


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