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Quran – Benefits, Facts, Topics of the Quran, and Tafsir


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Quran – Facts, Benefits and Virtues

What is Quran? Allah describes the Quran in the Quran

What’s in the Quran?

The Greatest Surah in the Quran

Rewards, Benefits and Virtues of Quran and its Recitation

Quran Stories

The Story of the Owners of the Elephant (From Surah Al-Fil) – By Ibn Kathir

The Story of Saba as narrated in the Quran – (ibn Kathir)

The story of Luqman from the Quran (and Ibn Kathir)

Prophet Muhammad in Quran

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Topics of the Quran (Topics by Surah)


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Quran Reflections and Tafsir

Chapter / Verse
Quran Topic
26 (131 – 134) Quran verses on the need to fear and submit to Allah
10 (22, 23) Quran on the mistake people make after their dua is answered
23 (12 – 16) Man’s lifecycle of creation and complete existence
8 (2 – 4) Five qualities of a true believer of Islam (a Muslim)
41 (34) Repel the evil with a better attitude
33 (70 – 71) Getting highest achievement according to the Quran
25 (63 – 65) , 28 (55) Who are the ‘Ibad ur Rahman’ (Slaves of Allah)?
41 (34) Quran verses on the need to repel the evil with a better attitude
2 (281), 3 (185), 16 (61) Why doesn’t God (Allah) punish all evil in this world?
17 (88), 11 (13), 2 (23) Allah’s Challenge in the Quran to produce work similar to it
2 (164), 3 (190), 38 (29) The Two Ways of Knowing Your Creator
12 (2), 2 (151), 31 (12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19) Words of Wisdom by Luqman
13 (8 – 10) Understanding the Greatness and Magnificence of Allah by examples
9 (51), 57 (22, 23), 3 (173) Nothing happens unless decreed by Allah (in the Book of Decrees)
6 (94), 18 (48) The day man will be lonely and helpless
19 (88 – 95) What is the worst sin in front of Allah?
9 (75 – 78) Hypocrisy and breaking promises made to Allah
12 (15 – 18) Getting through difficult times (Lessons learned from Surah Yousuf)
36 (82) When Allah intends, He says, “Be!” And it is! – Surah Yasin
36 (81) Quran Verses on Allah’s Creation
23 (1 – 11) The Profile of a Muslim (Mu’min) according to the Quran
37 (2 – 3) Signs of a Hypocrite
55 (1 – 4) Why Sura Ar-Rahman starts with the divine attribute of “Ar-Rahman”?
24 (11 – 21) The Slander against Ayesha (RA) (Mother of the Believers) and her Vindication by Allah
12 (15, 101) A lesson from the Quran about persevering in times of hardships and trials
9 (119) Be amongst the Truthful!
2 (152) Remember Allah so He Remembers You!
27 (60 – 64) Is there any Ilah (god) with Allah?
57 (22) Book of Decrees (Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz) –Reflections from Surah Hadeed
58 (7) Quranic Reflections – The Omniscience of Allah
4(135) Quranic Reflections – Allah’s Command about Justice
57 (22, 23) Quranic Reflections – Belief in Allah’s Decree
36 (79 – 83) Quranic Reflections – Pondering over Last Verses of Surah Yaseen
18 (109) Allah’s Greatness from Surah Kahf (Verse 109)
3 (134) Quranic Reflections – Allah loves Al-Muhsinun (the good-doers)
19 (1 – 9) Allah’s Dialog with Prophet Zachariah and Allah’s Miracles
29 (41) Don’t forsake Allah’s help to seek help from others
18 (3 – 5) Definition of “Losers” and Non-acceptance of Deeds and Actions

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More reading on Quran

What is in the Quran

Quran Verses by Topics

Chapter / Verse
Quran Topic
24 (27) Islamic etiquette for entering other people’s houses
24 (46) Quran verse on Quran a path of guidance
24 (56) Quran verses on the prerequisites to get Allah’s mercy
27 (73) Quran verse on Allah’s Grace on mankind and the need to be thankful
39 (18) Quran verse on the relationship between belief in Allah and attaining understanding
39 (53) Quran to believers to not lose hope in Allah’s Mercy
39 (38) Quran on the need to have Tawakkul on Allah
42 (20) Quran on rewards of this life and the hereafter
41 (30) The believer’s experience at the moment of death
33 (21) Prophet Muhammad was sent as an example
33 (35) People who qualify for forgiveness and great rewards
12 (90) Allah does not let go the rewards of good doers
13 (21), 21 (16, 30), 22 (65), 2 (117) Allah’s Universe in the Quran
22 (37) About the Animal sacrifices that we make on Eid Al-Adha and at other occasions..
2 (177) Quran verses on the criteria for the righteous and pious
2 (269) Quran verses on the value of wisdom
19 (35) Quran and Allah on the fact that Jesus and Isa are not son of God (Allah)
19 (30 – 34) Quran verses about Isa (Jesus) when he was born and declared that he was slave of Allah
23 (117) Quran verses on asking help from other than Allah


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Quran and Science

Geology and Mountains – Scientific Facts mentioned in the Quran

Child Birth and Pregnancy in the Quran and Hadith

Quran Recitation Video Clips

Sheikh Afasi Quran Recitation Video Clips – Surah Maryam Recitation

Sheikh Afasy Quran Recitation – Surah Waqiah

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Buy Books on Quran

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Buy Quran

Noble Qur’an Arabic / English with Transliteration in Roman Script

Mushaf Madinah

The Quran Itself Carries Clear Evidence of Divine Origin

Digital Quran & Encyclopedia eQ509 by ENMAC

The Unchallengeable Miracles of the Quran

Noble Quran Word-for-Word

Tajweed Quran

Tajweed Quran with English Translation & Transliteration

Tafsir Ibn Kathir

Learning Arabic Language of the Quran

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