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About Qiyam Layl and Taraweeh Prayers (Nightly Prayers)

About Qiyam Layl and Taraweeh Prayers (Nightly Prayers)

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  • maimoona Link Reply

    Mashallah. very informative.

  • Rahmah Kabeer Link Reply

    Jazakhallah! Very informative, may Allah make it easy on us all

  • Farooq VP Link Reply

    Assalamu Alaikum
    Qiyam ul layl and Tharaweeh are two different prayers.
    Qiyamullayl is performed by prophet (SAW) all nights of the year and most time of his prophethood.
    Tharaweeh is brought into later in Ramadhan and he (SAW) prayed in the mosque only three days and later at home. Later Umar (RA) organized Tharaweeh by jamaat and it was 20 rakahath as practiced even now at masjidul Haramain.
    We can see even now in many masjids in Arab and Asian countries first praying 20 rakahath Tharaveeh, and later after midnight praying Qiyamullayl and Witr (8+3)

    Follow Salafussaliheen and their practices.

  • linda sobhee Link Reply

    Brothers and sisters Allah is giving us the opportunity to seek forgiveness in Ramadan and in his mercy for us he is allowing us to have his forgiveness in the last days of Ramadan, I ask duas for all my sisters, and brothers around the world who are in difficulties or in countries/house/family and any difficult environment to be able to stand in prayers and make us get the janat of this world which is strong Iman be faithfull and good towards Allah, ourself and his oumat and allows us to have a better life in the hereafter. Assalam Aleikoum

  • Hamisu Link Reply

    very intresting post

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