Allah’s Remembrance and Praises – Islamic Video

Here is a video in which you can learn Allah’s Remembrance and Praises. Repeat them often for lots of blessings from Allah. Click below to watch the video. — End


Blessings of Dua to Allah – Prophet Muhammad’s Sayings

Here are Prophet Muhammad’s Sayings on the blessings of making Dua to Allah. The Prophet’s reassurance to the believers The Prophet (SAW) also said: “Your Lord, may He be blessed and exalted, is characterized by modesty and generosity, and He is so kind to His slave that, if His slave raises his hands to Him, [...]


Dua to Allah for Children

Here is a Dua to Allah for children. Go to Dua Corner


Good Deeds and Dua Acceptance – Islamic Story from Hadith

In today’s short story, which is based on a hadith from Al-Bukhari and Muslim and that is also mentioned in the book Riyadh-us-Saliheen, we will see that how we can ask Allah to accept our Du’as by virtue of any good deed that we may have done for Allah’s pleasure. So, here is the story. [...]


Children and Parents – Problems and Solutions – Islamic Podcast

Here is a podcast that discusses the topic of certain problems that parents and children have in Muslim families and their potential solutions. Below is a transcript of the podcast. (Go to the end of this post to listen to the podcast.) — Begin Podcast Transcript (Go to the end of this post to listen to the podcast.) [...]

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What does Islam say about Racism?

Here is a short video that talks about racism in Islam. —