Dua for Protection from Serious Diseases and for Healing

Here are some Du’as from Hadith to ask protection from serious diseases and to ask for healing.


The power of Khushu – Bringing Peace and Focus in our Prayers and Lives

“‘Khushu’ is one of the most important elements of our worship. It helps us quiet our minds to focus on the power of #Allah. It helps us to connect with Allah. It helps us to bring our fullest sincerity to Allah in our worship. It helps our hearts to open up in full expectations of [...]


Quran – The First Heaven and the Seven Heavens

See the attached Quranic verse. What we and the world sees when we look to the heavens is only the first heaven. The further we see through telescopes or otherwise is just the first heaven. Allah tells us in the Quran in Surah Al-Mulk, verse 3: “[And] who created seven heavens in layers.” In the [...]


Trust only in Allah as to Him is Our Return

If you are getting overwhelmed with life, then start focusing on just a few things that really matter. Forget everything else. And remember that of the few things that matter, Allah should be on the TOP of your list. When you are overwhelmed, stop – pause – and think only of ALLAH. He controls our [...]


Why Evangelical Christians Hate Muslims – A Christian Minister’s Perspective

Here is a video from an evangelical pastor Bob Roberts of Northwood Church in East Texas discussing the topic “Why Evangelical Christians Hate Muslims?” Click to watch the video below. Here are additional points to note about Islamic views on Jesus (Prophet Eesa): Muslims, too, believe that Jesus (Prophet Eesa) will return to earth before [...]


(Story) O Allah! If I am sincere then listen to my Dua

Based on a hadith that the Prophet (s.a.w.s.) narrated, it is permissible for one to say in his or her dua that “O Allah, if I am sincere in this action of mine then make me succeed, or make it perfect for me.” (islamqa.info) This is proven by a hadith mentioned in Sahih Bulhari. Te [...]

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