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Hadith Page (Selected Hadith of Prophet Muhammad)

Selected Hadith Compilation

Introduction to Hadith and its Sciences

Hadith, in Islamic terminology, refers to the recorded sayings, actions, and approvals of Prophet Muhammad. These traditions provide Muslims with valuable guidance on various aspects of life, including matters of faith, worship, ethics, and social conduct. The significance of Hadith lies in its role as a primary source of Islamic law and a means to understand the Prophet’s teachings beyond the Qur’an.

The preservation of Hadith began during the Prophet’s lifetime as companions keenly observed and memorized his words and actions. Following his death, the need to compile and authenticate these traditions arose to prevent any distortions or fabrications. Scholars embarked on a rigorous process of scrutinizing narrators and chains of transmission, establishing a science known as Hadith criticism.

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

Over time, numerous Hadith collections emerged, each with its own unique methodology and focus. Among the most famous and widely accepted collections is Sahih al-Bukhari, compiled by Imam Bukhari (810-870 CE). This compilation contains over 7,000 authentic Hadiths, meticulously verified based on stringent criteria. Sahih Muslim, compiled by Imam Muslim (821-875 CE), is another esteemed collection, with approximately 12,000 authenticated Hadiths.

Prophetic Wisdom

Other renowned Hadith compilations include Sunan Abu Dawood by Imam Abu Dawood (817-889 CE), Jami` at-Tirmidhi by Imam Tirmidhi (824-892 CE), Sunan Ibn Majah by Imam Ibn Majah (824-887 CE), and Sunan an-Nasa’i by Imam an-Nasa’i (829-915 CE). Each of these works contains thousands of Hadiths, classified thematically or by legal rulings, enriching the Islamic literature and providing valuable insights into the Prophet’s teachings.

It is important to note that while the above-mentioned collections enjoy widespread acceptance, they are not the only sources of Hadith. Various other compilations, such as Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal and Muwatta Malik, hold significant importance as well. Scholars have meticulously studied, classified, and evaluated Hadiths from these diverse sources, contributing to the development of the science of Hadith.

In conclusion, Hadith represents the sayings, actions, and approvals of Prophet Muhammad, serving as a vital source of guidance for Muslims. The compilation and authentication of Hadiths played a pivotal role in preserving the Prophet’s teachings. Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawood, Jami` at-Tirmidhi, Sunan Ibn Majah, and Sunan an-Nasa’i are among the prominent collections that have shaped the understanding of Islam and its practices. These compilations, along with other sources, collectively contribute to the rich Islamic literature and enable Muslims to follow the Prophet’s exemplary life.

Hadith Selection

Selected Hadith Listing

The following features a small collection of Hadiths, where you will find a wide range of Prophetic traditions covering various aspects of faith, worship, and daily life. These Hadiths serve as a valuable resource for Muslims seeking guidance and understanding of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

This compilation includes Hadiths on numerous topics, such as the importance of brotherhood and treating others as we would treat ourselves. You will also find Hadiths that shed light on the significance of making sincere intentions and the rewards associated with them. The fundamentals and principles of Islam are elucidated through authentic Hadiths, providing a deeper understanding of the faith.

Additionally, these Hadiths highlight the virtues of good deeds, the significance of modesty (haya) and its connection to faith, and the relationship between Muslims and Muhajir (those who migrate for the sake of Allah). Explore the Hadiths that discuss the pause in the revelation received by the Prophet and the details surrounding the process of revelation itself.

This collection also features Hadiths emphasizing the importance of avoiding punishment through the performance of good deeds, the blessings of wudu (ablution), and the proper manner in which Prophet Muhammad performed ablution. Discover Hadiths that guide us on entering restrooms, determining the timing for ablution, and the importance of Surah Al-Fatiha.

Furthermore, you will find Hadiths that address various aspects of prayer, including rewards, concentration (khushu), mistakes to avoid, and the significance of congregational prayers. The importance of supplication (dua), remembrance of Allah, and seeking nearness to Him are also highlighted.

In addition to matters of worship, this collection touches upon a wide range of topics, such as kindness to animals, the prohibition of usury (interest), the rewards of building mosques, the sanctity of graves, and the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene.

Islamic Wisdom

We hope this compilation of Hadiths will serve as a valuable resource for you to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Islam, enabling you to incorporate the teachings of Prophet Muhammad into your daily life.

  1. Hadith on liking for brother as for self
  2. Hadith on making intentions and rewards
  3. Hadith on Fundamentals and Principles of Islam
  4. Hadith on good deeds in Islam
  5. Hadith on modesty, haya and faith
  6. Hadith on Muslims and Muhajir
  7. Hadith on pause of Prophet’s revelation
  8. Hadith on good deeds to avoid punishment
  9. Hadith on the details of wahi and revelation
  10. Hadith on Quran revelation, Ramadan and Jibreel
  11. Hadith on means to achieve happiness
  12. Hadith on remembrance of Allah and getting near Allah
  13. Hadith on questions and trials of the grave
  14. Hadith on the blessings of performing wudu ablution
  15. Hadith on how Prophet Muhammad performed ablution / wudu
  16. Hadith on entering restroom (answering call of nature)
  17. Hadith on when to make or refresh Ablution
  18. Hadith on importance of Surah Al-Fateha – Sahih Bukhari
  19. Hadith on Rewards and Ajar of Salat Prayers – Sahih Bukhari
  20. Hadith on importance of Asar prayers salat – Sahih Bukhari
  21. Hadith on Dua for standing from Ruku – Sahih Bukhari
  22. Hadith on forgiveness of sins – Sahih Bukhari
  23. Hadith on praises and thanks to Allah – Sahih Bukhari
  24. Hadith on Sujood and Prostrations in Salat – Sahih Bukhari
  25. Saying Ameen in Salat Prayers after the Imam – Sahih Bukhari
  26. Hadith on duration and length of Salat Prayers – Sahih Bukhari
  27. Hadith on Khushu and concentration in salat and prayers – Bukhari
  28. Hadith on mistakes in prayers – Sahih Bukhari
  29. Hadith on kindness to animals – Sahih Bukhari
  30. Hadith on Takbir and recitation of salat and Prayers – Bukhari
  31. Hadith on praying at home and masjid – Bukhari
  32. Hadith on long and short prayers and salat – Sahih Bukhari
  33. Hadith on reciting long surahs in prayers – Bukhari
  34. Hadith on Abu Bakr Leading Prayers – Sahih Bukhari
  35. Abu Bakr leading prayers during Prophet’s Illness
  36. Hadith on Rewards of morning and afternoon prayers
  37. Hadith on Allah will shade seven types of people on the Day of Judgement
  38. Hadith on rewards of congregation prayers and Quran recitation
  39. Hadith on not making haste or hurrying up in prayers – Bukhari
  40. Hadith on Adhan, Iqama, and Leading Prayers – Bukhari
  41. Hadith on prayers between adhan and iqama
  42. Hadith on hearing the Adhan – Sahih Bukhari
  43. Hadith on Shaitan Running away on Azan – Bukhari
  44. Hadith on repeating after Adhan and Iqama
  45. Hadith on how Adhan Started – Bukhari
  46. Hadith on forgetting salat and prayers – Hadith Bukhari
  47. Hadith on praying at the time of sunset and sunrise
  48. Hadith on not praying immediately after Fajar prayers
  49. Hadith on time for Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha prayers
  50. Hadith on delaying salat due to excessive heat – Sahih Bukhari
  51. Hadith on the importance of Asar and Fajar salat and prayers
  52. Hadith on sleeping before Isha prayers – Sahih Bukhari
  53. Hadith on five times Salat and prayers cleansing our souls
  54. Hadith on praying salat on time by angel Jibraeel – Bukhari
  55. Hadith on Seeing Allah on the day of Judgement – Bukhari
  56. Hadith on not passing in front of the one praying
  57. Hadith on how to pray night Qiyam prayers salat
  58. Hadith on prohibition of dealing with usury interest – Sahih Bukhari
  59. Hadith on rewards of building a mosque masjid
  60. Hadith on prohibition of building places of worship on graves
  61. Hadith on praying two rakaahs when entering a masjid
  62. Hadith on the importance of praying nawafil (voluntary prayers) at home
  63. Hadith on graves and pictures – Sahih Bukhari
  64. Hadith on Sajda Sahw for mistakes in Salat Prayers
  65. Hadith on Pictures and Salat and Praying
  66. Hadith on Qibla toward Bait-ul-Maqdis and Kaaba – Hadith Bukhari
  67. Hadith on women attending Fajar prayers with veils – Bukhari
  68. Hadith on performing tayammum – Hadith Bukhari
  69. Hadith on Prophet Muhammad Different than other Prophets – Sahih Bukhari
  70. Hadith on prayers that are missed during menses – Bukhari
  71. Hadith on Procedure and method for taking Ghusl – Hadith Bukhari
  72. Hadith on going to bed with wudu and ablution and making dua – Hadith
  73. Hadith on Cleaning mouth with Siwak (Miswak) – Hadith
  74. Hadith on issues related to praying for women – Sahih Bukhari
  75. Hadith on punishment of the grave for sins – Sahih Bukhari
  76. Hadith on ruling on washing a utensil used by a dog
  77. Hadith on method and procedure for performing ablution and wudu
  78. Hadith on doing things starting from the right side
  79. Hadith on combing hair, touching Kaaba, wearing shoes, and Henna
  80. Hadith on the Reality of Ruh (Spirit or Soul)
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