Muslims vs. Muslims - Who\'s right? |

Muslims vs. Muslims – Who’s right?

Allah islamic verses

Being a Muslim, have you ever been labeled as a Sunni, Shia, Wahhabi, Sufi, or something else?

What about being accused of being a liberal, hijabi, sellout, or a hardliner?

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

Many of us may take it as an insult to be labeled as one but the reality is that it is how we are labeled by others – unfortunately sometimes unbeknownst to us – and that is how at times we pick our social circles.

Who is right?

Contrary to the happenings of today, the teachings of Islam lay down the foundations of a social system that purports to unite humanity in one social fabric irrespective of race, national or tribal origin and color. We know that this social system includes in itself all the checks and balances to serve the needs of the society at large and makes humans more civilized. Through endless examples, we Muslims believe that a deviation from this course results in a social disorder at all levels thus disintegrating families and communities and results in an Ummah at odds with itself.

Unfortunately, the situation today is just that…a Muslim Ummah at odds with itself at all levels…


The deviation from and poor execution of the social code of Islam demonstrates nothing but a lack of proper “understanding” of that system by Muslims themselves. That, coupled with the many religious interpretations has divided Muslims in groups of hardliners, liberals, Sunnis, Shias, Hijabis, Tablighis, and hundreds of other groups. Allah revealed and the Prophet propagated ONE Islam and ONE set of teachings. Yet, though all these groups claim to be Muslims and desire to be called as “one”, a large chasm separates all these groups.

Islam is not about extremism, fundamentalism, liberalism, or any other –ism that lurks in the media circles out there – rather it’s about being on the “straight path” as defined by Quran and the Prophet, the deviation from which puts us on “separate” paths. As we traverse the minefields of the present day societies, we see ourselves engaged in endless and senseless debates of trying to make haram as halal and halal as haram. We are pulled in discussions that benefit the general media more than enlightening us to return to and stay the course. Today’s society that feeds on the craze of fashion, figure, and fun is driving us to build fancy houses more than better homes and families. Our priorities obviously have become lopsided.

So, why not follow the “straight” path when it holds so much promise? The reasons are many and have been debated for centuries. One small post clearly can not do justice to the topic, but starting the process will bring us closer to addressing these issues.

One of the reasons is failure to mature in our understanding of the religion. When we fail in such a pursuit, we operate at reduced levels of wisdom and as a result we disintegrate in divided families, communities and nations. This “understanding” can not and should not be mixed with “knowledge”. The truth is that while many of us may have the “knowledge” but we do not really “understand” our religion. The message simply doesn’t “click”. It is only when we start connecting the dots after getting the knowledge that we can begin to see the “light”. Understanding therefore is a process that takes time and requires energy. A teenager may “know” that smoking is bad for health while a chain smoker who just lost a lung to lung cancer may fully “understand” that smoking is bad for health. “Understanding therefore is the awareness of the connectedness of this information. It is understanding which allows knowledge to be put to use. Understanding represents a higher level than simple knowledge.”

……… And those who are firmly grounded in knowledge say: “We believe in it; the whole of it (clear and unclear Verses) are from our Lord.” And none receive admonition except men of understanding. (Quran: Aal-e-Imran:7) [(Tafsir At-Tabaree)] (Surah Aal-e-Imran Blessings)

The reality is that we can not achieve higher levels of understanding, when we rely on half-baked knowledge. By prematurely indoctrinating ourselves with Islamic philosophies based on insufficient and inaccurate knowledge, we run the risk of devoiding ourselves from higher levels of “understanding” that in turn can provide us with the wisdom to follow Islam the way our Creator wants it to be followed. We therefore need to be cognizant of the dangers of this half-baked knowledge. Just as we wouldn’t trust our health with doctors who possess little knowledge and our life with airplane pilots who have scarce knowledge of flying, why would we seek to build our destinies by having half-baked knowledge of our religion?

When we take Quranic verses out of context, we deny our sisters the education they need. When we confuse crooked cultural norms with Islamic teachings we start mistreating our families and when we overvalue the worldly rewards, we yearn for more power and money – all symptoms of the problem of lack of understanding.


We must therefore strive to increase our levels of knowledge to a point where we can begin to truly “understand”. But that does require freeing up time as well as space in our minds by pushing out what keeps us preoccupied with the craze of fashion, figure, and fun.

We can not begin to achieve mature levels of religious understanding unless we take our religion seriously – It amazes us to see that many who philosophize others about Islam are usually the ones who do not take religion seriously. A little soul searching can tell us how seriously we take our religion. For example, does the promise of earning “Hasanat” (points for being on the right path) truly excites us to the core and encourages us to do more of good deeds or do we simply feel indifferent? Do those feelings in anyway para
llel those of potential worldly rewards such as earning real money in this world? Does the prospect of getting a million Hasanat excite us more than earning a million dollars? Do the warnings mentioned in the Quran and Hadith for engaging ourselves in certain behaviors indeed make our hearts fearful the way Allah wants us to fear?

Once we start truly valuing the rewards mentioned in our religious teachings more than the worldly rewards and start fearing the warnings mentioned in the Quran and Ahadeeth, we can begin to take our religion seriously. Deeper reflection and more time will bring us closer to being serious.


Allah says in the Quran: “O ye who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam.” (Quran, 3:102)

Differences in Religious Interpretations – Although there is almost no disagreement on the authenticity of Quran, it is clear that differing interpretations of Quran in general remain one of the primary dividers of Muslims in general. As hadith is one of the sources of such interpretations, we need to exercise extra due diligence in understanding the true source of hadith. Although the purpose of this post is not to get in the art and science of hadith, a general explanation will help understand the issue.

Scholars strive to establish whether a hadeeth is Sahih (sound or authentic), Hasan (good), Da`if (weak) or Maudu` (fabricated, forged). In general, for a hadith to be saheeh (authentic) it has to meet conditions such as that it has to be from a continuous chain of narrators, the narrators have to be of outstanding character and possess outstanding memory and the hadith must be absent from subtle and obvious defects. There are many other conditions that require an indepth study of Hadith and its sciences. More details can be found in a separate post on this site.

The necessity of narrating and following correct hadith therefore can not be overemphasized, lest we base our religion on fabricated information. Obviously, Muslims who base their religion on fabricated Ahadith are going to form differing opinions than those who take the extra effort to identify such and not use it to base their religion.

To conclude, it is clear that as Muslims, we need to start at the grass root levels within our homes and our communities. More knowledge will help us raise the levels of our understanding. Taking religious teachings more seriously will enable us to get closer to where we agree more and disagree less. Even when we disagree, we will do it in a more civilized way without compromising our fundamentals. When we unite within our families and communities, the positive peaceful vibrations will spread outward and have more of a global impact.

And finally, when we reach that stage, we will have less to complain about unity and everyone else.


==> What do you think? What else is dividing us and what can unite us better? Your thoughtful ideas are always welcome !

— Blogger


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  • May Allah continue to bless this writer for contributing meaningfully to islam.

  • Masud Iqbal Link Reply

    This devisions and differences in opinion among muslims are the chief cause for bringing trouble to us today!! If we are muslims and true followers of Prophet (SM), there should exist only one school of thought before all of us. Up until our second caliph Hazrat Umar (R), there were no divisions or differences whatsoever with regard to Islam as a whole. From second half of Hazrat Usman(R), things started changing giving way to enemies of Islam to infiltrate and shake our unity as single muslim ummah. we all know from the history, how enemies of Islam played clandestine roles during the regime of Hazrat Ali (R) bringing him and Hazrat Ayesha(R) face to face in the warfront fighting against each other!

    If we carry out indepth study of these ironic incidents from the neutral point of view that took place during the last two caliphs and so on, it becomes amply clear as to how the enemies of Islam were out to disunite us from the very outset of Islamic age!

    It is time that we really try to understand our religion properly. Other than Quran, Sahih Hadith and some fundamental writings by great scholars of Islam, we should abstain from reading writings of others specially new comers who tries to teach us Islam newly from the original. To learn our religion, we should try to concentrate on the life of our Prophet (SM), four caliphs and sahabas only. Well, the life and works of other muslim scholars could help us learning religion more easily but these should in no way supersede any of the fundament aspect of Islam. Shias, Wahabis, Tablighis…….and so on, all these ideologies evolved much much later. So, in my opinion the follower of these people should reassess their position a fresh.

    Best regards.

    Masud Iqbal

  • Skander Link Reply

    It is true that there are some divergent opinions among muslims, but the real problem of the umma is not about difference of opinions it is about the lack of enlightened and charismatic leadership. The division among muslims today, is fueled by tribal, ethnic, and nationalistic paradigms that can only narrow the vision of a greater sense of brotherhood. Allah knows best.

  • Dr ibrahim salieu kamara Link Reply

    Thanks for your noble and stimulating inspirations.For Muslims to unite,for their progress and the peace of mankind,they have to go back to Allah`s perception on unity.Firstly the existence of differences is not the problem but the problem starts when an individual,group,or community want to forcefully impose it views,doctrines on others.It for the friction that is bound to occur that made Allah to prohibit compusion of faith or religion on others but to give ample opportunity for time and gradation to acceptance.Differences in color,gender,language and culture,is according to the Qur`an ,a manifestation of the great Knowledge,wisdom,and might.It has been acknowleged that no two people are the same throughout history. So no one is allowed in islam to look down upon an other however that person may differ from him.An objective closer look at that individual,society,culture,one would discover `the meeting point’ for unity.Hence the reason for the call of the Muslim to co-operate with the non-Muslim on ‘kalimatsawah’ or the conflux of unity. It is like the challenges of a polygamous family.The childree may may have come from differnt others but the point of unity and strenth here their constant reflectin that that have a common father and his blood runs through their veins.To my opinion,this also true with all human realations and nation states.To argue over differences is not the problem but the bahaviour one puts up in the process of argument,and his after attitude is the problem.Has the Qur`an not ask the muslim to refrain from unnessary questions and arguments?And if they are to engage in any arguments it should be ‘ahsan’ most noble of attitude?The prophets in the Qur`an dissagree with the perception of their people ,to whom they were sent to reform,in many ways,but they were not insulting to them.They put up noblest `ethics of disagreement’ worth pondering over especially in this complex and constantly changing global village.May Allah guide us in the right path of Islam and forgive our sentiments that unnnessarily cause harm to others and islam.amin

  • The basic problem with some of us is lack of knowledge, and proper understanding of the religion of Islam, as taught by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). For one to be able to understand what the religion is all about, he has to learn the basic aspect of Islam is all about, know what the religion is all about, and how to worship Allah, because without this, it might be difficult for one to worship.

    The absence of this would make those half baked teachers to mislead one, and end up being among the 72 groups which the Prophet (PBUH) mentioned.

    It is equally imperative for one to ensure that his kids undergoes the neccessary teaching, in order to understand the religion at tender age, and grow with it.

    May Allah help us all, Ameen.

  • Sulayman Aliyu Link Reply

    The problem with us is that we are not ready to follow the basics of this great religion. Until we do this, we’ll continue going the way we are today.

    May Allahu Ta’alaa guide us all to the truth. Aameen.

  • Jerome Link Reply

    Dear brothers, follow the guidance of our prophet Muhammad (PBUH), it’s the only way. Only Allah knows what is in our hearts, He guides whom he wills and fall astray whom he wills. Only the righteous were guided to the straight path, where do you stand now? Follow your heart, it is where Allah put his guidance.

  • syed kaleemullah Link Reply

    As-salaamalaikum, after going through the very informative and very knowledgeable text here i want to bring that Ayah from the Holy Quran, in which Allah(SWT] says : WATASIMU BIHABLILLAHI JAMIAOU WALA TAFARRAQU that means “strongly hold the rope of Allah and donot get split or divide among yourselves, so if we take only this Ayah we can unite under one banner that is Islam and strongly holding the sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)..May Allah guide us all in a right path that can make Him happy….Wasalaam.

  • bahati Link Reply

    asalam aleykum,thanks for always being on the fore front and enlightening us on issues that are affecting the muslim ummah!its very confusing when you are listening to the radio and you ask a question to the muslim scholars on air and then they give you different answers and talk about what imam maliq and hanmbal said and one is left wondering which is the right path to follow.its an issue that needs to be discussed in depth lest the enemies of islam find the crack to divide us even more.

    basicaklly i think the divisions apart from lack of really understanding the islamic teaching and the teachings of our beloved prophet(P.B.U.H) western ideologies and modernazition has also influenced the way most of our muslim brothers and sisters think across the this juncture i think we all need to go back to the Q’uran and the teachings of the holy prophet.may ALLAH guide his ummah in the correct path.AMEEN.

  • Abdullah Ricardo Link Reply

    Asalamu Alaykum,

    Everytime I write my comments I always emphasize my being a New Muslim. This is because to give advance info to the reader that I’m not that knowledgeable yet in Islam.

    This schim inside the ummah I think is happening to show to the world that even though we are not united, we are still strong religion. That means, once we are united, then no other religion in this world will be able to stop the succes of spreading Islam to all.

    I asked this already one time to an elderly Sunnih why muslims are not united. His answer is the hadith about the Three Prayers of the Prophet (saw) where only two is granted, the third which is the unity of his ummah was denied. I don’t know how authentic that hadith was.

    But for me, Inshaalla, I will preach Islam to the Philippines and Inshaalla i will try unite the divided muslims there.


  • Abu Bakr Link Reply

    Dear Brothers and Sisters….. Reading some of these peoples responses I hardly feel qualified to make much comment. However, this much I do know. This is the enemies of Islam’s number one ally. These very divisions in the deen both on an individual and collective level -but primarily the incompetence of some of leaders – allow them to have unlimited traction against us. For many years I had trouble believing they even existed until very recently. I know I am slightly moving away from the subject and many friends council me to leave the enemies of Islam for Allah to deal with. For myself this subject comes under the first part of the saying “Tie up your camel and trust in Allah”. It seems to me that the Jews, Buddhists, Christians, etc are doing what they are supposed to be doing. the only group that isn’t is the Muslims, which brings us back to the subject. It is the divisions and lack of leadership that are our main weakness. So what causes this ? Is it the modern life which leaves us little time to study and thus learn about our way of life and live it as it’s meant to be lived? Is it the constant distractions, be it the ‘idiot box’, music (tutt, tutt) or as one brother above suggests a general lack of available scholars ?The truth probably lie’s in a little bit of everything. Which begs the question ‘How do we correct this ?’ I believe the answer is not that far away. Effort effort and more effort. Or as another idiot might say “education, education, education.”
    Switch OFF your T.V set (I threw mine out of the window (literally) years ago). You will not believe how many hours this will give back to you.
    Try hard to find somebody to guide you that has the qualifications TO teach. By that I mean NOT somebody who gets his/her Fiqu/Fatwa online. You will hopefully know them when you see them. Ask around.

    Kind Regards

    Abu Bakr

  • Anwar Mohammad Link Reply

    Dear All

    Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullah

    I always get amazed by hearing that the fastest spreading Religion today in the world is Islam!

    Blessed are those people who read Holy Quran and read the Sunna of Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam without looking into the affairs of existing Ummah and embraced Islam Mashallah.

    As an English Scholar once said: “Best Religion is Islam and the Worst People are Muslims!!!” So True even today.

    Let me remind myself and the Ummah. Once A sahabi raziallahu anh asked Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam; What is Deen?

    Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam answered the question in One Word. He said “Mu’amila” means Dealings.

    If we ask a Muslim today what is Islam? You will be told Shahada, Five Pillars of Islam, Holy Book Quran and we may have to study thousands of pages to know all about it.

    Let my life be sacrificed for Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam upon his answer to the question in one word Muamila. What Is Muamila?

    Our Dealings with Allahu Jalla Shanahoo in fulfulling His Rights. Our Dealings by fulfilling the rights of our parents, our kith and kin, our relatives, our neighbors, humanity and even animals and nature.

    The Problem of Ummah today is lack of fullfillment of the above obligations, which made us the Worst People before the whole World!!!

    If We set an example in our dealings most of the world shall embrace Islam. It is we who are responsible for degrading Islam and Muslims.

    Again the whole of Ummah was integrated for 1400 years with the minimum of Sects prevailing right from the times of Sahaba rizwanallahum alaihim ajmaeen. All the further divisions in Ummah emerged since 150 years of time. New Translations of Holy Quran. Questioning authenticity of Ahaadeeth making them Dhaeef and not practiceable are all the latest inventions Bida’ by itself, whch was not prevailing for 1400 years. So all the present Divisions of Ummah, which is even in one’s own family is due to this reason. Who Are responsible for it?

    It was the conspiracy of the enemies of Islamm to disintegrate the Ummah into many new religions and many sects by shouldering on the interpretation of Quranic Aayaats and substracting Ahaadeeth by our own so called Muslim Religious Scholars in the name of Bida’ and Shirk.

    Does it mean that Ummah was committing Shirk and Bida’ for 1400 years? even the Tabieen and Tab e Tabieen who were among the next best of Ummah as declared by Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam?
    Does we have today such eminent Scholars who compiled Ahaadeeth and Framed the Sharia Laws by taking into consideration of Holy Quran and Sunnah? Does we possess all of those Ahaadeeth which were available to them in that period?

    With the little available and filtered religious knowkedge the Ummah was disintegrated into so many sects and every one thinks that the sect and the Scholar he is following is only right. They even alegate that the Tabieen and Tabe taabieen are responsible for misguiding Ummah Naoozubillah and they are guiding the Ummah today towards the Right Path. Subhanallah.

    What is the Result of all of it? What are the services of the many in the Muslim World? Are they fullfilling the Objectives and Goals of Islam and Muslims?.

    In the last I shall say even I am responsible for this downfall of Muslims but this responsibility is proportional to the status every Muslim is holding. As per a Hadeeth of Rasoolullah sallallahu Alaihi wasallam. Muslim Religious Scholars are the one who will become servants of the Rulers and ruin the Ummah in the later period. Sadaqta Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam.

    May Allah Guide all of us towards the straight path and make us true Muslims Aameen.

    Well Wisher of Ummah

    Mohammad Anwar

  • M AtiqurRehman Link Reply

    It is really a nice and touching blog.

    Regarding the article, the entire idea needs to be looked from a very fundamental point of view.

    One of the fundamental reasons is the source and order of gaining knowldge and understanding of Islam. To begin with, the most important thing is the establishment and understanding of the concept, attributes and powers of ones Elaah (God). If one is accepting Allah as Elaah, he/she should have complete knowledge and understanding of Allah. This can be done only with Quran. So, to start with, one should have only quran as a source of knowledge. Quran will give the idealogy, the concepts, the philosophy and purpose of Islam. One should be, at first, very clear about the concept of Islam as a Deen.

    Then the next stage is the Shariah, the laws and finer details. These can be obtained from Hadiths of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Hadiths can be usefull when one is through with the stage one.

    One of the main reason for conflict is that people have various sources for gaining knowledge of Islam but not Quran. If everybody has developed his concepts, idealogy and philosophy of religion from Quran ONLY than there wont be any conflict in fundamentals. People will not get into conflict on tiny and small small matters, as Quran sets the correct mindsets and gives right aims and purpose of life. It gives a complete picture of things to be done.

    Most of the Aayah of Quran are very clear and do not need any other source to understand them. Allah has made it easy to understand so that everyone can get into right path. Quran is the book which opens on one, by itself, who follow it. Tazakkur bil quran- the first stage (which consist of the direct commands to be followed) is very clear and is for everyone. That’s why, these are made simple to understand. Thus by reading/listening them anyone can start following them. And as one starts following these commands Allah makes the facts clearer and clearer to him/her. He gives the wisdom to understand the difficult aayah to do Tadabbur bil Quran (the second stage).

    The minor details of these things, if one is interested, can be found in Hadiths so that things can be done in best possible ways as shown by Prophet Mohammad )pbuh).

    The Second fundamental reason: — Correct Understanding needs more and more knowledge, true. But can everybody be knowledgeable to that level?
    If not, then it means Islam (submission to the will of The Creator- Allah) will be graduated (devided into levels) which will be based on the ‘understanding’ and ‘knowledge’ for the individuals.

    This will always be there. Division of society based on knowlede and understanding will always be there (All Sahaba’s didnot have same knowledge and understanding as gained by Abu Bakr (ra) and Umar (ra)). Knowledgeable people lead the society. If society doesot have the provision for leaders to be chosen from ‘God conscious’ (more knowledgeable with understanding) people, the siuation will be like this. I donot, here, mean that people with ‘kurta pajama and long beard’ and sitting in madarsas are ‘God conscious’. Quran defines them at various places (ex: first ruku of sura Baqra, aayatul Birr etc.) There would be sects and divisions everywhere if everybody with some knowledge becomes authority to interpret quranic verses.


    Allah knows the Best.

  • Alvahid Link Reply

    The main postulates given in the article are really true. And it’s a good thing you give others a chance to express their views, because only by discussing all of us together we can come to reasonable solutions. I suggest the site moderators to filter out the main idea of every reply (if important) or maybe even classifying them somehow.
    In particular, there was a reply about mass media poisoning of minds. I am not an uncritical ‘do-what-you-are-told’ kind of person, but I also stopped watching TV 11 years ago. And I am happy and thank Allah that He gave me that understanding.
    – we are all followers of Quran
    – we are bound to get knowledge as long as we live
    – no knowledge – no true understanding
    – no understanding – no awareness
    – everything depends on the level of one’s consciosness
    – find ways to increase it, be sincere in your search and Allah is sure to direct you
    – never be a slave of others and remember: Allah Almighty puts serious hopes on all of us. Don’t waste your precious time
    – never think that only you are right
    – stop dividing your brothers into friends and enemies
    I could go on, but – any of my Muslim brothers and sisters – continue…

  • Ghada Link Reply

    Allah willing bless him for contributing to the best way As islam

  • Buba Umar Uba Link Reply

    Thanks for this thought provoking article.May Allah(swt) continue to give you more wisdom.The problem with our ummah is that majority of us are what I would call the born-muslims or many generations muslims. Most don’t bother to acquire more knowledge about the religion,talk less of understanding it.If you look carefully,majority of those fighting intelectually for the deen are the newly ‘reverts’.e.g Sheikhs Khalid Yasin,Yusuf Estes,Abu Amina Bilal Philips etc May Allah bless them the more.Amin.

  • Mohammed Yusuf Link Reply

    Asselamualeykum Werehmatullahi weberekatuhu. Our main problem is we got Islam from our parents as an inheritace. therefor we have no understanding (“Fahm” of Islam. May Allah(SW) guide us the correct path.

  • Kev Link Reply

    I have never understood why there should be divisions amongst us unless it is the work of Satan to divide and conquer. As I have said before I am new to Islam, and it is very confusing so many groups etc., so thank you and may Allah bless you for making it plain that there shouldn’t be divisions. I can only pray that all come to understanding and that Love of Allah brings unity.

  • A. Shakib Bakhshi Link Reply

    The article has very rightly put the initial cause of dividing unity of Muslims into different sects- not proper understanding of our religion and also not taking the religion seriously. If we take our religion serious, in my opinion every individual Muslim must try to understand the Quranic context by reading it and act accordingly all the times and in all aspects of their life. We know that regular reading and understanding of Quran is a must for every Muslim man and woman and if we cannot remind its instruction to act accordingly in our daily life, I think we still won’t fully benefit from our understanding and there may be chances of going astray in many aspects.

    Therefore, I think reading; understanding and again regularly reading to remind and act according to Quranic instructions in daily base will drive us towards the true Islam and unite all Muslims around a single religion with no sects.

  • KAFILAT Link Reply

    Assalam alaekun brothers and sisters in islam. I definitely do not have a specific answer to why there is division among the Muslims.However, i would like us to refer to this advice from the Prophet (saw),which says WE SHOULD NOT ALLOW GAPS IN BETWEEN US WHEN WE ARE PRAYING AS IT LEADS TO DIFFERENCES AMONGST US. Do you think that’s a point to consider and somewhere to start from. Every little helps,but definitely not blaming one another! And remember the Words of Allah that says ”do not divide into sects amongst yourselves…” May Allah let us benefit as Muslims!
    N.B. The Prophet (saw) left two things for us ;the Quran and the Sunnah. May Allah let us gain a beneficial knowlegde,hence interpretation from both.Amin!

  • Abu Bakr Link Reply

    “A corrupt jamat is better than a pure sect”.


  • Abu Bakr Link Reply

    I am a relatively new Muslim and would ask a little latitude. To be honest I feel quite self-conscious about about defending myself (if indeed it is necessary) lest I should tread any where in the vicinity of fitna, but I feel the need to defend my posture on the effects of the television on us all, particularly the young.
    Having read every response here I don’t believe there are any impressionable people here so (inshallah) pray ‘no harm done.’ Again please bare with me, but I really do feel it is one of the most critical issues facing us in the ‘modern’ world, and by extension a cause of division.
    In my early teen’s there was a coal strike (mid seventies) which resulted in electricity being rationed for several weeks. So whereas normally we would be sitting around the ‘box’, now we sat around the kitchen table staring at a candle, talking. I was raised by my grandparents -whom obviously were a lot older than I and had lived through WWII- and had so many stories to tell, and wisdom to share.
    I can honestly say, I learned more in those four or five weeks than I learned in twenty odd years, all because TV was not an option. Now, imagine what could’ve been achieved in those empty years, all those wholesome things like walks in the park, family games etc that our grandparents took for granted. The younger generation have been robbed of all that.
    Let’s take that and go further. Imagine multiplying a whole country, indeed a whole world of what has been lost.
    There have been many studies done on the subliminal effects of the cathode rays emitted from that apparently innocent screen. For example, watch any child after a few minutes.
    So far we have still been talking about a relatively passive T.V. Again studies have shown that it quite literally has a ‘dumbing down’ effect upon the watcher as the brain goes from (I think it is) alpha to- a much lower- delta wave. But still we are in the realms of harmlessness. Well try this on. It is said by studies that less than 5% of people read a book, compared to over 35% fifty years ago (and given the illiteracy rate of the time being half of today we could double that figure).
    Apart from the control of the economy (99% of wealth owned by just over 1% of the population) many people believe TV is the number one weapon against us. It is not just that the most vile pornography can now be watched by the last of the uncorrupted peoples (eskimos and other indigenous populous) of the world it has to be incontrovertible that for almost three generations now the T.V is quite simply THE ONLY TRUTH THAT THEY KNOW. That means YOUR children. Put this all together collectively and you have got a potential future disaster.
    One only has to look at what is happening in Gaza. In any other time, in any other situation it would be condemned by any sane person as a concentration camp. My grandparents would have recognized it immediately because they could think critically. And yet thru the machinations of those with an interest to deceive have no trouble in enslaving a million and a half people physically, all thanks to their ally, the T.V.
    It is nothing less than the most successful form of mind control ever known to mankind.
    So please, Mr/Ms Moderator if I have overstepped the mark, (insh’allah) press the reject button. And I pray you forgive the clumsiness of one who has not the benefits of a learned adab.

    with good intentions

  • Mariam Link Reply

    Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi ta’ala wa barakatuh! We, as Muslims, should not dwell in our differences with each other. The problem lies in the thinking that one Muslim group’s belief is better than that of others and hence, try to impose this to other Muslims who they think have somewhat different beliefs than their own. We should concentrate on the things that unite us such as the Qur’an and the example left by Prophet Muhammad (saw). We are all brothers and sisters in Islam. This constitutes a deeper and active understanding of each other, as clearly pointed out in this article.

  • The article has been published in a very sequential way and Focuses almost all the aspects that a Muslim Lack. I must conclude that another point is that the sectarian hatred and religious Extremism prevails in the society as a whole, I still know acknowledging a problem is quiet simple and suggesting remedies is a difficult thing. What my view is that Government should take part in this all. Have anybody ever heard about CRIME MATRIX i.e.

    unemployemnt / inflation LEADS TO disequilibrium LEADS TO crime..

    Government should play his part a strong promoter of religion and economy. A sense of self actualization prevails in the society and an individual should focus on its duties and then claim for the rights.
    This is how the ideology of Islam is promoted.

  • lisa Link Reply

    Well, I think the whole concept of “labels” defeats the process of understanding to begin with. It puts people in boxes so that they can say “well those people are different, ignore them”. Instead, as Muslims, and as PEOPLE we have to see that Allah swt made everyone different. There are no 2 people exactly alike (even twins have some differences). We can not label anyone and be considered understanding people.
    In order to unite the Ummah, we have to start appreciate our differences and be open with each other that we all have different ways of practising the same rules. If I make up my fast for Ramadan at a later date because I chose to nurse my child during Ramadan then does that make me weaker in faith then a mother who chooses to fast and forego nursing because she can use formula??
    If I chose to stay home even though i can work and contribute value work to help the Ummah, whilst another woman chooses to take on a tough job as a doctor for muslim, does that make me weaker in faith also?
    We all have different values and ways of doing things. Yes we have to have some commen rules like how to pray, which way to stand in prayer and stuff like that…but these are not the major issues that we should be picky about if we have not yet established an understanding of each and respectful acceptance of each other.
    The problems begins when we try to force to the details and dogmatic rules before establishing a connection and human respectful dialogue with each other. If we can not respect each other differences first then how can we ever expect to agree on little things like when the moon was sighted and what is the correct day of Ashoora?

  • Abdulrachman Link Reply

    Aslaamualeyku wr wb. bros & Sis

    It is better that we discuss than fight. We should entertain opposing views from fellow Muslim than those coming from the infidels or even plain non-Muslim people. There is no benefit from too much discussion with no actions particularly with some “all knowing” hyprocrite individuals who are not even Muslim. Thus, it is always a good idea to talk than to just keep silent and better to discuss with fellow Muslims than debate with non Muslim people.

    Doubt always exists and through discussions and actions these doubts are resolved.

    Allahu Akbar!

  • Asslakm alaikm division among muslims is inevitable because of differances in knowledge,understanding,mazhabas and crown it all our lslamic scholars who perpetuate on that differances to maintain their leadership position.My advise to muslim brothers emphasis should not be given minor issues .Our believe in Holy Quran and the Prophet [saw] be given prominance.

  • Salam, this is a topical issue(Unity ?) that needs to be addressed by muslims all over the world. I agree in totality with the point raised in the article- our problem lies in paying much emphasis on trivialities than observant of the basic principle/tenet of Quran and Hadith. There’re million of muslims out there wishing to practise islam just by following what their leaders say than recourse to Quran and Hadith for verification. It’s what their leaders say that matter and can go to any length to defend it. Is this not another shrik? We can do ourselves more good in fostering unity by following Quran and Hadith which are fundamental to our existence as Prophet too enjoins us to do in His last sermon. We’ve neglected this basic in search of exoteric islamic principles. In the real sense of events and happenings in the world, i’m of the opinion that the present day muslims must go back to the basic and the magic is what Prophet and early sahabas did to unite the world in the event of their migration to madinah. Where the basic is lacking among the muslims what’s the significant of ‘exoteric’ islamic teaching we do than creating a whole lot of confusion. Brotherhood as exemplify by Prophet on migration to medinah must be revisited as their lies the unity of muslim ummah. To me it’s what can savage us from this precarious situation we found ourselves. I challenge the muslims all over the world to please help us in exhume how this principle of brotherhood was practised by the early muslims and should be our subject of discourse and emphasis.

  • muhammad ali Link Reply

    Assalamu’alaikum Dear beloved brothers and sisters of Islam.A great pleasure and thanks to the gr8 article that have been posted.Alhamdullilah that Allah S.W.T has given us the blessing for us to discuss such a very important topics.A very critical topic indeed.We are the chosen Ummah.What more can we ask for?????????? Even the prohet before Rasullah S.A.W beg to be one of his ummah.Are’nt we the people whom lack of syukran that Allah has given us?Why are there so many diversify muslim?Why are we keep arguing about the differences between sunni,shia etc..Muslim should should be UNITED as one and the would be only 1ummah and that ummah is Ummah Muhammad Rasullah S.A.W ,Why don’t we work on similiarities rather than differences.The best thing to do is get back to Quran and Hadiths.From then on we can move on to be a better Ummah than our current situation.We muslim should be proud as a muslim and dun let the kaafiruun to trick us into something that they want us to be.Be smart brothers and sisters.Be Bold.Be brave.We, as a muslim, should help our muslim brothers, whom are really in great need of help us.
    The important thing right now is we must act as a true muslim and project ourselves as true believers.Bear in mind is that it is not an impossible task and Insyallah we can be united one day.A lot of summit, meetings or open talk should be held in order for muslim to understand between muslim.It is a sad thing that this is happening but we must do something before its too late.If i got the money in the world,all of the fund would go to this very important issue.

    May Allah guide is to the right path.Amin Ya’ Rabbal Alamin.InsyAllah

  • syed Link Reply

    dear brothers and sisters,
    let me introduce my self first
    i am from virginia, usa.
    my father is a sunni and my mom is a shia, and, i am not claiming to be a shia or sunni, i am a muslim, al-hamdulillah, and, i am trying to understand that why, today we muslims are not united.
    when u read the history, u come to know that, in our own books Sahih Bukahi, Musnud ibn-e-maja, and, many more, it is narrated that, after the holy prothet (p.b.u.h), some of the people fight for the cause of his successor, and, even they hurt the beloved daughter of holy prophet, and, thats, from where the muslims became apart from each other.
    this is my first appearance at this forum,
    so, if any of you want any sort of reference, u r most welcome.
    just read and try to understand quran.

  • umm mohammed Link Reply

    Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim

    assalamu alaikum

    thank you for this article
    there are some who argue that power is exercised from the top down by management or force etc and some who say it is us individuals who bring ourselvelves into line once a thought pattern is provocked and them made main stream, for example> ‘ it is natural for a mother to look after her child primarily’
    a good argument these days can be defined but the the meanings in language can be changed over time. how long before the word hijab is ‘modesty’ I have read in a book when I first became muslim this is the case. when it isnt an idea it is actually something physical

    Alhamdulillah all of us disscussing this have the time, electricity, computers (perhaps leisure) to discuss this. The oppressor and the opressed are both in the hellfire and everything I see going on in the world looks like a reflection of our hearts.

    If we do not remove fitna who will? If we do not carewho will? if we allow oppression who will stop it?
    wake up tomorrow and bring about the freedom of your soul never forgetting IQRA IQRA

    and a bit of shame goes a long way!

  • james hamid Link Reply

    We have all been ordered to be executed by the King & we are all destined to enter either heaven or hell.
    That’s the only difference.

    Moslems against moslems? its been like that for ages…don’t siblings fight? didn’t your parents argue?
    Its people against people. As a result of thesis and anti thesis, all we want is akhlak necessary to produce
    the synthesis. That of truth. But even truth cannot supplant the correct Iman and amal.

    Never before has so many millions of moslems perform soalat . Masjid are so many. Never before were they so many.
    Millions perform Hajj, and made doa in front of Multazam at Kaabah. Like never before in the annals of History.
    There are millions of naskhah of the Holy Quran, spread like never before. Millions fast in Ramadhan.
    And zakat and sadaqat is given , like never before. And throughout history
    the wealth of Moslems have never been as much as they have now.

    But never before has the blood of moslems flowed like this before.
    Never has the life and honour of muslims been so trampled like this before.
    Never in 1400 years of history, has the moslems been so much subjugated to humiliation as thay are inflicted today.

    And the truth is, moslems are not practising with roh. Amal is there. But the Amal is withur Roh/
    We go make solat, but solat is without ruh.
    Make hajj, but without ruh. Read Quran, but with no Ruh,
    Fasting without haqiqat. Lifeless. Souless. A body without head.
    Fajr prayer performed at 10 a.m. Solat is missed regularly.
    His a’mal is thrown back to his face like a filthy rag. La Solata li Jaril Masjid illa fil Masjid.
    Yet he sits at home even when he hears the azan, glued to his TV set. And he says he is the slave of Allah?
    Even a blind man can see.

    Effort is needed to revive roh in a’mal. Then only can knowledge be of avail and useful to him.
    Mujahadatun nafs. Da’wah illa allah.

  • Hasina Anwer Link Reply


    I agree to the views of the writer. It is very important for all muslims to gain knowledge and have hikmah to face situations of any kind.It is only when people are equipped with incorrect and unsure answers that confusion and differences arise.When you are faced with a difficult question, we should admit that instead of creating your own answers.

  • Abdul Azeez Oludare Ajidele Link Reply

    Dear Brother and Sisters in Islam,

    Asalamun Alaikum, W,W.

    The disunity and misunderstanding prevalents among the Muslims today has been predicted by the Holy Prophet (saw) wherein he said that the ummah will be divided into 73 sects and all are intimates of hellfire except ONE…

    Maa Salaam.

  • Skander Link Reply

    …From the top down, we need righteous and well rounded leaders, who understand, believe and most importantly live the precepts of Islam (lead by example) and prepare successors (institutionalize). From the bottom up, we need to bring love and caring (housing, health, education, nutrition,..,) to the sick, the week, and the elderly. Remember that a true muslim is selfless (has empathy, caring), highly disciplined (mind, body, and spirit), and patient (in hardship, and tests or tribulations). Being a muslim is a higher state of evolution than being a human, we cannot engage in inhumane actions (torture, rape, routing wealth, genocide,…etc) and call ourselves muslims. Allah knows best.

  • Akmal Link Reply

    As regards to what we feel as muslims in media and at home. Media has
    provided a big picture with facts relating to Islam, but unfortunately very few homes adopt the morals and principles. Like a person would watch a channel regarding Islam for a long number of hours. The facts with details and the subsequent bearing results are shown very well. But some homes adopt them.

    The need is more of adopting rather than speaking about it. We have
    prepared ourselves in challenge to answering other faiths, but we have
    failed with principles. People are more content with regard to superiority
    rather than submission. Some things in media are often found very funny.
    We speak about Hijab and find women not following it, which is one of
    the basics of dressing for women. People would take it easy if media keeps a serious approach when teaching principles. They wouldn’t have comments to make or take things lightly. Its just like a home. Wherein what elders do, the children follow in the same footsteps. That kind of approach is more appealing according to me.

  • Assalam aleikum,

    May Almighty Allah continue to increase you in knowledge for giving us this fantastic article of admonition.

    My contribution is that: If Islamic world should go back to our real culture (Islamic Culture) we will all have minor or no problem. We should remember the advice of our religion that we (all Muslims in the world) should live in unity as there is strength in unity alone..

  • Dr. Asheikh Link Reply

    The article makes an interesting reading. Muslims of this generation needs to understand Islam in its right perspectives and respect one another as was the case during and after the Prophet (SAW). This understanding and demostration of love and respect for divergence of opinion in the Ummah contributed greatly to the unity and development of Islam. We must all therefore at this time cultivate the spirit/ethics of tolerance and concern for the development of the Ummah. Let us cooperate and work together in areas where we can reach consensus and excuse one another in areas where we have our differences. If we can adopt and respect this simple principle, i think we can bring about a change in our communities and compliment the activities of one another.


  • ashraf frost Link Reply

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam

    i have a simple question. why would our Almighty ALLAH send down the greatest book ever known to man. Not a single word has changed since. the Quran is not to be interpreted. The quran is to be understood. ALLAH has made our religion simple and practical. I have the pleasure of watching Christians going about reading their Bible. It is so confusing that it needs to be explained before being understood. this makes me more aware of where my place in this world should be. it is simple. we cannot do anything in this world without the help of ALLAH. We are the Slaves of ALLAH. no man is better then another. no matter how many titles he has to his name. We must get back to basics. Our Mosques are there for worshipping ALLAH and not for wordly talks. When we make Sallaa. it is to ALLAH that we bow down. I know these are things that u know. when last were u reminded? If we all start giving ALLAH the respect HE deserves we will certainly be able to give respect to ALL of HIS creation.
    Just imagine if we all go to Mosque the times we should go. don’t think of what other people would say. When the day of reckoning comes it will be only you answering for yourself.

    Peace and Blessings to u ALL

  • Aliyu Umar Muhammad Link Reply

    Assalamu alaikum,
    I am happy to see muslims are beginning to face a problem that has been with us for long. It is also heartening to see the various comments from some of my brothers and sisters from countries where this divisive mentality is so deeprooted that people have grown to accept it as part of the religion. May Allah (SWT) reward the writer for being bold enough to bring up the issue. Rabbana la taziq qulubuna ba ada iz hadaytana, wahab lana minladunka rahmatan innaka antal wahhab.

  • assalamu alaikum warahmatuLLAH.

    Am very delighted with my brothers and sisters contributions. May ALLAH (swa)increase our useful knowledge and good ability to utilise it ameen.
    my little is thus…
    we must strongly believe and fear Allah.
    we must love dearly our holy prophet muhammad (pbuh) and accepts his dos and donts as odained by Allah.
    we must as a matter of facts do as sahabas did…
    we must be able to translate our recitations of quran verses as as we pray five times daily.This will heals our hearts five times or more daily.

  • atiya Link Reply

    I believe Muslims are divided because they have tribalized Islam. Instead of forming an international, inter-racial ummah, they have carved out smaller cultural specific groups where cultural practices dominate over the teachings of Islam. The cultural practices of one dominant group are then imposed on the rest of the ummah in the name of Islam. Unless we get rid of this tribalism, we will not be united.

    Another reason which has led to the fragmented state of ummah is the exclusion of women from our mosques. Why mosques? Because a mosque is the cultural hub of the Muslim community. If a woman is not allowed to participate fully in the community, what authority she will have to educate her children in deen. In South East Asian mosques women are not allowed at all. The only time she is taken to a mosque is when she dies – for namaz-e-janaza. When Allah has given a woman the choice to worship Him either in her home or in a mosque, why this choice is taken away from her? In the Middle East mosques, they are given a dingy separate room to pray. In North America screens are erected to cut them out from the rest of the congregation. The quality of Muslim family will improve only when we allow our women to become fully functional participants in the ummah.

  • Fazal Mohammed Link Reply

    In Trinidad, West Indies, almost all of the muslims are Sunni yet we are divided by how we practice our Islam. Many of us follow a more traditional form of Islam based on what was practiced by the early muslim settlers who first came to the island about 150 years ago. These immigrants came mostly from India and were accompanied by many Hindu immigrants and lived together in close knit communities.
    I cannot say if at that time there was an adoption of some of the practices of their Hindu neighbours or whether these were brought over from India where they originally resided. The early Islamic missionaries who came to Trinidad were from India and Pakistan and were probably more concerned with keeping Islam alive in this part of the world than in correcting what was being practiced. I say probably because even now we have missionaries who come from Pakistan and uphold all the traditional practices even though they have no basis in Islam with reference to Quran and Sunnah.
    What has further compounded the situation is that we have a number of muslim brothers who have studied in Saudi Arabia and are attempting to educate the muslim community in the practice of Islam based on Quran and Sunnah as opposed to the traditional practice. I cannot understand why the leaders of the different groups in Trinidad do not get together and examine they areas wherein they differ and resolve these differences in accordance with Quran and Sunnah.

  • Adam Abdullah Link Reply

    The prophet (SAW) talked about this division before his death.However, according to him, with the over 70 divisions, only one will be accepted as the truth i.e the one following the sunnah of the prophet and the Qur’ an. So why don’t we follow the right path as we always pray everyday during prayers in suratul fatiha. I believe strongly that the selfish interest to lead among most of us is the result of this.May allah, guide us on to the path of the sunnah.

  • Hassanuddin Zein Hassan Link Reply

    Why don’t we try to look different ways:
    1. Difference is a blessing, as long as we try to discuss the differences.
    2. Different but one Qur’an and one Islam, with Muhammad pbuh is the Last Messenger.
    3. With those differences we build one ummah, with respect others and open any discussion about any topics, with the basis of openness mind and heart.
    4. We, I, you, them, us, he, she, are oneness in ISLAM.
    Insha Allah, ummah Islam will grab their full dignity back. Amin.

  • AJ Link Reply

    a thoughtful article tht really makes us think whether v r a true muslim or not?

  • Ahmed Shariff Link Reply

    To be united among our various groups we should not criticise each other’s views. Each and every invidual would be having his/her own opinion. We all should look at the basic doctrines of islam which are same for all ex: 5 times Salah, Fasting during Ramadhan, Zakath, Haj and Kalima. Here all islamic scholors unanimously agree (and ther r many more rulings on which all scholors agree unanimously). And my sincere request to all imams who give sermons on Fridays to stress on Ummah’s unity and not to speak about differences, because we are muslims and not hanafis, shafis, malikis or hambalis, let us respect all these great scholors and not create a sect out of the scholar’s name.

  • Ma'ruuf Link Reply

    This is bitter but I will say, there is no way we will not differ because it has been said by the prophet that it would be so but let no one be judge among us. Been different in various things should not make us enemies to one another if only we are truely and sincerely seek the pleasure of our creator (Allah). There are factors that should unite us 1. Our Faith in Allah. 2. Our daily worship 3. Our Ramadan fasting 4. Our holy pilgrim among other common factors among us. With all these, I believe we still have a common cause to unite us. Lets stop all these discriminations among ourselves, lets stop calling ourselves names and dividing ourselves into various sects. Giving names to our various groups or societies or communities that are inevitable that should not divide our minds. We all have one faith, way of worship, way of life to defend against our enemies. Lets stop siding enemies against our own brothers because of difference in our societies or groups or sects as is against the quran. Lets learn to concentrate more on what we all agree upon than on our differences. May Allah help us all.

  • Please read the Last Sermon of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A. W.) this might help re unite muslims all over the world. THE LAST SERMON OF THE HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.)

    “O, People lend me your attentive ear. For I do not know whether after this year, I shall ever be amongst you again. Therefore, listen carefully to what I would be saying to you and take these words to those who could not be present here today.

    “O, People, just as you regard this month, this day, this city as Sacred, likewise do regard also the life and property of every Muslim a sacred trust. Return the goods entrusted to you to their rightful owners. Hurt no one, so that no one may hurt you. Remember, you will indeed meet your Lord, and that He will indeed recon your deeds.

    Allah has forbidden you to take usury therefore all interest obligation shall henceforth be waived. Your capital, however, is yours to keep. You will neither inflict nor suffer inequity. Allah has judged that there shall be no interest and that all interest due to Abbas ibni Abdul Mutalib shall henceforth be waived.

    Every right arising out of homicide in Pre-Islamic days is henceforth waived and the first such right that I waive is that arising from the murder of Rabi’ah ibni Al-Haith ibni Al-Mutalib. O men, the unbelievers indulge in tampering with the calendar in order to make permissible that which Allah forbade, and to forbid that which Allah has made permissible. With Allah the months are twelve in number. Four of them are holy. Three of which are successive and one occurs singly between the month of Jumadilakhir and Syaaban.

    Beware of satan for the safety of your religion. The devil has lost all hope to lead you astray in big issues but beware of being led astray in small issues.

    “O. People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember, you have taken them as your wives only under Allah’s trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then they shall have right to be fed and clothes in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. And it is your rights to impose that they do not make friends with anyone whom you do not approve, as well as never to be unchaste.

    O, People, listen to me in earnest Worship Allah say your five daily prayers, fast during the month of Ramadhan and give your wealth in Zakat. Perform haj if you can afford.

    All Mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good deed. Nurture yourself that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that all Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not therefore, do injustice to yourselves. Remember you will appear before Allah to answer for your deeds. So beware, do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.

    O, People, No prophet or apostle will come after me and no new faith will be borne. Reason well therefore O People, and understand the words which I have conveyed to you. I leave behind me two things, the Qur’an and my tradition, The Sunnah, and if you abide by them you will never go astray.

    All those who listen to me shall pass on my words to others and the latter to others again; and may the last ones understand my words better than those listening directly from me. Be my witness, O, Allah that I have conveyed your message to your people.”

  • Sarfaraz Hussain Link Reply

    Asslam Alekum
    I will take whole issue bit differently.I am a firm beliver that “DIFFERENCES IN ISLAM ARE THE BLESSINGS OF ALLAH”.
    Suppose there is no difference in muslim ummah what will happen?Will muslim pay that much attention to Islam as they are paying now.
    Is there a disscusion of this kind is going on in other religion aslo?
    First of all we should remember that Islam is not a religion,it is a way of life and way of life cannot be same for
    All the differences are good and healthy if take them in possitive manner.
    We cannot eliminate these differences,but what we can do is we can give them constructive look.
    If we invest our energy in scurbing differences,it is waste.
    May Allah protect us from the evils of Ulemas of our own belief(Maslak)

  • Amini Link Reply

    I thank Noraida for presenting the Last Sermon of our Holy Prophet.
    Indeed we Muslims are one.
    Lets ignore anyhthing that devide us, as it must have been brought to us by
    those who will be happy with our divisions.

  • Dear Brothers,
    Assalamu Alikum.
    It is a pleasure to know that there are many Muslim friends out there who have thought about this isssue of Disunity. I have been doing an indepth study of theswe different sucternal adn ideological belieffs and in the end I have come to the conclusion that atleast 90% of our differencesa are either self created or due to misunderstanding. I have found in 9 places in the Quran whre Muslims have been warned niot to divide. Check Ayat 9-10 of Surah Hujurat and Ayat 103 of Al-Baqarah. Evern apart from these there are many references in the Holy Quran telling us about how divisions in Islam willl be heavily punished in this world and in the Akhirat.

    I also says that,”AND MAKE PEACE BETWEEn your brethren so that you may recieve Allah’s mercy”

    It was with this thought that last year, A couple of friends and I formed an organisation called Muttahida Ummat e Muslima (united Muslim nation)
    Our motto is WA LA TAFARRAQU “and do not make sects”. Today, alhamdullilah, we have dozens of members around the globe who have pledged to promote the unity between Muslims and to promote true islam ( which we believe is nither extremist nor fundamentalist. Neither liberal not secular. It is a perfectly balanced modern and moderate religion which fosters unity. )

    If any of you wants to learn more about the emphasis in Islam of Unity, Muslim divisions, Sunni Islam, Shia Islam, break away sects, or you want to join or donate to our community contact us at:


    Al hamdullillah hi rabil ALamin,

    fi Aman Allah

  • Sure Mbaruk Link Reply

    Assalaam aleykum.
    This problem will not be solved untill our area leaders (imams kadhis,sheikhs) agree to work under one Islam world leader.Look at Roman catholics,jews,ahmadiyyas,hindus do they perform? WAATASIMUU BIHABLILAAHI JAMIAN WALAA TAFARRAQU.

  • Lina Link Reply

    The problem is most of the people follow some persons with out knowledge, the solution is follow the quran and the hadith by selefune salih undertanding .

  • Mashallah very Informative Article ..

    Thanks For Sharing ..

  • yakub omar Link Reply

    Assalaamu Alaikum.
    All Praise is for ALLAH SWT and Peace and Blessing for our beloved Prophet Muhammed SAW.
    Whatever the differences in the MUSLIM UMMAH, the bottom line is that we need to follow the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. Most important of all is that having only the knowledge is not enough but understanding Islam plays a bigger role. Just by reading the translations is not enough but digging into the in-depth of the that what has been prescribed for us will help us be better and united people and nations.
    Instead of criticizing our own UMMAH we should be busy making dua for the correction of our mistakes and guidance to the straight path. All this is very clearly written in the Quran and the Sunnah. May ALLAH SWT Bless us with Guidance, Knowledge and Understanding for the betterment of our UMMAH.
    Jazaka ALLAH Kheiran

  • It’s awesome to go to see this web page and reading the views of all mates on the topic of this article, while I am also keen of getting familiarity.

  • Pete Link Reply

    I am not a Muslim but I am quite fascinated with your system of beliefs and the manner in which some of your followers express themselves to others.

    In my humble opinion, the article above, and the many responses which follow (I read about half of them), reveal a great desire to find sanctity and security of worship by respecting one another’s differences. Obviously, it is paramount that such a polygamous approach be centered upon your primary source of spiritual insight, wisdom, and salvation–namely, Holy Quaran and subsequent texts (Sunnah?) and scripture interpretations. Regardless, without a commitment to “agree to disagree,” I fear history dictates you will be relegated to perpetual inner turmoil and dissent (even wars against fellow believers and, perhaps, a dissolution of your religion as you know it to be).

    Please, accept my words with the grace of a humble host and know that I mean your God (Allah, may His name be revered), nor your Way, any harsh judgement or critique. And yet, there is the irony of my purpose and request for inclusion in your community discussion. That is, as I am technically an infidel, I imagine my input without merit at best, and highly suspect at worse!

    Still, at the risk of my time being spent in frivolous manner, I would beg your patience and ask that you consider the following points.

    Wisdom I gained from an unfortunate experience within the ranks of a very fundamentalist religion revealed to me that Truth affects and guides Mankind. Men do not affect or guide Truth. Therefore, as one writer responded above, “we would do well not to contend to our brothers that Truth alone resides with us.” (Paraphrased) Indeed, if such an expression of humility was also projected to those of other faiths and belief systems, Islam would be all the more attractive. Please do not misunderstand. The shortcoming (in my opinion) lies not with one’s claim of knowing an absolute Truth, but rather, one’s absolute demand that everyone else recognize that proclamation.

    Hence the irony of my input. Many, I suspect, will disregard my words as chaff in the wind of unbelief. Yet, by refusing to even consider the positives of my thoughts (due only to the fact of my infidel status), the presumed wisdom of my spiritual experience is lost to he who supposedly seeks the Truth! Alas, I believe this would be an example of losing sight of the forest through the trees.

    I wish you God’s grace in your journey…

  • Mohammad Jamir Haider Babla, Link Reply

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Valuable article on real problem of Muslim Ummah.
    It is often said that the divisions are due to lack of Islamic knowledge. I totally disagree with the opinion. All sects are the creations of so-called educated persons who cite the references according to their opinions overlooking or hiding other authentic references.
    It would be very difficult to bring all Muslims under one shade. We need not go for proof. If we see the method of Salat all over the world, we find that all groups are somehow following the Sahih Ahadith.
    May Allah guide us in all respects.

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