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  • Musa Zahd Link Reply

    His own house must get into order. All his praises charity is not action. Helping banks charge more interest on credit cards that poor use to buy food is not making new jobs. There are millions in his own backyard starving. People kicked out of homes that lay in ruin to vultures waiting to turn disasters into profit. Why does he allow thousands of families live in shelters? beg for food & are given empty promises? Where are the forgiveness of student loans (high interest) for those in employment lines, soon they will be in a bread line. Where are the elderly? They have to choose between food, housing or medicines. They can’t afford the deductible just to be seen in the ER? How come there are so few doctors? They could teach a million more to help people and still not have enough. Harvard Medical School, RIT and Michigan State are in Dubai, are they there for profit or to teach Muslims to help Muslims? Charity is a world problem but America needs to clean their own ethical system to include charity to all peoples in their land. When people have access to work, to food, to shelter, to health, to give tools to the disabled, not charge huge fees for the blind to get technology to be self-reliant, they will then find the time to seek the wisdom of our Creator & seek peace.

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  • Thank you very much and many many thanks to US president Mr Barac Obama for his wonderful and loving message.

    May Allah bless we all,aameen.

  • M.Khan Link Reply

    By listening to the president message, I felt like being real american for the first time, at least from his speech. In the past 10+ years I have always felt like I was some other creature being Muslim in America, being discriminated everywhere in American institutions. I am very impressed with the president’s knowledge and understanding/respect for Muslims.

  • gulambhai Link Reply

    let us admire the president will to move in direction of peace. May be he may not be able to change much but atleast he has initiated a step which many of our muslim leader dare not talk off,he atleast was concern in his speech for the muslim community, i dont why the muslim does not grab this opportunity and atleast initiate him to take some steps in the direction which he intend to go, then we can know how sincere he was in his speech.

  • Mohamed Link Reply

    We do not any political comments from any politician. This a Holy Month, the only message we need to hear and follow is from the Holy Qur’an only.

  • Arif Ali Link Reply

    Fake, simply fake…Muslims we are better than that.

  • they are freemasons….they are just trying to win over Muslims…they don’t really mean it……George Bush did it too!!

  • Mac Link Reply

    Nice Message. But will the president live up to his expectations?
    I just hope he doesn’t fall prey to some of his allies before he can carry out his beautiful message.

  • hanna Link Reply

    very nice and encouraging words, i hope this message gets somewhere; i do wish the best for all the people and i wish a better world and easier times

    ramadan mubarak!

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  • Sulyman Link Reply

    thank you mr president. what a beautiful message from the american president, looks real but time will tell.
    ramadan kareem!

  • Zayd Link Reply

    Assalamu Alaikum. give the guy a chance, if hes holding out an olive branch, then the Muslim nations and people should at least call his bluff, If he is sincere, nothing but good will come of it, If hes not sincere, then we will know where we stand. honest dialogue has to be better than the conflict of the past. I admit actions speak louder than words, but he has made a first good move and you have to admit he is miles ahead than Geo Bush in inproving relations with the world.

  • Isa Gusau Link Reply

    I think President Obama is sincere about US(atleast not under bush) hand of frienship to the Muslim world, i dont think his speech is just about politics- u really cannt separate the speech of a politician from politics even if he or she is praying so long as there are listeners to the speech. Politics aside, i dont see Obama as a violent leader like Mr Bee. I pray and hope we once again see the moment when people used to love Americans and the United States. For the first time in many years, i found my self seriously behind the American football team during the 2009 FIFA confederations cup finals held in South Africa recently, i belive feelings are chnaging on perceptions about the US. I pray and hope though, that Obama will work to end the killings in Gaza- here again i see both sides as culpable but the Isreal seemed to be at centre because it is stronger hence its enchroachment into the territory of its neigbours-palestine. Until these killings stop, Obama may only remain an eloquent speaker and not really a reformer in the peace process of the middle east. I must say, though, i am an Obama fan- i cherish some of his ways and pray he succeeds where is on the right step.

  • Mohib Khan Link Reply

    The message is good and overwhelming, however It will be nice if this message flows consistently in all of America’s activities.
    Thanks Mr. President for encouraging words.

  • MizzDEE Link Reply

    This is a beautiful and heartfelt message for us all to ponder. I am sure that it is never easy for the President to congratulate al of the Muslims around the world, but as he said, “We have to start somewhere”.
    Politician or not, we must realize that Islam is being spreaded regardless the day, but especially on this day in the month of Ramadan. If Islam can be shown as a beautiful and peaceful religion, then it is Allah Ta’ala that has made it so through the President.
    May his message reach the 4 corners of the world and touch many hearts in the precess.


  • Fatima Link Reply

    I am new to Islam but I think we all need to embrace President Obama and his efforts. He has inherited a terrible mess and has to begin somewhere. Bush has made a horrendous mistake in the middle east and it cannot be fixed overnight. I think he is being sincere and remember he cannot forgive all loans in reference to the comments about student loans and people in bread lines. He is doing what he can and will put out fires as they are lit. Let us give him charity and a chance.

  • ibrahim abubakar El-miskin Link Reply

    thank you mr president. what a beautiful message from the american president, looks real but time will tell.very nice and encouraging words, i hope this message gets somewhere; i do wish the best for all the people and i wish a better world and easier times. This is a beautiful and heartfelt message for us all to ponder. I am sure that it is never easy for the President to congratulate all of the Muslims around the world, but as he said, “We have to start somewhere”.
    Politician or not, we must realize that Islam is being spreaded regardless the day, but especially on this day in the month of Ramadan. If Islam can be shown as a beautiful and peaceful religion, then it is Allah Ta’ala that has made it so through the President.
    May his message reach the 4 corners of the world and touch many hearts in the precess

    ramadan kareem!

  • alias Link Reply

    Thank you Mr. Obama. this is nice speech.

  • ibrahim Link Reply

    This shows that at long last an American president has respect for Muslims and Islam.

  • Imadam Link Reply

    With heartfelt gratitude to our President for acknowledging what other Presidents have NEVER DONE BEFORE. May Allah, (SWT) bless him and give him further guidance to lead others to the same acknowledgement that Islam is TRULY A RELIGION OF PEACE, and not some “satanic cult” as some ignorant Islam haters have called it. My wish is for peace and blessings for my fellow Muslims all over the world during this Ramadan. And may the Muslim Ummah (family) unite to become ONE in their deeds and in their FAITH. AMEEN. Ramadan kareem, insha’Allah.

  • Imadam Link Reply

    Regarding posts #6 by Mohammad and #7 by Arif Ali,

    It is exactly these kind of statements of yours that draw ill will towards us and make non-Muslims resent Islam. We are not the enemies of any other human being on earth, and we need to extend our humanity and kindness to ALL HUMAN BEINGS and not be critical of them expecially when ‘THEY WISH US GOOD WILL” as the President has done. The sooner you change your way of thinking that you are superior to others who share our earth, the better ALL MUSLIMS will be. You do us no favors by show of INTOLERANCE towards other faiths. Prophet Muhammad was NEVER DISRESPECTFUL of non-Muslims. He won them over with KINDNESS and RESPECT.

  • Hussein Link Reply

    Salam Aleikum, In my opinion i think this is just a show by the Americans through their president, the events of the past have shown that what he said can not entirely be relied upon, the problems of the muslim world are the muslim themselves, they have deviated from the path……. what else can one expect!

  • Ista Link Reply

    Bismillah r Rahman r Rahim
    AsSalaam Alaikum
    This is the month of Faith Fasting Prayer and Charity. I would like to beleive in President Obama’s compelling words. But he is a politician. He has done nothing for the american people. He has shown only compassion for the CEO’s of large coporations. None of which in turn have shared that bailout with the creation of jobs, workout different mortgage loans for homeowners so they may keep their houses and not get forclosed upon. daily where i work many many people tell me, this is all i have to live on for food for the rest of the month. or ” I have had to go on welfare because we lost our jobs our house” its apalling. its heart breaking, I see the credit card companys for no reason raise peoples intrest rates to 28 percent and the only reason give “because the government allows us to do this.” So Mr Obama, stop telling us what you will do, IN the name of God almighty stop playing this game and help the american people. clean up our backyard first, help our homeless, first, help our poor our uneducated our sick first. Help our people whos rights are violated everyday, Then by YOUR actions can you ( and America ) be a beacon of hope for the world.

  • Aboud Idris Link Reply

    In obama, the world has got a leader who really wants people to live together in peace and harmony. This message clearly depicts that. Thanks

  • Farah Ayoob Link Reply

    I would like to add, this is the first US president who seem to understand Islam and shows acknowledgement on problems of an American Muslim. I am a US citizen and mom of two and my life has been tougher than most single mothers for last twelve years because I am a Muslim. I don’t find work and when do I discrimination and politics takes me back where I was. There are policies and laws on work discrimination but more loop-holes and employers know their way out since they can afford expensive legal advise and create a situation of politics and confusion which no employee can beat and give-up. I would love to start a cultural crossing point to provide more info on each culture to the world and to help bring everyone closer but I have my own financial dilemma going on which seems endless in this economy. But President Obama’s speech is giving hope that things will change, and I hope it turns out real good for all Americans and American Muslims. God bless us all, including Obamas.

  • Qaasim Link Reply

    If a person say good things you have to wait on his actions.
    Americian Presidents and politicians have always said good things
    They acted otherwise. Mr Obama is the president now and he can stop his troops from killing Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    He has not done so. But there is hope if only he can have good people as his advisors .And Muslims to convey to him the message of Islam as it relates to solutions to America`s many problems.

  • Shakerah Link Reply

    I would also like to say that Insh’Allah the gesture of President Obama will open the minds and hearts of those who are opposed to Islam and feel that we as Muslims are a threat to them, It is quite the opposite, We are a Faith of Peace, Love, Respect of all of Mankind, We do not pass judgement instead try to guide those who wish to learn, I Pray for Peace among us all and those who do not understand Islam will take as much time to learn about this Beautifull Way as they have to condem Us. Allah Swt knows what we know not ! and maybe in some way President Obama will be of help in educating those who are blind and can not hear. It is up to Us my Brother’s and Sister’s to show non-Muslims who we really are, and extend to them the same Love and Respect that we give to each other. This month of Ramadan is a time for us to become closer to our Creator Swt, and also a time of relflection. it will take a lot of Sabre (patients) and Love to teach other’s the Peace and Haqq (truth) that we as Muslim’s feel. As our Blessed Prophet Saws told us in his last Sermon, No one person is better than the other . We are all equal in value, let us extend this humanity to all of Mankind Insh’Allah
    I am one who does not trust in Govt.’s as my previous statement says, however I am amazed at how Allah Swt works in bringing this President in times that are so volatile, Alhamduli Allah Allah Akbar
    Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslim’s around the World, let us stand strong together to bring a positive message to all of Humanity Insh’Allah.

  • Al Masud Laith Link Reply

    Let us all pray that this talk will lead to true change in this nation, inshallah

  • Michelle Link Reply

    To look at appreciation for the religion, see how he has worked and is still working so hard for peace, humanity and goodness, as Believers we can only take his comment as encouragement toward good, and that he is striving in the cause of God also.

  • Anisa Link Reply

    Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslims during this holy month. When someone extends a hand in greeting , it is only Islamic that we accept it. May Allah swt guide Obama in the true path. Ameeen

  • In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful !! Thanks to Allah for having the President of the United States go before the people and make statements positive statements about Islam. We have never experienced this sort of blessing. Although many say “It is just words” those words were positive and peaceful for Islam!!! No one else has done this. May it allow non-Muslims to stop for a moment and think “Hmmmm maybe they are like me”. What happened on 9/11 was not true Muslims from Iraq attacking the USA!! It was not Iraq sending those men to attack the USA!! It was crazy men acting out of hatred for America!!! The country of Iraq DID NOT initiate a WAR upon the USA. Americans need to realize that Islam is not made up only of unstable barbaric animals. We are mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, grandparents, students, children. We are the same. We just do not go to your church. Do you hate your neighbor because he is Catholic and you are Baptist? No, you don’t. If a murder happened in your town and the murderer is Catholic are you going to put fences around your homes and carry a gun in case a Catholic is walking down the street?? No, Americans don’t do that. We are your neighbors, your Pharmacist, your physician, your accountant, your child’s teacher. I may wear a scarf on my head but so did my grandmother 45 yrs ago and so do the Catholic Nuns although not as often here in the US. What I am trying to say is we are like you in many many ways. We want to know you and be there if you need a neighbor. Allaah (SWT) wants us to love others. May you all look more kindly at a Muslim the next time you see one.

  • Jo33 Link Reply


    Obama reminds me of the following passage from The HOLY QU’RAN Surah 2, Ayat 204 as follows :

    There is the type of man whose speech about this world’s life May dazzle thee,

    and he calls Allah to witness about what is in his heart;

    yet is he the most contentious of enemies.

  • Hegazy Link Reply

    Mr. President, and May Allah bless and guide you always. You have done what the Islamic World should be doing. You are building bridges, and mending those that are broken. Our prophet Mohammed (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did not like war. He was a perfect example for mankind. Read about his life. You will be inspired and you will be a more just president.

    You are correct, fasting was prescribed by Allah for the people before us Muslims.

  • Allah’s blessing upon President Obama for a good talk.
    Allah’s blessing to the United States of America.
    Allah’s blessing to the entire Muslim Umah….
    “No person is better than the other . We are all equal in value, let us extend this humanity to all of Mankind Insha Allah”

    Ramadan Mubarak!!!

  • Yameen Link Reply

    InshaAllah, we will go forward.

    Changing the mistrust into mutual trust will take some time. We still remind each other for mutual resonsibility and respect. InshaAllah things will get easier and easier if we would be sincere to our cause and goal.

    Many thanks and Ramadan Kareem.

  • wanna Link Reply

    Thank you Mr President for the wishes.

  • Well, different people definetely have different views and opinion on one and the same issue. Some positive, some negative some undecided and so and so forth…

    For me I see Obama’s message as a positive first step in building America’s relation with the Muslim’s all over the world…Congratulation Mr. President!

    As to whether he is sincere or not or to prove or live up to his expectation or not, “let’s cross the bridge when we are there.” Let us not cast our pre-judgement, anyway time will prove what really is in the mind of the President.

    Happy Ramadhan al-Mubarak


  • Ibnumashoor Link Reply

    Nothing to wonder! All the presidents and the country leaders deliver their wishes and messasges like this. Wait and see, the same Obama will pass more longer and beautiful message like this on December 25th on the Christmas Day!!!

  • Malik Mukhtar Link Reply

    Assalamulaikum Wa Rahmatullah.

    Ramadan Greetings to all of you. May Allah accept our feast, prayers. We are all Millata Ibrahimi. Jesus is also the Holy Prophet, we Muslims possess full respect to Him. Discrimination on the basis of Religion widened in this era. Mr. Obama I think can bridge this gap. THough it is not so easy, but sober effort will required in this perspective.

  • muhammed mukhtar Link Reply

    please do not judge him by what is hidden but judge him by what he has said. He has said what a normal human being should say. We should just embrace him and remember that there is nothing for any one except what he or she has done and every body shall be rewarded to the measure of what he or she has done.

  • um sufyan Link Reply

    alsalmo alikum. ramadan karim . i just pray to Allah to protect president Obama. I feel like the world is defferent now.

  • Ramadan Kamreem to all Muslim the world over. A politician is always a politician. the wordings of mr Obama are nice but too sweet to be true and sincere. But I give him the benefit of the doubt and wish that the American perception of Islam and muslim will continue to positive and friendly.



  • masoud Link Reply

    while we pray for all our muslim brothers and sisters worldwide,let us think about our less fortunate brothers and sisters
    in Iraq,Afghanistan,Palestine,Kashmir,e.t.c.who have been put in this situation for no fault of theirs.
    To make it worse,there is little or no support at all from anybody,even muslims,for them to feel any comfort.They have been
    put to untold misery,and are left in that position.
    May Allah,s.w.t. help them and us.

  • At least he knows about the basics of Islam and respect us enough to give these greetings.

    Let’s hope Allah will shine Hidaya in to his heart , so that Muslims can live in peace and no longer be discriminatedn and persecuted.

  • ahmed majeed Link Reply

    Thank you Mr. President for these kind words and your appreciation for Al-Islam. May Allah bless your family and protect you as you provide leadership for America and the world.

  • AbdulQuadri Olaniyan Link Reply

    I appreciate positive remarks from our Muslim brothers and sisters accross
    the globe and congratulate President Mubarak Obama for being a path finder
    and a shinning example to future American leaders, just as I congratulate and
    wish Muslims the world over, Ramadan Mubarak.

  • Muyi Link Reply

    It is fake! The teachings of the prophet of islam(SAW) is what we need and not that of Obama.

  • Anonymous Link Reply

    I am most delighted at the statement of President Obama, it is the beginning of a new dawn for all mankind and for the muslim community in particular. I am glad its happenning in my life-time.

  • ModestSee Link Reply

    As Salaamu Alaikum wa Ramadan Mubarak,
    First and for most I’d like to say,I do applaud Pres.Obama for atleast putting an effort to following his actions.And we as Muslimahs & Muslims,should be careful and judge justly.Pres.Obama,can’t come in and fix everything in one day,he is a being that is taking one step at a time….after all he is trying to clean up what should have been cleaned along time ago.As for the homeless in the front yard…well,they been there since forever(and nobody seem to notice that until now)…so take this time to do,what “WE” should really be doing,gives thanks and be focused only on Allah{SWT}…..and by the way Da’wah is the key to life,spread it and it will grow…do your part too,insha’Allah.
    Wa Salaams

  • Anonymous Link Reply

    Alhamdulilah, I see this as great and Allah is Greater. As they say: “No publicity is bad publicity.” Insha’Allah, many will learn or become interested in Islam through this video. For me, it has nothing to do with politics. The true Muslim knows everything happens because it is the will of Allah.

  • Jamalaiyah Ambia Link Reply

    It was great speech Mr President. Alhamdulillah, I think he is honest and sincere in giving the speech. We hope many Americans will share his hope and aspiration and as a Muslim I am grateful that Allah has shown the way to President Obama’s heart and lets pray that he will walk his talk. Time will tell. InshaAllah.

  • Brandon Link Reply

    May ALLAH guide my brothers and sisters on this blog who think President Obama is not sincere. ALLAH(s.w.t) is the only one who knows the President’s heart. It seems to me that while we as muslims ridicule the President of the United States, the U.S. policies, and it’s people we forget what those who practice the same way of life(religion) are doing to other muslims. I guess my point is that, how can we knock this man but say nothing about the Human Rights violations in some muslim countries? I know people starve hear in America too, but it always makes me laugh how my muslim brothers neglect the hurt and savageness in their own back yards but they want to protest the same atrocities hear in America. I just think we should let the man lead for four years, then we judge the tree by the fruit it bears. We should not make any rash decisions about the President’s intentions.

  • Wake up muslims and open ur hearts to better ways of doing things let us stop listening to the primitive ways of the extremists. Our PROPHET (SAW) was the best example of mankind and He has never been reported in any Hadith to have cause any harm physically or verbally to any of his followers or unbelivers or even the hypocrites execpt when hewas confronted in the battle feild by the enemies of ALLAH (SWT). He was never reported to have secertly plotted against the the innocent he was always there to listen and provide solutions and warnings to Mankind from his Lord he was not a destroyer or Terrorist. My muslim brothers and sisters let wake up and emrace the ways of our beloved Prophet(PBUH) and nt reason like some pple who can do nothing but condem brilliant initiatives like those the Us president just put forward. Muslims should wake up an start being Objective in there reasoning lets do away with the ideas of arm chair Muslims and try to be more active so that others can give us listening ears

  • It was great speech Mr President. Alhamdulillah, I think he is honest and sincere in giving the speech. it is a begininig of a new dawn in the life of the MUSLIMS in america and over the world.

  • Shazia Link Reply

    We r all muslims and we shud not take anything negatively…thanx to Mr. Obama for speaking gud. We must all remember that no one can defeat anybody unless u let any one to. We, being muslims shud unite and spread the message of peace and love…no matter what nation we belong to. I pray that in this Holy month of Ramadan, Allah showers his blessings on all of us and forgive us for all the sins we’ve committed. Ameen.

  • YASMINA Link Reply

    Ramadan Mubarak to all,

    This is the holy month of Ramadan. Please chose your words carefully and think before you speak or write.

    I am glad to be an American and I am proud to be Muslim.
    Allah (swt) will be the judge of us all.

    Respect the President and this country for the good or bad, as long as we (muslims) stay on the right path that is all we need.

    President Obama has opened many doors for the muslim, don’t be so quick to judge. May Allah (swt) guide us all to the straight path.

  • Nusrath Ali Link Reply

    I really appreciate a person like this,considering all as one.

    Thank you and Ramadan Kareem

  • Maryam Link Reply

    assalamu alaikum,
    The will of Allah wa’tala shall always come to pass,
    no matter how much we may have to wait for it’s arrival.
    Alhamdolillah….Ramadan Mubarak!

  • The message is good and overwhelming, however It will be nice if this message flows consistently in all of America’s activities.
    Thanks Mr. President for encouraging words.

  • Anonymous Link Reply

    The U.S. President has reached out to us. We have to show the same generosity and sincerity. Our religion has been hijacked. Let us show our true face to the world…through education, business and science. Let us condemn terrorism, ignorance and illiteracy and let in the light of tolerance and enlightenment

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  • kaouthar from germany Link Reply

    Mr. Obama’s message on Ramadhan is overwhelming. I wish his words will translate into deeds because words alone do not change attitudes and judgements.

  • umm and Abu Link Reply

    Nice and open message from President Obama. We pray for Allah’s guidance for the nation of America and continuous protection of Allah on the entire muslim ummah in the hand of unbelievers.


  • Mr. Obama’s message on Ramadhan is overwhelming. I wish his words will translate into deeds because words alone do not change attitudes and judgements.

  • falilat Olaniyan Link Reply

    It is really encouraging & hopeful to have a positive thinking man like Obama become the President of America, it ‘s like Allah has given him the wisdom to understand the enormity of the problem of not only the americans but also that of the world at large. And he’s determined to make a positive change not only in America but across the globe. May Allah help and guide him.
    Ramadan Mubarak

  • Abdulrahman Alfa Link Reply

    President Obama really impresses me with his speech to the muslim Ummah on Ramadan. This is indeed a confirmation of a new era of relationship between America and the Muslim world, especially if all these ideals enumerated are put into practice. But there are certain things that both America and the Muslim worlds need to do to sustain and reinforce this emerging mutual respect.

    We all as Muslims should learn to articulate our positions, agitations and spirituality in a most peaceful way. This is because doing so by whatever means other than dialogue and peaceful negotiations will only confirm the negative stereotype and perceptions Europe and America are having about Muslims and Islam. Muslims the world over should pursue knowledge as it is the power that drives the world from now hence.

    Europe and America on the other hand should expand their existing capacity to accommodate and tolerate Muslims and by extension Islam. The subtle hatred to Islamic culture exhibited by the West and America, do quite often force Muslims in to a reactionary group. Islamic veils (Hijab), construction of mosque, Islamic donor finance agencies etc should be allowed in the spirit of freedom of religion and consceince that the West and America are claiming to uphold.

    There is no doubt the fact that President Barack Obama has already set the ball rolling through his speeches in Egypt and now the Ramadan message to Muslims. I only hope all other world leaders, and indeed the led, will follow these civilised footsteps.

    The world will be a better place to be if world religions and the global superpowers will encourage, support and strengthen dialogue, peace and neutrality among mankind. Bravo President Obama for reaching out for the second time in recent days to the Muslims all over the world.

  • Abbas Murbe Link Reply

    This is a challenge to us Muslims all over the world….how much are we ready to contribute towards this road to PEACE. Let us all acknowledge the efforts President Obama has taken. And may Allah make this Ramadhan, a Ramadhan that brings peace and harmony on this earth.

    Thank Mr President………it is encouraging.

  • maryam Link Reply

    Thank you, Mr. President for your ramadan blessing, for acknowledging the dedication muslims (islam) have for peace, charity, sharing and the devotion to Allah The Supreme, The Source of Peace, Most Generous, Loving and Forgiving Provider when the loudest voice of islam has been one of violence. I pray that this message will become the dominant one about islam and that more hearts will open to hear it and that all people will do their part to make it a living reality. And that we seek guidance from the infinite wisdom of the One Allah Our Creator, The One Eternally Besought Of All, The Only One Worthy To Be Worshipped, The Most Wise, Most Judicious Guide, The Absolute Reckoner, The One Who Is Ever Ready To Show Mercy. Ameen.

  • NM Link Reply

    There is a big difference between perception and reality ..don’t get carried away and judge from what you see & hear but judge from actions.. only time will prove if they really mean what they say

  • SHAFIU BADMOS Link Reply


  • As Paddy Link Reply

    Dear All,

    You’ve all spoken well, but the fact remains you do one thing at a time. DO not pre-empt people. Surely, the president had said something nice so admit that and then wait until he does something contrary b4 you react. Appreciate this nice act first and when he goes other way you will there to reply him. “One Good Turn Deserves Another “

  • I want to support the views of those that congratulated the american president for his speech on ramadan. I think he should be given the benefit of doubt, if he then failed we can start reacting negatively. One thing is sure, since Obama took over from Bush there has been relative peace in the middle east between israel and palestine. Let us wait and see, time will tell.

  • Anonymous Link Reply

    I don’t easily trust his words…there’s are motives behind them…

  • James Link Reply

    The United States is for ALL people who claim citizenship and it is a tollerent country. Since President Obama has taken office I have learned much about the Muslem people and their traditions. Thank goodness you have a way of communicating to all US citizens, not just Muslems. I appreciate the Muslem community much more today because I know more about it and understand it much better.

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