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Dua to Allah when faced with Worries and Distress

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Allah has mentioned many Duas (supplications) in the Quran that we can make in various situations. A number of these Duas were invoked by various prophets in challenging situations. The following two verses in the Quran include Duas that two of Allah’s prophets made in states of worry and distress. We can use the same Duas when we face such situations.

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Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

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Prophet Ayub’s Dua in the face of severe distress

The first verse above refers to Prophet Ayub who was a prosperous man with faith in Allah. He suffered from a number of tests from Allah. His cattle were destroyed and his family crushed under his roof. As a further test he was covered with loathsome sores from head to foot. But he held fast to his faith in Allah. He was a brilliant example of patience becoming of a great Prophet of Allah, ever trustful of Him and His promises. With his humility, patience and faith in Allah he fought and conquered evil. When he invoked Allah in his distress, Allah answered his prayer and removed the distress.

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Prophet Yunus’s Dua in accepting his weakness during calamities

The second verse above refers to Prophet Yunus who was the Prophet raised to warn the Assyrian capital Nineveh, steeped in wickedness. He was rejected by the people. When they did not pay heed to his first warning he denounced Allah’s wrath on them. But they repented and Allah forgave them for the time being. Meanwhile Prophet Yunus departed in wrath, discouraged at the apparent failure of his mission, forgetting that Allah has Mercy as well as forgiveness. Prophet Yunus went away to the sea and took a ship. The ship was fully laden and met foul weather. The sailors according to their superstition wanted to find out who was responsible for the ill-luck. The lot fell on Prophet Yunus and he was cast off. He was swallowed by a big fish but in the depth of darkness, he cried to Allah and confessed his weakness. Allah Most Gracious accepted his supplication and forgave him. He was cast ashore, given the shelter of a plant and was refreshed and strengthened. He continued his mission and his work prospered. Thus he overcame all his disappointments by repentance and Faith and Allah accepted him.

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