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Dua for rescue from tough situations

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dua to Allah for rescue from tough situations power of dua book

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Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

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islam on What is Ramadan? An Introduction


islam on What is Ramadan? An Introduction islam on What is Ramadan? An Introduction

islam on What is Ramadan? An Introduction

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18 comments… add one
  • asma Link Reply

    salaam when do you read theses dua when something is going wrong in your life and you need help from allah and asking allah for forgivness. and how do you read theses dua and how many times

    • webadmin Link Reply

      w/salam – No specific number mentioned in hadith. Read as often as you can. The more the better. Sincerity is the key.

  • rehan Link Reply

    assalamu alikum
    my baby is in hospital from august to till today.premature.he is not getting capacity to suck,beath and crying.i got many many duas from this site.thanks for everthing.am praying to allah.please pray for my baby to get bak properly.

  • foqia Link Reply

    i want to get rid of my enemies who have left no stone unturned to create hardships for me. some of them are those whom i’ve even never met with. i want everyone to pray for me and for my foes that may Allah the Almighty guide them to the right path. i’ve forgiven them for whatever they have done to me and for all that i am going through because of them. may Allah engulf us all with his love and mercy. Ameen.

    • Ameen I am going through the same but I have hard time forgiving but must learn from you. Wish you the best..

  • asalamu alaykum wharahmatulah whabarakatuhu
    i have been learning so much in this website
    may alah bless you and your family and other muslims
    brother and sister dijajakalah ghairan

  • Bob Link Reply

    I was among the wongdoers, I’ve commited so many mistakes ( sins ) in my life. I’ve tried to go back to the right paths according to Allah…..am so concerned about my financial problems, not because of I might lose everything It will hurt my family, my kids and my wife.

    • Fathima Link Reply

      Assalamu Alaikum

      The intention to go back to the right path is a Blessing from Allah. People who make mistakes and repent and promise Allah that they will not go back to those mistakes makes Allah pleased In Shaa Allah. Sustenance comes from Allah and Allah alone. Keep praying steadfastedly and in sincerity to Allah (SWT). Allah says he will test us mankind with our wealth and children. Always be greatful to what you have. Before I too used to be worried and upset that I could not meet ends meet financially, till I began to realise how ungreatful I was. My family or I never went without food any day. We always ate the best of foods, We had a roof on our heads, We had clothes to adorn ourselves. I have stopped complaining now, atleast I try but as a human I am weak there are times I tend to complain but I am always remembered how blessed I am. I am still breadthing and I am still been given an opportunity to do righteous deeds and live to please Allah and repent for my sins , in order to earn our house in Jannah for our family, which is our final abode.
      In conclusion hope that Allah will forgive our sins and accept our duas and help us to drives to be in the righteous path. May Allah bless all our families, with good health, sustenance and most of Allah give us the strength and endure patience to hold on to the rope of Islam at all times especially when we are being tested in this duniya. Ameen.

  • hassan Link Reply

    As salam alaykum waramotullah,

    jazakumullah for this beneficial effort, i pray Allah to reward u all abundantly.

    kindly post dua to rescue us from poverty that will not force us to seek from haram manner.

  • sira jobs Link Reply

    since three yrs ago am suffering from poverty , hardship and problems open pblems in my work place compound . Please help me to come out of it. Please help me.

  • SARAH Link Reply

    Asalaam aleikum ,Iam so thankful to Allah that i came across this website may ALLAH reward those who bring this to us&help us also to put what we learn from it in practice.

  • Shawar Link Reply

    Assalamualaykum everyone,
    Thank you so much for this site and may Allah (STW) bless all of you and your families and may we all go towards the right path of Islam In sha Allah. This is the first tie I have been on this site and I hope that this dua will work, I have committed many mistakes/sins in life and I want to repent and make my faith in Allah stronger so please I request all of you to please pray for me so Allah can rescue me and everyone out there who is suffering with trouble in life/school/work etc. Ameen InshaAllah, thank you.

  • Quiyum Uddin Link Reply

    Pls all make powerful dua for me am in a difficult situation pls make dua allah to help me and sort my situation out

  • Tanzania Link Reply

    Assalam alaykum Warahmatullah Wabarakatul
    I apreciate this site for the duas, and who ever read this pls keep me in your prayers am in a very difficult situation with my work now, am praying to overcone this in Allah’s bless Inshaallah..

  • Soumaya Link Reply

    I am in a very difficult position, abusive relationship and threatens to take children if i want divorce. I feel there is no way out for me! Please make dua for me

  • Zeneb Link Reply

    I shall inshallah pray for you all and I hope some people pray for me too because I am in a bad situation and need some prayers.

    Jazakallahu Khairann

  • SabatYesuf Link Reply

    May allah grant you all health, happiness, wealth and iman. I shall pray for each and everyone one of you. Please keep me in your prayers as I have just been able to leave an abbusive relationship, Allhamdullillah, and I am working to get my life back on track. I am only 19 years old and I am struggling with my mental health due to my past relationship. Allhamdullillah for all that we have now.

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