The Importance of La ilaha ill-Allah |

The Importance of “Lá iláha illalláh”

The Importance of La ilaha Illa-Allah
La Ilaha Illa Allah blessings

The belief in the words of “Lá iláha illallah” cause one to enter Islam, to refute all deities and accept Allah as the only God and Lord of the Universe and what it contains. No one can be a Muslim without believing and adhering to the tenets of of Lá iláha illallah.

Lá iláha illallah is the belief in the divine lordship of Allah (referred to as “ruboobiyyah”), meaning believing that Allah is the only one power who creates, gives life and death, and maintains the affairs of all that’s in this universe.

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

Lá iláha illallah is the belief in the divine nature (referred to as “uloohiyyah”), meaning believing that Allah is the only one to whom people should devote their words and actions of worship. None therefore should be worshipped but Him.

Lá iláha illallah is the belief in the names and attributes of Allah (referred to as “al-asma’ wa’l-sifaat”), which means affirming what Allah has affirmed for Himself of names and attributes, and denying any attributes that Allah has said are not His, without denying any of His attributes or likening any of His attributes to the attributes of any of His creation.

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The excerpts of the sermon that follows later in this post is on the topic of Lá iláha illallah and was delivered by the Muslim leader Umar bin Abdul Aziz who sometimes is considered as the fifth caliph in Islam. He was from the Umayyad dynasty and ruled the Muslims from 717 to 720 CE. He was the great-grandson of the companion of the Prophet Muhammad, Umar bin Al-Khattab. Within Islamic history, he was known to be extremely pious and disdainful of worldly luxuries. He preferred simplicity to the extravagance that had become a hallmark of the Umayyad lifestyle, depositing all assets meant for the caliph into the public treasury. He abandoned the caliphate palace and instead preferred to live in modest dwellings.

La Ilaha Illa Allah

La Ilaha Illa Allah

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La Ilaha Illa Allah Kalima Tawheed

Umar bin Abdul Aziz delivered the sermon (excerpts follow) on assuming the leadership of the Muslims and highlights the importance of living by the tenets of Láiláha illallah.

All praise is due to Alláh, Who opened the doors of knowledge to those who strived in His worship by granting them the key that is Lá iláha illallah (there is no deity worthy of worship except Alláh).

He resurrected the hearts of the knowledgeable worshippers and filled the cups of those who always remember Him from the fountain of Lá iláha illallah.

He perfected the creation, brought them into existence and sealed this perfection with Lá iláha illallah.

He Who created the fetus from a worthless fluid (semen) so that mankind may worship Him with Lá iláha illalláh.

He sent the Messengers to deliver the good news of this Word Lá iláha illalláh and to warn against whatever contradicts it and to understand its implications.

Lá iláha illalláh is the pillar of the religion and the Thick Rope of Alláh; those who adhere to Lá iláha illalláh will never earn failure.

Verily, the minds of the ignorant ones were led astray and the hearts of the stubborn infidels have earned misguidance on account of their taking two gods, even after the full moon of Lá iláha illallah has risen.

“So know (O Muhammad SAW) that La ilaha ill-Allah (none has the right to be worshipped but Allah), and ask forgiveness for your sin, and also for (the sin of) believing men and believing women.” Quran (47:19)

Muhammad (peace be upon him) embraced this word and declared it. So! Fear Alláh the Exalted and renew your faith by night and by day by contemplating the meanings of Lá iláha illalláh.

O you who have wisdom! Seek your means of (eternal) success granted only to the people of Lá iláha illalláh.

Surely, Lá iláha illalláh is the Word of Islam and the key to the Dwelling of Peace (Paradise).

Verily, the heavens and earth would never have remained, nor would anyone acquire safety on the Day of Gathering except by Lá iláha illalláh.

The humankind divided into two parts and went two separate ways: a group of them adhered to Lá iláha illalláh and the other group strayed away from it. They refused it because they knew that the religion of their ancestors would be annulled if they embraced Lá iláha illalláh. All praise is due to He Who made His slaves different from each other with His Wisdom and Will. Indeed, this is one of the proofs to Lá iláha illalláh.

Tuba (a tree in Paradise) is for those who know the meaning of this testimonial, agree with it and practice its implication inwardly and outwardly. By doing so, they would be realizing and tasting the true essence of Lá iláha illalláh. Verily, woe to those who were driven by the devil to fall into polytheism! They became filled to the top with associating others with Alláh in worship and consequently refused with arrogance to submit to Lá iláha illalláh.

Have you not heard Alláh’s Statement:

“And those whom they invoke instead of Him have no power of intercession; except those who bear witness to the truth (i.e. believed in the Oneness of Allah, and obeyed His Orders), and they know (the facts about the Oneness of Allah).” Quran (43:86)

La Ilaha Illa Allah

La Ilaha Illa Allah

The true essence of Lá iláha illalláh entails directing all acts of worship, intentions and thoughts to Alláh Alone rather than any other object. All other objects of worship are annulled and refuted by Lá iláha illalláh. This is what is meant by disbelieving in Taghut and believing in Alláh Alone, and this is how the heart is purified of anything that is not for Alláh Alone, and cleansed from the intention to commit whatever Alláh has prohibited or dislike for whatever He has commanded.

This is the true essence of Lá iláha illalláh, contrary to the practice of those who utter this testimonial with their words, but contradict it with their actions. These people, do not benefit from saying La iláha illal/ah.

Directing any act of worship to other than Alláh and associating any among the creation with Him in worship are acts of disbelief, even if one pronounced La iláha illalláh a thousand times with his tongue. It was once said to Al Hasan Al-Basri: “Some people say that those who proclaim La iláha illalláh shall enter Paradise.” He said, “Yes. For those who proclaim this word and fulfill its implications and requirements, then saying La iláha illalláh shall enter them into Paradise.” In addition, Wahb bin Munbih asked: “Is not La iláha illalláh the key to Paradise?” He said, “Yes. However, every key has teeth; if you use a key that has teeth it will open for you, otherwise it will not open.”

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Therefore, these types of people will not benefit from proclaiming La iláha illalláh because they do not say it from their hearts.

We advise you, O Muslims, to never think that Shirk (Polytheism, which contradicts La iláha illalláh is far away from you, because there are tremendous hindrances and lures that seek to corrupt the sincerity of your uttering La iláha illalláh.

Where are those who associate none with Alláh in regards to their love, fear, hope and worship? Where are those who direct their humbleness, submissiveness, reverence, intention and reliance to Alláh Alone, all the while trusting in Him for each and every thing? All these qualities are parts of the meaning of La iláha illalláh.

O slaves of Alláh, rush to the forgiveness of your Lord and a paradise as wide as the heavens and earth prepared for the Muttaqin (the pious). They are those who fulfill the duties and responsibilities of La iláha illalláh. They are those, who have not placed any other iláh (god) along with Alláh.

Verily, I am a plain warner to you from Him. Hold on to the pillars of La iláha illalláh. Surely, those who reject what La iláha illalláh rejects, assert what it asserts…, then this word will elevate them to the highest grades the grades of La iláha illalláh.

May Alláh direct us all to the blessings of the Noble Qurán and benefit us in whatever is in it of the Áyát and Wise Dhikr. I say this and ask Alláh the Great, and the Most Honored for forgiveness for me, you and all Muslims for every sin. Seek His forgiveness, for He is the Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. {Source: Selected Friday Sermons}

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Consider this hadith on the value that Allah the Exalted placed on La iláha illalláh

Abu Sa`eed al-Khudri said, that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:
The Messenger of Allah (Sall’Allahu alayhi wa salam) said (narrated by Jabir bin `Abdullah):“Moses (Alayhi salam) said: O Lord! Teach me something that I can remember You with and I can supplicate You with. Allah said: “Say ‘La ilaha ill Allah’, O Musa.” He (Musa) said: All of your servants say this. He (Allah) said: “If the seven Heavens and those who dwell in them other than Me and the seven Earths are put into one pan (of the scale) and ‘La ilaha ill Allah’ is put into the other; ‘La ilaha ill Allah’ would be heavier.” [Ibn Hibbaan and Haakim]

“The best Dhikr (remembering Allah) is La ilaha illallah and the best supplication is Al-Hamdu Lillah.” [At-Tirmidhi, An-Nasa’i and Ibn Majah]

Let’s ensure that we never forget to make the letters La ilaha illallah a constant part of our living moments and to live by what those letters stand for. Remember, our success in this life and the hereafter is all tied to La ilaha illallah.

— End

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    recite lailaha illallahu plenty times ALLAH will guarantee you from his punishment

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    A much needed article on the Essence of La iláha illalláh. A good reminder that what is said and repeated so many times should be accompanied by acting on its meaning, fulfilling its implications & requirements.
    May Allah Grant us all, the concern and eagerness to meet the requirements of La iláha illalláh, and the writer of this article due reward for such an essential reminder to all the readers- Aameen

  • Muslimah Link Reply

    Jazakum Allah kheir for this great article. Little words like this have such a heavy reward. May Allah grant us the highest of heavens, Al Firdaws. Ameen….

  • There is no God but Allah is the sweetest kalima or testimony

  • aisha Link Reply

    What a besutiful article and a good reminder to the whole muslim ummah.May we all remember to use this great dhikr today and always.Jazakumullah khairan.

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    “Lá iláha illalláh” was the exact message, every true prophet of Allah (SWT) came with right from Adam (PBUH) teaching the essence of it and living their entire life strongly holding onto this message.

  • Shehu A. Kaoje Link Reply

    LA ILAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMADARRASULULLAH , This is the Greatest statement EVER, its true EFFECT can only be felt if one invoke the DU’A while VISUALIZING the meaning and supplying both the soul and feeling. THANKS FOR THIS GIGANTIC REMINDER

    • Anonymous Link Reply

      You’ve completed the kalimah. Thanks

  • May Allah swa reward the deliverer with aljanna and the readers the wisdom to follow and act upon it.

  • Mohammed Hafeez Shariff Link Reply

    Simply “MASHA ALLAH”

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    LA ILAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMADAR RASULULLAH. A proclamation that opens the door of light,peace,security and paradise and away from ignorance,darkness and evil. May ALLAH S.W.T bless the author for this message and reminder.

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    There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Mohammad (S.A.W) is his messenger.

  • Asif Mahmood Link Reply

    Kalma-e-tayyaba has two parts, the first one is TAUHEED, the second one is ITTIBA-E-SUNNA. The opposite of first part is SHIRK and the second part is BIDAT. So avoid yourself from shirk and bidat, and stick to tauheed and sunnah.
    The article is a great effort.

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    great work done n very in4mative keep it up allah will give its reward

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    ‘La ilaha ill Allah’ 🙂 🙂


      Of course you are right,may ALLAH continue to enrich your knowledge and your household’s. As muslims,we are expected to believe in oneness of almighty ALLAH,HIS prophets,their books and the day of judgement.As a muslim-boy,i was taught these as far back as forty-seven or forty-eight years ago. I thank you a lot for remindining me.Please remain blessed in HIS mercy.

      Ma salam.

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    Subhanallah, such wonderful anecdotes that Iqrasense has narrated, its a very good way to enhance the true knowledge of Lailahaillah, may ALLAH bless you for passing the knowledge to others. Angsana

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    very good piece of information,whenever we loose hope, we get guidelines in the form kalimas,

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  • The purity of the message is to remember Allah for his greatness as Allah and not only for reward of Jannah/Paradise.

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    It is a wonderful article, emphasizing the absolute truth of one and one God alone that is ALLAH.

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    Thanks for this wonderful and miraculous words that open the heart of believers and guarantee Aljanna fir’duas. May Allah (SWA) give us the strong believe to abide by true meaning of word LAILAHA ILL ALLAH MUHAMMADAR RA SURULLAH. AMEEN.

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    Jazaka’Allah Kheir for posting this sermon – it was a great reminder. Sometime we complicate our lives, because we deviate from the path..

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    The greatest word both in heaven and on earth is the kalimah “LA ILAHA ILL ALLAH”. Rosulillahi took 13 years to train the umah on the meaning of “LA ILAHA ILL ALLAH”. Everyday my househood and myself ensure we recite “LA ILAHA ILL ALLAH” at least 100times a day

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    La ilaha ill Allah, May Allah continue to bestow His wisdom on the ummah, Amin

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    What a piece? May Allah grant him aljanat fir daus. May almighty Allah allow us to say Lailla ila allau whenever He will call us back to Him. Jazakallah kaira.

  • Lailaha ilallah muhammadu rasulallah. Alhamdulillahi roobil allamin for given me this opportunity to live, to see, to hear and to understand this great dhikr and supplication shared by igrasense. May Allah(SWT) reward you for your great contributions and gives us the readers the ability to reflect, act and benefit from these great words.

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    May Allah shower his blessings to who is working for the cause of Muslims to follow the right path.
    Mashallah and Jazak Allah Khair

    We should always remember to use this great dhikr today and always.
    Also pray for me and for the young generation especially my boys to remember this
    Allah Hafiz

  • La ilaha illallah is the belief in divine lordship of Allah, meaning believing that Allah is the only power who creates, gives life and death, and maintains the affairs of all that is in this universe.

  • Such articles refresh my memory and strengthen my resolve to adhere to the teachings of the Holy Quran and the the Sunnah only.

  • Aliaa Link Reply

    Absolutely true , whomever says La Elah Ella Allah enters Jannah inshaa Allah .

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      The person has to say it with sincerity and full understanding of its meanings and implications.

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    May Allah (SWA)reward all those who contributed towards making it possible particularly Iqra sense, for all muslim to have access to those powerful Kalimat that are heavier than all seven heavens and earthincluding the dwellers except our Creator. To all muslims brothers and sisters please make it a habit every morning after the FAJR prays recite LA ILAHA ILL ALLAH,ALHAMDU LIL ALLAH, SUBHHANA LILL ALLAH, ALLAHU AKBAR 100TIMES. Almighty Allah will bless u abundantly Masha Allah

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    Indeed, there is no deity worthy of worship except almighty Allah (SWT) and Mohammed Bn Abdullah is the last of His Messangers.

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    May Allah (SWT) grant us the ability, strength and zeal to live by Laillaha Illallah and act by it teaching, and to reward those behind the contribution.


    “Lá iláha illalláh”
    This is Islam, The author has done very well,let us educate or borothers and sisters of other faith, so let us share this message with them, may be they may see the light.

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    Dear Beloved brother’s and Sister’s in Islam,
    We should all be very grateful that Allah has chosen us, guided and taught us these beautiful, very powerful words, and their meanings… May Allah continue to reveal His light and meaning in all our lives, and in the lives of those most dear to Him, from
    now until the end of time! Alhumdulillah….

    Abu Hurayrah (r) said: “I asked the Prophet (s): O Messenger of Allah who will be happiest with your intercession on the Day of Resurrection?” He said: “I expected, Abu Hurayrah, that no one would beat you to this question, given your keen interest in Hadith. Those who will be happiest with my intercession on the Day of Resurrection will be those who say, There is no god but Allah sincerely, from their very heart and soul.” Related by al Bukhari….

    It was reported by Ubadah ibn as-Samit (r) that the Prophet (s) said: “Whoever bears witness that there is no god but Allah, that He has no associates, that Muhammad (s) is His servant and Messenger, that Jesus (a.s.) is His Servant and Messenger, His Word which He passed unto Mary, and a Spirit from Him, that Paradise is real, and that Hell-fire is real, Allah will admiit him into Paradise, no matter what his deeds were. Related by al Bukhari, Muslim and at-Tirmidhi…

    Furthermore, the Prophet (s) is reported to have said: “Whoever bears witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger, Allah will forbid Hell-Fire to touch him.” Related by Muslim

  • Let us incorporate Lailahailawlah in our daily life so we will be successful in this world and hereafter inshaAllah. JazakaAllah hu khairan for this beautiful article.

  • NGOZI Link Reply

    Lailahailallah is simple to recite but when you start the implementation of these words that’s when you will see it’s actual status on how you will totally, spiritually be changed.

    Rasul SAW was tortured,hated,isolated when he started the implementation of the qalimah. As mentioned in this article ,when lailahailallah is procalimed, a person changes instantly from a non believer to a Muslim.

    Mashallah this is an excellent topic Alhamdulillah

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    May Allah S.W.T. bless Umar bin Abdul Aziz with heavenly rewards for sharing to us Allah’s divine knowledge about the importance of La ilaha illa Allah.

    May Allah grant us His wisdom to understand fully La ilaha illa Allah, to live within the parameters of La ilaha illa Allah and to die up to our last breath invoking La ilaha illa Allah in our hearts, mind and soul.

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    This article is a great reminder to all muslims who are so much absorbed in the worldly routine that they have forgotten about the reason behind their existence. We’ve been choosen to dwell on earth for a limited amout of time so as to worship our Lord, the Most High and to live in accordance with our testimonial “Laa Ilaaha Illallah.” Alhamdulillah this article has reminded us of our core duty and priority as a servant of Allah.

  • No muslim should forget to recite and assimilate these kalimah on everyday basis.

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    La ialaha Illallah….. these words are most important than any word for all muslims and muslimas

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    My ardent wish to live this world for the hereafter with those very important words on my lips. I pray that Allah grant my wish Inshallah. Jazak allahu kairan.

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    Allah Almighty is our only truth. In this world full of lies and greed, only His Love helps us to survive. Hadnt He Loved us, he wouldnt have gifted us with this marvellous treasure“Lá iláha illalláh”. Some people are looking for miracles and magic to find happiness. If only they once said “Lá iláha illalláh” they would experience infinite moments of miracles and the road to happiness…….

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    JazakAllah khairun to Iqra Sense..May Allah Make All Human Beings to Speak this Beautiful Kalimah LAILLAHA ILLALLAH, Truly from Heart .

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    May Allah (SWT) in his abundant mercy continue to guide and bless our tongue nd heart to this glorious Dzikr “La ilaha illallah” ameeen.

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    Wonderful & excellent article/sermon. May Allah abundantly reward/bless the writer & readers too. But remember that, to read it is one thing. To understand & propagate the message is another thing. To implement or act on what the Kalima or declaration actually stands for is what really matters. Assalamu alaikum warahamatu lahi wabarakatuhu.

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    May Allah give us all the benefits of word La Ilhaha illaha when we proclaim it………..Ameen??

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    Jazakallahu Khairan for this wonderful reminder and its my prayer that we should ponder on the teachings of this Kalima so that our faith in Allah SWT will be firm, strong and beneficial in both this world and the next. Assalamu Alaikum.

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    Salamu Alaikum,
    Jazhaka Allahu khairan for this fundamental dahwa. The utterance of and firm belief in La illaha illa’Allah is the only medium that establishes and maintains a person as a Muslim. It is therefore a fundamental requirement for a Muslim to understand both the literal meaning and spiritual import of the concept. This indispensable understanding is what the article has tried so well to disseminate. I appreciate the effort.

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