First Sermon (Khutbah) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) |

First Sermon of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

First Sermon of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

The following is the first Sermon of the Prophet given in Makkah when he called his people to Islam. The Prophet started the speech by praising Allah and thanking Him and then said:

“Verily, Ar-Raid (one whom his people send to search for water and grass) does not lie to his people. By Allah Even if I lied to all people, I would never lie to you, and if I deceived all people, I would never deceive you. By Allah, other than Whom there is no deity worthy of worship, I am Allahs Messenger to you in particular and to all people in general. By Allah! You will die just as easy as you sleep, and you will be resurrected just as easy you wake up from sleep. You will be recompensed on account of what you do, earning good for good and evil for evil. Verily, it is either Paradise for eternity or the Fire for eternity.

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

(Kamil, vol. 2, p. 27 and As-Sirah Al-Halabiyyah, vol. 1, p. 272 – Source: Selected Friday Sermons)

This speech from the Prophet included announcing his Prophet hood and calling his people to Islam, after Allah the Exalted and Most Honored revealed verses some of which are the following:


Speech on Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) (and message of Islam)

And say: “I am indeed a plain warner.” (Al-Hijr, 15:89)


And warn your tribe (O Muhammad SAW) of near kindred. And be kind and humble to the believers who follow you. (Ash-Shuara, 214-215)

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Narrated Ibn Abbas: When the Verse:– ‘And warn your tribe of near kindred.’ (26.214) was revealed. Allah’s Apostle went out, and when he had ascended As-Safa mountain, he shouted, “O Sabahah!” The people said, “Who is that?” “Then they gathered around him, whereupon he said, “Do you see? If I inform you that cavalrymen are proceeding up the side of this mountain, will you believe me?” They said, “We have never heard you telling a lie.” Then he said, “I am a plain warner to you of a coming severe punishment.” Abu Lahab said, “May you perish! You gathered us only for this reason? ” Then Abu Lahab went away. So the “Surat:–ul–LAHAB” ‘Perish the hands of Abu Lahab!’ (111.1) was revealed.  (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol. 6, Hadith No. 495)

— End


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  • Sameena Link Reply

    “Either Paradise for eternity or the Fire for eternity.” -the choice is ours! Let us keep reminding ourselves of these words spoken by our beloved Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) and keep track of the straight path with the hope that Allah will admit us into Paradise InshaAllah.
    Salam and JazakAllah Khair for bringing this important sermon to us.

    • Syed Safiulla Madani Link Reply

      Assalam alaikum,
      Very nice Article.

    • usman baig Link Reply


      The best and short comment in simple english to everyone. May Allah reward you for this.

  • Nazir Docrat Link Reply

    We should be thankful to Allah [ God ] The Almighty for the favors he has blessed us with. How fortunate we are in this day and age to be receiving such valuable teachings and information free of charge . One only has to examine the situation we find ourselves in today . Here I refer to how difficult it has become for the man in the street the world over to obtain a decent education, without having to pay thousands of rands , to be a so called achiever. In the last sermon of ” Prophet Mohammad ” may peace and blessings be upon him , we learn so much, yet it is simple, but powerful message . The importance of education and y we should pursue it was taught to us by the prophet Mohammed [ S.W.S. ].

  • Abdallah Aboud Link Reply

    Alhamdulillah….!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks are to the Almighty.

  • Mohammed Link Reply

    Alhamdulillah, we are so fortunate to be gifted with Islam.Now it’s our prime duty to follow the holy prohet Mohammed (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam) and his SUNNAH.May allah bless all of us with the SUNNAH.AMEEN

  • Thanks for sharing the first sermon f Mohammad (PBUH) . Truly the day of judgment is real as is Jannah and hell fire. Many in this world will die being tortured and oppressed and humiliated. On the day of judgment the tables will be turned. The books will be opened and the murderers oppressors and rapist will be brought to justice. May Allah protect us all from His Wrath and from the hellfire (ameen)

  • Shafee Link Reply

    Thank u for brininging this valuable message.

  • Ahmad Babba Link Reply

    The is no greater favour on this earth than being born a muslim

  • Al-Hamdulillah. We pray to our Almighty Allah than He grants us and protect from all devil. May Allah gives us such type of ability. Ameen.

  • Adhama Remi Oyefiade Link Reply

    Alhamdulillah for the blessing of our prophet (pbuh) from Allah. The message is clear on what we should expect, here and in the hereafter, based on the path we chose to thread on earth. May Allah guide us unto the right path. Jazakallah khaeran for bringing back the message and the knowledge therefrom.

  • Dr. Uthan Koya Link Reply

    Alhamdulillah. This article helps us to strengthen our belief(Iman).
    This web site is very useful to understand the essence of belief in Islam, which is the only solution to all the current problems in the world.

  • Muhammad D. Musa Link Reply

    I’am delighted and honoured for having Iqra Sence Website that brings all the unknowing Islamic knowledge to us particularly the first Sermon by Sayyadina Rasulilla.
    The Sermon teaches us to be rightious in all that we do and notifys us of resurrection after death and the judgement.


    Alhamdulillah for this reminder of the first ever sermon of the noble prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.). May we be guided on the right path which the prophet (s.a.w.) guided us up to the time we breath our last. And I pray for those brothers and sisters on the other side to also join this right path before breathing their last too.

  • Fatuma Jillo Link Reply

    Mashallah I appreciate the articles and I have learned from it. Inshallah allah will guide us to right path. Today action determine tomorrow.

  • sanusi m. Mato Link Reply

    Allahu akbar.jazaksllahu khairan.
    Thanks for this thought
    provoking reminder. May Allah
    continue to guide us all the time.

  • Lasisi B. Muraina Link Reply

    Asalam Alaekum,

    This is good, pls keep updating us with more histroic aspect of our Religion (Islam).



  • Fawzia Beelunkhun Link Reply

    Alhamdulillah. Thank you IqraSense for helping us, through your
    articles, to strengthen our Iman. This web site works hard to make us understand the essence of belief in Islam.

  • Lawal Link Reply

    Your articles are always educative. May Allah reward u in your effort to give insight to believers and non believers on Islam as the only religion from God.

  • Ibrahim Link Reply

    Assalamou alaikoum! Masha ALLAH! nice to read this. May ALLAH guide us throughout. Assalamou alaikoum!

  • Ismail Atuaka Link Reply

    Alhamdulillah. May Almighty Allah make it easy 4 us all Amin. Salam.

  • Lawal Nurain Link Reply

    This article apart from reminding us of reason for our existence also warns us of inherent danger in disobeying Allah’s command. Thanks for your effort.


    ALHAMDL-LAH I’m a muslim.Truly no other GOD except ALLAH and Muhammed is HIS messenger.


    SAYYIDINA MUHAMMAD SALLALLAAHU ALEHI WA AALEHI WA SALLAM (peace and blessings be upon him), was kind and considerate to everyone he met. He tired his best to present the message of worship of the Creator instead of the creations to all he met in the kindest fashion and most considerate manner.

  • sulaiman ibrahim Link Reply

    Thank you very much for bringing us this first sermon of our BELOVED PROPHET MUHAMMED (SAW).
    May Allah reward you all abundantly-ameen

  • It is indeed a great privilege to receive such Islamic knowledge , as passing of even a bit of Islamic knowledge is an act of worship.
    It was nice to know about the first sermon of our Prophet Mohammed (SAW). Jazakallah Khairain!

  • Feroz Ahmad Link Reply

    Thanks,a lot for enlightening me with such a sacred,everlasting and priceless knowledge.I hope for leaps and bounds of the site with further realms of Islamic topics full of knowledge for all & particularly for budding youth.

  • Twariq Said Link Reply

    Jazaakallaahu khayran for such a beautiful article..May Allâh reward u always ameen.

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