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  • Lukman Link Reply

    I understand music is forbidden in Islam, that is Shaitan’s tool.
    Are all music forbidden? If no, what are the criteria for identifying allowable music in Islam

    • Umm Abdullaah Link Reply

      Wa Alaaykumus Salaam wa Rahmatullaah,

      Music and Nasheed are not from Islaam, there is extensive evidence on this and concise commentary by the Shuyookh.

      If there was such thing as Islaamic Nasheed then that would mean that Islaam had legislated it.

      Here is one of MANY views which has been held by the Salaf and Scholars:

      Imaam Ahmads view

      Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:
      With regard to the view of Imaam Ahmad, his son ‘Abd-Allaah said:

      I asked my father about singing.
      He said: “Singing makes hypocrisy grow in the heart; I do not like it.” Then he mentioned the words of Maalik: “The evildoers (faasiqs) among us do that.”

      (Ighaathat al-Lahfaan).

      In shaa Allaah brother read about how the Salaf reacted to singing, music and look up what “Idle talk” was meant in regards to the Deen, it isn’t only Music, it’s singing, Nasheed etc.

      Singing was permitted and only permitted on wedding days/Eid for sisters – see how Abu Bakr – Radi Allaahu Anhu – reacted when people were singing.

      May Allaah Guide us All, Allaahumma Aameen.

  • Inna Link Reply

    Assalamu aleikum, brother Lukman,
    I’m not a scolar of Islam to say if its forbidden or not, but I want to tell one story with my experiment – it was when I just started for islamic way of life. I loved music very much, but I knew its forbidden, I didnt listen to it during 2 weeks, after I started listening. Then I noticed that my heart didnt have that level of pureness or sincerity that I had when I didnt listen. So, I think music really doesnt have any kheir, the only argument is that anasheeds can be used for those, who need dawat (when they still listen to music , ‘coz if to choose betweeen 2 evels, its better for them to listen to anasheed than music of non-muslims)
    And nothing can be compared with Allah’s words (=Qur’an), clean hearts except listening Qur’an more easily, if muslim is ill by geens he/she will prefer to spend more time for listening music – definetly.

    • Umm Abdullaah Link Reply

      As Salaamu Alaaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Baarakatuh,

      Sister, Nasheeds are not from Islaam, and there isn’t anything from the Qur’aan and Authentic Sunnah which proves this.

      Ask Scholars whom are Thiqaah and upon the Understanding of the Salaf where they will prove to you Nasheed is not permissible in any way and it is Bid’aah also.

      BaarakaAllaahu Feek

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