Dua to seek protection from laziness, old age, sins, and debt | IqraSense.com
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  • Nazeem

    Assalamoalaikoom. Iqrasense is very helpful for me.It helps me to increase my knowledge in deen.Please keep it up.

  • Nazeem

    May Allah always guide us in the right path.

  • M Rafi Ansari

    Thanks a lot for saving many gumrah from sin. Allah aapko jazae khair de.

  • Gana

    i thank Allah for having iqrasense. You are very helpful in awakening the muslim umma and enlighening the non-muslims to the ideals of islam. May the Almighty continue to give you the wisdom in propagating islam. Ameen

  • Rekiya Amedu

    We are thankful to Allah for this medium (iqrasense) that always strenghtening ones faith.

  • VERY helpful mashallah

  • HalimahNadhira

    Assalaamu Alaikum,
    Iqrasense has been very helpful as I navigate through this life of Islam. I had taken shahada 2 years ago, this month. I am gaining so much knowledge about Islam, Allah(SWT), the Prophet Muhammad(saw) and increasing my deen.

    Jazakallah Khairn


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