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What’s in the Quran?

Whats in the Quran?

The message revealed in the Quran has been categorized by scholars in many ways. The following is one categorization by ibn Al-Qayyim –

  • Information about Allâh, His Names, His Attributes, His Actions and His Sayings – which is Tawhîd al-Ma’rifah wal-Ithbât (the Tawhîd of knowledge and affirmation); or
  • It is a call to worship Allâh alone without any partner, and a rejection of whatever is worshipped besides Him – and this is Tawhîd al-Irâdî at-Talabî (the Tawhîd of actions and intentions); or
  • It is a command to obey Him and to comply with His orders and prohibitions – so this is from the rights of Tawhîd and is a completion of it; or
  • It gives information about the people of Tawhîd and how they were treated in this world and how they will be honoured in the Hereafter – and this is the reward for Tawhîd; or
  • It gives information about the people of Shirk (associating partners along with Allâh) and the punishment they receive in this world and the torment they shall receive in the Hereafter – so this is the reward for those who abandon Tawhîd.”

Source: Madârijus-Sâlikîn (3/449-450) of Ibn al-Qayyim.

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah


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  • Mir Link Reply

    Jazaak’Allah Khair. Mentions the important things in very concise and understandable format.


  • The last revealed book Al Quran is the source of guidance for every human being. It elaborates the rights and duties of man.

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