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Sheikh Afasi Quran Recitation Video Clips – Surah Maryam Recitation

One of the notable things of the past few decades have been the surfacing of numerous Qari (Quran reciters) of very high caliber. Among them are Sheikh Sudais, Sheikh Shuraim and many others. One of the Qaris that can be considered to belong in that league is Sheikh Mishari Rashid al Afasi. Sheikh Afasi is from Kuwait and has toured the world and visited Muslims and their mosques and thus allowed Muslims from all over to hear first hand of his beautiful Quran recitation. In the clip below, you can see and listen first hand recitation of Surah Maryam verses by Sheikh Afasi.

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

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  • jameelah Link Reply

    as-salaamu alaikum.
    alhamdulillah i have already heard sheikh afasi recite. not long ago i purchased his recitation of al-qur’an on cd. it was so beautifully done that i played it every where (at home, in the car, i-pod etc…). since then my now 6 year old daughter has learned the last 13 surahs of juz amma by memmorizing just 1 ayat day while listening to his recitation. may ALLAH (swt) reward him

  • Tasneem Link Reply

    Masha-Allah, this is so beautiful and encouraging.
    Now I really want to get the cds and listen to them all the time.
    Thank you to everyone still reminding us on the beauty of the Quran and Islam.
    Jazaka- Allahu- khairan.

  • hafiz ilyas Link Reply

    Today once again, I came to know the beauty of the recitation of the Quran !!!

  • Jafar Ali Link Reply

    Masha Allah, it is very nice recitation.

  • hassen yadly Link Reply

    mashallah, wonderful, what a beautiful recitation.

  • dr rahim Link Reply

    aslamu alaikum wa rahmathullahi barkathuhu

  • Alhamdu Lillaah Shaikh Afasi recitations always bring tears to my eyes especially when I hear Sura Yaseen, may Allah (SWT) continue to bless him.

  • Ziaullah Link Reply

    Mashaallah, Subhanallah very nice and wonderful recitation. I am greatly moved after hearing this Quran recitation

  • Tophic, Ghana.
    May the peace and blessing of Allah be with you wherever you may be for thehe good job you are doing for the beautiful religion- Al Islam.I have listened to a lot of recitations but I think this one is very special.May Allah reward us all.

  • muna Link Reply


    I have always love sh. mishary alfasy recitation of qu’ran more than anyone in this world. May Allaah increase his knowledge and iman & may Allaah bless him and his family, amiin.

    P.s. he is even the reason why i want to move to kuwait insha’allah to listen to his beautiful recitation of qu’ran daily in the mosque.

  • i heard sheikh mishary NOT LONG AGO and every time i hear his recitation i feel tears in my eyes ALLAHOUMA aateh long life may Allah bless him and his family and every time i hear his voice i wish i am not living in australia i wish i am in kuwait to listen to him more often . may Allah bless him . SALAM

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