People who qualify for forgiveness and great rewards |

People who qualify for forgiveness and great rewards

People who qualify for forgiveness and great rewards

In this Quranic verse, Allah mentions those who qualify for Allah’s forgiveness and great rewards.

Surah Al-Ahzab Verse 35 - Muslims and Muslimahs and protect gaze from looking

Verily, the Muslims (those who submit to Allah in Islam) men and women, the believers men and women (who believe in Islamic Monotheism), the men and the women who are obedient (to Allah), the men and women who are truthful (in their speech and deeds), the men and the women who are patient (in performing all the duties which Allah has ordered and in abstaining from all that Allah has forbidden), the men and the women who are humble (before their Lord Allah), the men and the women who give Sadaqat (i.e. Zakat, and alms, etc.), the men and the women who observe Saum (fast) (the obligatory fasting during the month of Ramadan, and the optional Nawafil fasting), the men and the women who guard their chastity (from illegal sexual acts) and the men and the women who remember Allah much with their hearts and tongues (while sitting, standing, lying, etc. for more than 300 times extra over the remembrance of Allah during the five compulsory congregational prayers) or praying extra additional Nawafil prayers of night in the last part of night, etc.) Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and a great reward (i.e. Paradise).

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

Quran (Surah Al-Ahzab, Verse 35)

dua for success Allah

Additional References on Forgiveness and Rewards

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  • Heather Silvers Link Reply

    Assalmo alikom,I am a revert to islam,I live in a small town in Nebraska I am sure I am the only muslim in the small town I live in,I used to wear the hijab and abaya,but,I took it off after my ex husband was beating me for over 3 years and had to move back in with my mom,but I am going to be putting it back on,Allah has sent me to this site,allhamdolilah,I have remained muslim,but have not been praying and such.Its hard not living in a non islamic enviroment,I am disabled and will probably have to live with my family the rest of my life..I just would like to thank you for this website,it is very good and when I get some money I will be purchasing books clothing and other things inshaAllah. May Allah bless you,Ameen heather

    • Anonymous Link Reply

      Dear Sister,

      Your suffering is a test of your patience and love for Allah. Pass it without sacrificing your eiman in any way and Allah will reward you….

  • Dr Lailun Nahar Link Reply

    Sister Heather., I am a disabled lady too, like you! I must admitt that it is my disability that has chhanged me totally. I was of too progresive minded individual, who was dedicated to devlop myself in all aspect. But being disabled, i’ working hard to gain a good place Hereafter!

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