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Surah Al-Fath (Victory) – Quran, Chapter 48, Verse 26: Arabic and English Translation

Reference: Surah Al-Fath (Victory) – Quran, Chapter 48, Verse 26: Arabic and English Translation

26. When those who disbelieve had put in their hearts pride and haughtiness the pride and haughtiness of the time of ignorance, then Allah sent down His Sakinah (calmness and tranquillity) upon His Messenger ( ) and upon the believers, and made them stick to the word of piety (i.e. none has the right to be worshipped but Allah), and they were well entitled to it and worthy of it. And Allah is the All-Knower of everything. (Translation by Muhsin Khan / Hilali)

(This is why) when the unbelievers set in their hearts a fierce bigotry — the bigotry of ignorance — Allah bestowed inner peace upon His Messenger and upon the believers and made the word of piety binding on them. They were more deserving and worthier thereof. Allah has knowledge of everything. (Translation by Abu Al-Alaa Maududi)

While the Unbelievers got up in their hearts heat and cant – the heat and cant of ignorance,- Allah sent down His Tranquillity to his Messenger and to the Believers, and made them stick close to the command of self-restraint; and well were they entitled to it and worthy of it. And Allah has full knowledge of all things. (Translation by Yusuf Ali)

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