Sins and Prohibitions of the Tongue |

Sins and Prohibitions of the Tongue

Sins and Prohibitions of the Tongue
Sins and Prohibitions of the Tongue

The sins of the tongue are many and in this era people may completely turn a blind eye to those sins. Here are some sins of the tongue that we should be wary about in our interactions with people.

  • Bearing false witness
  • Falsely accusing others.
  • Engaging in slander or defamation.
  • Backbiting
  • Cursing others and calling one another by offensive nicknames
  • Gossiping and making fun of others,
  • Boasting about one’s lineage
  • Uttering obscenities and speaking in an offensive manner.
  • Lying in general.

As Muslims, we must control our tongues and not speak unless we have something good to say. The Prophet (s) said:

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

“Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him speak good or else keep silent.”

Al-Bukhaari (6018) and Muslim (47) – Narrated from Abu Hurayrah

All our words and deeds are being recorded. Allah says in the Quran, which means:


‘Not a word does he (or she) utter but there is a watcher by him ready (to record it)” (Qaf, 50:18)

— End

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  • Khadijah bint Yahya Link Reply

    May Allah SWT send peace and blessings upon Prophet Muhammed, his family, and his companions. Ameen.

    Alhamdulilah what a wise reminder. I pray to Allah SWT to follow as highly as I can, the way of the Prophet Muhammed saaw and stay far away from the dangers of talking too much and practicing these prohibitions.

    Dear Believers, as you read my post, please pray for me that Allah SWT protect me and keep me clear of these prohibitions. Ameen. I work with many women and often they say that I am an old “fogey” by reminding them not to talk badly about people.These women often say things expressing that they are cute little tags to say. I pray Allah swt protect me from the frivolty that some believers often practice.

    We must pray to be strangers to these ill-gotten practices. Too many Muslims speak badly about Americans because of the conflict that arises because of lack of understanding and flagrant ignorance. Certainly there exist poor relations with some people of this country, however, not everyone is guilty of hateful behaviors towards us, as Muslims. Allah swt will protect Islam. We can change things by following the examples of Prophet Muhammed, saaw with regard to our speech.

    We must be mindful of these behaviors, inshaAllah, then we make no “accidental inclusion” to bad behaving co-workers or friends. I remind myself as I remind, you dear readers. I pray that we all see the importance of being so different than people who take life so casually,that these bad behaviors are easily overlooked or completely ignored.

    Thank Allah SWT for His guidance and that of the Prophet Muhammed saaw. Thank Allah SWT for the beautiful efforts delivered by the hosts of IqraSense. May we all be among those who are rightly guided. Ameen. May Allah SWT send peace and blessings upon Prophet Muhammed, his family, and his companions. Ameen.

    Please forgive my long comment. Insha’Allah, I will be mindful of this with future comments. Jazaka Allah khair.

    • Erica Link Reply

      Hi Khadija, very wise sayings….the hate against America is wrong and does not solve anything and is not producing any good, and indeed is not Muslim like at all! In each country there are good and bad people. Wat better image we create for Islam by showing Alla’s mercy and kindness, regardless the nationality.

  • Zakari abdulyekeen Link Reply

    Jazzakallahu khairan! Big tnx 2 iqra, xpectn more of ur educative post. “Masha Allah”.

  • zakia ashaf Link Reply

    I fully agree with Khadijah bint Yahya thought and i also pray to Allah SWT that May Allah keep me and all the muslim brothers and sisters away from such type of sins of tonge. Ameen.

    Allah SWT blessings to Iqra sense team. Ameen

  • Kaisar muhammad khan Link Reply

    Its not easy to control the tongue esp when ur angry. Sometimes I’ve resorted to leaving the place of conflict or else sit down if ur standing. Even drinking a glass of wayer

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