Sadaqa Al-Jariya – Ongoing Charity in Islam |

Sadaqa Al-Jariya – Ongoing Charity in Islam

Let’s ponder over this important hadith of the prophet (s.a.w.s). What a great opportunity to invest in something that will pay dividends even after we depart this world. The key to making this happen is to invest in a PROCESS that will produce sustained and continued benefits. So, invest in something that will give ongoing charity (not just one time), or invest in a system or knowledge that will continue, and raise children with taqwa in their hearts so they will remember on their own to pray for you even after you depart this world. One last point – For those of us who are too busy with life, let’s pause and think of what we can do to invest in these activities. Let’s not have life pass us without making these investments. And for those who are bored and think that there’s not much to do, then there’s so much here that can be done. May Allah give us the tawfeeq to make these investments and to make things easier for us when we will need it the most.

Sadqah Al-jariyah charity

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