Islamic Habits of Excellence–Avoid being Quarrelsome |

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Islamic Habits of Excellence–Avoid being Quarrelsome

Islamic Habits of Excellence–Avoid being Quarrelsome

One of the lessons we learn from this hadith is to avoid conflicts and being quarrelsome even in situations where we may be right. Again, while we should point out the truth but we should not become quarrelsome and should avoid all attitudes and attributes of being one of such people. We especially tend to get into such situations with people to whom we are closer because there are fewer barriers between us and them but then that exposure also risks deterioration of relationships by getting into quarrelsome situations frequently…Let’s heed to the prophet’s call and restrain ourselves instead.

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Avoiding Conflicts in Islam

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Most Hated Person to Allah

(A) Narrated ‘Âishah ?: The Prophet said, “The most hated person to Allâh is the one who is most quarrelsome of the opponents.” (Sahih Al-Bukhâri, Vol.3, Hadîth No.637).

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Avoiding Arguments and Disputes – A religious message

(B) Narrated Abu Umamah Allâh’s Messenger said: “(a) I guarantee a home in Paradise for a person who gives up arguments and disputes even if he is on the truth. (b) And [I (also) guarantee] a home in the middle of Paradise for a person who gives up lying (false statements) even while joking. (c) And [I (also) guarantee] a home in the highest part of Paradise for a person who has a high standard of character.” (This Hadith is quoted by Abu Dâwûd, At-Tirmidhi, Nasâ’i and Ibn Majah).

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