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Assalamo-Alaikum: has been communicating the message of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims for the past 14 years.’s vision in 2023 and beyond will continue be to help educate the public on the true message of Islam and the wisdom of the Islamic message. Muslims as well as non-Muslims read, participate and comment on the various posts on this blog. Now you have an opportunity to support these efforts by subscribing to our services. You can subscribe at the end of this message.

IqraSense has created the following plans to help you start learning fascinating information about Islam. Through E-mails and other social channels, you will be able to consume a lot of rich information and increase your knowledge about Islam. Join thousands who are benefitting from regular learning. There is nothing to lose as you can easily cancel if it’s something that doesn’t suit you. Let’s start learning today!

This is where you can help to continue to operate. Your mere support of $7.99 per month, you can help us create and bring more useful Islamic content for you. You can also make a one time contribution of any amount. You can subscribe at the end of this message.

Weekly Islamic Messages and Topics You can Expect to Get in 2023 and beyond!

  • The Merits of Having Complete “Tawakkul” in Allah
  • The valuable dua one can use for Du’as acceptance
  • Examples of Inspirational Quranic Wisdom
  • History of the Sunni Shia Split
  • Prophet’s Valuable Advice for Muslims 
  • “Video Dua” For Rizq and Difficulties
  • Video Dua for Ruqyah Treatment from the Quran
  • Why make Dua when all matters are decreed?
  • The Greatest Quranic Surah with Countless Benefits 
  • How to live life as a Muslim family?
  • The History of Madain Saleh – The Cities of Thamud and Prophet Saleh
  • How does a Dua change things?
  • How to Get to Know ALLAH?
  • Which Dua’s are rejected and not answered?
  • Prophet’s First Sermon in Quba near AL-Madinah
  • Allah’s (God’s) Challenge to Humanity
  • History of ‘Islamic’ Jerusalem
  • How to raise children in a Muslim home?
  • What is Shirk? An explanation of the various types of shirk
  • and many many more…


  • Get Weekly messages that will increase your Islamic knowledge
  • Get regular summaries of popular Islamic Books
  • Weekly Tafseer lessons sent to your E-mail (Article essays and videos)

  • Captivating Islamic History Stories (covering all Muslim countries)

  • Muslim Culture and Pictures (Arts, Heritage Sites, etc.) (covering all Muslim countries)

  • Join our social media pages

  • You will learn a LOT through this plan.

  • Monthly subscription of only $7.99
  • Cancel anytime if you are not satisfied


  • Same as above but available at a discounted yearly rate of $79.99

Note: IqraSense helps you learn Islam while you stay busy in your daily lives. As a reminder, 100s of thousands have benefited through its learning programs since IqraSense started more than 13 years ago. (Please select an appropriate plan below and start today.)

Level Price  
Premium IqraSense Learner (Monthly Subscription) $7.99 per Month. Select
Premium IqraSense Learner (Discounted when paid for yearly) $79.99 now. Select

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