Makkah in Ramadan |

Makkah in Ramadan

These pictures were taken in Ramadan by Saudi government officials while on aerial patrol of Makkah (Kaaba). The view of the largest clock tower in the world and its size in relation to Kaaba can be seen in the picture. Haram expansion to accommodate additional 2 million pilgrims is evident by the construction lights on the right of the picture. Also, see the articles on the Story of the building of Kaabah in Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Haram Mosque Expansion in Makkah.


Makkah Image

makkah ramadan

makkah ramadan


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  • mehjabeen mufti Link Reply

    very beautiful………Khuda ki rehmat barasti hai Ramzan sharif main…

    • irfan ahmed Link Reply

      Mashallah…..its is very beautiful

      • Dr Musiliu kolawole ODUNOLA Link Reply

        Mashallah Magnificient view Alhamdulillah we are muslims may Allah Azawajal accept our Ibadah Amin

  • Anonymous Link Reply

    Spritual scences

  • Sameena Link Reply

    Mashallah – beautiful!

  • Sameera Link Reply

    Mash’Allah, tabarak’Allah

  • Lamin Link Reply

    It’s amazing.

  • Mashallah-So beautiful..!

  • Beautiful Pics Thanx

  • Aslam choudhari,,,,, Link Reply


  • Anonymous Link Reply

    masha allah tabarakal llah …….it’s amazing

  • AbdulFatah Suleiman Link Reply

    Beautiful view !

  • Amina Link Reply

    Masha Allaah! Very awesome View! May we die as Mu’minoons!

  • Anonymous Link Reply

    GREAT! One of d beauties of ISLAM.

  • Mariam Gheith Link Reply

    Mashallah ya Allah ya rub Tuktob lana Al Haje ya Allah.

  • Saima Link Reply

    Masha allah khoobsurti at its best

  • Kashim Link Reply

    The extreme beauty of the world city, may Allah (SWT) give us oppotunity to visit every year for Hajj & Umra

  • mahejabeen Link Reply

    mashaallah….hope to see by real eyes inshaallah……..

  • asadullah Link Reply

    Masha Allah, its so beautiful to see ,wish to c live in future if Allah wishes.



  • Jameel Link Reply

    RAMADAN KAREEM……… Beautiful and wonderful place to be

  • Zaituni Ahmed Link Reply

    Mashalla. May the Muslim Ummah continue with ibadats even after Ramadhan

  • Rashida Musa Link Reply

    May Allah continue to increase the number of muslim ummah.

  • Hauwa Gadam Link Reply

    Masha Allah,an amazing site.

  • Suria Link Reply

    my dream…………

  • Nouman Sheikh Link Reply

    Mashallah its looks very beautiful in picture but in reality it seems more pretty, ALLHAMDOLILLAH by the grace of all mighty ALLAH i been there day before yesterday this is my 1st umrah in the holy month of RAMAZAN, i am very thanks to ALLAH that he invited me his home and he able me to perfom umrah, i hope he will approved my umrah and my all prayes.AMEEN

  • shaanza noor Link Reply


  • Anonymous Link Reply

    What beauty to behold. May it be possible for us to visit d holy land before our departure from thois world. Amen

  • Nancy C. Salaysay Link Reply

    Mashallah – very beautiful. wish I could go there.

  • salma Link Reply

    Masha Allah…the most beautiful place

  • Sani Umar Link Reply

    The highest brilliant place ever in the world. Allahu Akbar

  • abdulraheem Lawal Link Reply

    ALLAH AKBAR, this is wonderful and fantanstic. Almighty ALLAH goods to we mankind.

  • Fahima Link Reply

    Allah Akber, mashallah this is magnificent I wish I could go there nw

  • Ishaq Link Reply


  • zara Link Reply

    Allahuakbar!!! amazing view…very hope to go there….this is the last place where my late father took his breath away….Alfatihah…Abdul Manap bin Saad…

  • Fathima Mahrooza Majeed Link Reply

    Thabarakallah!God wondrous!Every thing in a state of unity!KAABA most beautiful highest gathering place in the world!Allah,creates,protects,and nourishes!!!still in my ears,,,,,,Labbaik..Allahumma labbaik..!30 years I offered to ones have not seen Makkah!Cant wait eagerly want to come
    to you!AMEEN!!!!!!

  • Aayesha Link Reply

    subhanallah……….no words to explain the beauty…………

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