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Education – The best form of Islamic Outreach


Muslims in western countries have been the subject of discrimination, racial profiling and undue criticism for the past few years, especially after the events of 9/11. Muslims’ reaction to such attacks has mostly been speaking up in the media and opening up their Islamic centers and mosques publicly to educate the public. However, until recently there has been no formal method for such education, especially to those who are in the government, schools and large corporations.

More recently, a more constructive solution was put forward by Jones Knowledge Group® (JKG®) by introducing an online course on Islam for governmental agencies, school districts and corporations. The course was developed in conjunction with a group of Muslim scholars and is meant to address the misperceptions, apprehension and lack of knowledge about the Islamic faith.

The course is comprised of six modules that include history, faith/beliefs, women’s role in Islam, terrorism, historical context of Islam, and other specifics of the culture. The course is available in an online format and is delivered in a format that engages the trainee. The course content provides real-life scenarios in which trainees may choose appropriate courses of action to improve mutual communication and interaction. Organizations also have the option of purchasing customized versions of the course that train various aspects of Islam and Muslims depending on their particular needs.  

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