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What does Islamophobia, Breast cancer and Hijab have in common?

hijabEveryone knows that Muslims, especially those living in North American and European countries have faced a lot of discrimination after the events of 9/11. Muslim women for example have constantly been criticized in the media and elsewhere about the Hijab and their Islamic lifestyles in general. While Muslims have reacted and responded to such discrimination in many ways, the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) decided to take a different approach on October 26th, 2007.  

The Canadian Islamic Congress organized an event called the “National Pink Hijab Day” and gave away pink hijabs to Muslim as well as non-Muslim women to raise awareness of breast cancer and to raise funds for the “Susan G. Komen for the Cure” Foundation. This foundation’s is the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists. CIC’s organizers’ objective was to raise the awareness of Islamophobia, discrimination that Muslim women face in covering their heads and hair using the Hijab along with supporting the cause of breast cancer that organizers hoped will garner wider support and awareness of all issues.  

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

A good idea or not?  

The question does come up whether this sets a good precedent for such causes or does it hurt the cause of Islam and Hijab even more? CIC seems to be very happy with the turnout of people on October 26th, 2007. However, there are many who do raise the question that mixing the issues of disease with unrelated religious matters may actually turnoff even those who have no biases against Islam, Hijab or any Muslim issues.  

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  • The issue at stake is no how others concieve an idea (whether good or bad), but rather whether the idea conforms with Islamic teachings or not. Helping raise money for cure of breast cancer is a noble idea but correlating it with Hijab to raise awareness may look deceitfuf in the eyes of many.

  • bahati Link Reply

    asalam aleykum,
    breast cancer is associated with women all over the world regardless of their religion or race.i think it was a noble idea to inco-oporate the hijab.thanks!

  • Usman Durrani Link Reply

    Assalam O Alekum

    I think there is no need to corelate a religious issue with a medical issue, which is a point
    concern for any woman in the world regardless of religion. If the objective behind distributing
    hijab’s among the participants is to make dawat towards islam along with raising funds than it
    might be okay but still it put’s a big question mark on the correlation of hijab with fund
    raising occassion for breast cancer.

  • Riaz Qureshi Link Reply

    Very nice idea. Also need to tell why Allah asks women to take Hijab or cover their body. They can be more safe to Skin cancer and others with Islamic restriction (natural).

  • affandy Link Reply

    I think the Islamic hijab is so sweet, when i look at some my friends using veil or hijab, for example, i feel comfortable. But, today, when i look around my hometown, i feel so hurt, why…? coz, more and more of islamic women are wearing hijab but at the same time wearing clothes that are pressed against their bodies – tight clothing. defeats the purpose of hijab. hijab is not about covering your hair only but to protect your awrah…

    • Sabah4Allah Link Reply

      Hijab also includes modesty in our speech, dress, thoughts, the way we walk and interactions with others. Alos very important, hijab is an act of Ibadaah(worship) of Allah,swt, a form of Dhikr (remembrance of Allah,swt). =)

  • Jasmine Link Reply

    I thik it would have been a good idea if they wore hijab and had a pin that said “The fight for Breast cancer,affecting WOMAN of all types and religions”

    Then the danger of it looking decietful would be demolished.

    • Sabah4Allah Link Reply

      I don’t see it as deceitful. When someone asked me why I was wearing pink niqab on that day, I explained it and they were thankful and interested in where they could donate for the cause to fight breast cancer ( I recently was diagnosed with breast cancer). Not to mention, it was an opportunity to perform Daw’ah. =)

  • zehra sherwani Link Reply

    what a noble idea!

  • nasra Link Reply

    assalam aleykum all my brothers and sisters,hijab is awonderful thing but hijab is not aheadscarf but afull clothing to hide awrah so my dear sister dont only cover ur hair but the whole body apart from the face.may Allah (s.w)help as all.

  • Adila Link Reply

    Yes, good idea but the ignorant will get the wrong impression and see it as being deceitful. The Pin idea is good so you are sending two messages, 1 being that this type of sickness affects all and 2 that no one should judge another i.e. respect all religions like Allah says in the quraan surah Al-Kafiroon
    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    Say: O disbelievers! (1) I worship not that which ye worship; (2) Nor worship ye that which I worship. (3) And I shall not worship that which ye worship. (4) Nor will ye worship that which I worship. (5) Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion. (6).

    So from me all I can say is that follow the request made by the Almighty and wear your hijab as was requested in the quraan for that is a womans own struggle (jihaad) that she has to face..inshallah Allah strenghten our Imaan and make us steadfast in our deen. Ameen.


    Assalamu O Alekum

    At any moment and by any means The words of Allah should be the highest of all, and using these words inviting any one to do so is a very great idea. Because islam is for any one on the world(no matter whether they belive or not). So the idea you have is very much noble than any other. Jezakum-Allah khier.

    • Sabah4Allah Link Reply

      I agree! Shokran for your comment and support! =)

  • malik Link Reply

    Assalam O Alekum

    All my Islamic sisters,hijab is a wonderful thing but hijab is not a headscarf but a full clothing to hide aw rah.It is our Islamic responsibility to cover our hair but the whole body apart from the face.May Allah help us to wear the Islamic dress.

  • I am not agreeing to wear a pink hijab to make anyone aware of breast cancer!!!
    We wear the hijab because we are muslim women and we want to express our respect for allah and our faith in him. Not to be noticed for breast cancer awareness . If you want to teach muslim women how to be muslim then teach them the right way. If you want others to join our belief , then show them the modesty of the the muslima.
    salam , no more confusion and mixing please

  • If we want to bring good things of Islam to the people, promote the basics of Hijab requirement. There are benefits of Hijab and Islam is a religion for mankind of all ages. Simply issuing red hijabs will make it an other way of exposing woman. We need to tell others that Hijab is a requirement with clear advantages and not a promotional item.

    • Sabah4Allah Link Reply

      I guess you have never suffered from breast cancer? Mixing? Hijab is more than the clothes we wear: it includes our speech, thoughts, how we interact with others, charity to others and it is a form of Ibadaah and Dhikr. There is confusion when information is hidden or prevented from reaching the most people in the best way!! Great idea. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I wear niqab. When I wore pink on that day, it opened so many doors for me to perform Daw’ah. =)

  • zakiyah Link Reply

    i think everyone has gotten off the typic. yes people should be educated on the want islam is all about and yes some sisters wear hijab incorrectly, but who is man to judge? Allah is who everyone has to answer too! as for taking part in an awearness that touches across all boarders as breast cancer, i feel that it’s a wonderful thing too take part in. I also feel that people (non muslims) have a stero type of who we are because we tend to seperate our selves from them. Everyone can find something they don’t like in someone, but when a common ground can be reached, i stay meet it half way. While i would not have passed out hijabs, i would have choose to wear my pink hijab and gave out information on breast cancer with my islamic sisters and my non believers and if someone asked why i’d simply explain. blessings from Allah comes in all shapes and in different ways, be careful not pass on your blessings because you don’t agree on how the message is presented. InshaAllah everyone recieves the message of Allah.

  • tahmeena sarvath Link Reply

    salam alaikum brothers and sisters,first and formostly there is no point in hyping the hijab in such an extent that you forget the other responsibilities accomodated along with the initializing of being a good muslim with the just values. which includes lowering our gaze towards the male,to avoid fitted clothes,deep necks,and prolonged conversation with males without an authentic necessity.well if a woman posseses all these qualities,then the point of she wearing a hijab will not only make an islamic point more stronger,whereas it will draw others to learn from their modesty as well!so my humble request please dont make this respectfull dresscode a commercial link with a baseless point!! may allah almighty bestow wisdom on you all!!

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