Islamic / Arabic Books: Tafseer As-Sa’di (10 Volume Set) |

Islamic / Arabic Books: Tafseer As-Sa’di (10 Volume Set)

“Tafseer As-Sa’di” by Shaykh Abdur Rahman al-Sa’di is now available for the first time in English, thanks to the complete translation by Nasirudin al-Khattab. This interpretation of the Qur’an is known for its simplicity and clarity, making it an excellent resource for those new to Tafsir and Islam. The insightful and profound comprehension of the Qur’an it provides is both accessible and articulate. Each volume is enhanced with a glossary of Islamic terms and a detailed alphabetical index. Shaykh Abdur Rahman Nasir as-Sa’di was a distinguished scholar from the Arabian Peninsula, renowned for his studies and teachings in various Islamic sciences and disciplines. This hardback edition has 6600 pages, with dimensions of 10.25×8.80×6.25 inches or 26×22.5×16 centimeters.


Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah


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