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Have Faith that Allah’s Help is Near

Let’s remember that hardships and challenges are part of one’s life. As believers, Allah puts us through such trials in life to test our faith. Else, how can we expect to prove our faith and our steadfastness to the Straight Path? So, the message is simple. If we are tested with hardships, then let’s ensure that Shaytan is not able to deviate us from #Allah’s path of truth. Let’s do our best to not lose the big picture and that’s that our time in this life is very limited. It’s a few years here and then is our return to Allah where we will be questioned and held accountable. Let there be no doubt about this in our hearts. Finally, we should also remember that Allah’s help is near. In fact, it could be just around the corner. Believe in it. Have #faith. And when that time does come, it will be doubly delightful – To not just have the difficulty removed but also to have survived the test. See the attached verse from the #Quran.
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Allah help near

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