Muslims in Portland, Oregon USA – Islamic centers and mosques |

Muslims in Portland, Oregon USA – Islamic centers and mosques

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Portland, Oregon is home to a vibrant Muslim community that includes Arabs, Pakistanis, and other Islamic immigrants. The city has a number of mosques, Islamic centers, and organizations that provide services and resources to the local Muslim population.

Arabs are a significant portion of the Muslim community in Portland, with a number of families tracing their ancestry to countries such as Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria. Many of these families have been in the city for generations and have established businesses and institutions that serve the community. They have also contributed to the cultural richness of the city, with events such as Arab festivals and cultural nights showcasing the art, music, and cuisine of the Arab world.

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Quran Islam Allah

Pakistanis are another important component of the Muslim community in Portland. Many of them have come to the city in recent years as immigrants or refugees, fleeing political turmoil and economic hardship in their home country. They have established businesses and organizations that serve the needs of the local community and provide a sense of community and connection for those who are far from their homeland.

One of the most prominent mosques in Portland is the Islamic Center of Portland, located in the northeast part of the city. The center was established in the 1960s and has since become a hub for the Muslim community, providing religious services, educational programs, and social events. The center also operates a food pantry and a homeless shelter, reflecting the Islamic tradition of charitable giving and community service.

Another important institution for the Muslim community in Portland is the Muslim Educational Trust, which was founded in 1993. The trust operates a mosque and community center in the southwest part of the city, offering a variety of educational and cultural programs for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The trust also runs a weekend Islamic school for children and organizes interfaith events and dialogues to promote understanding and mutual respect among different religious communities.

Other mosques and Islamic centers in Portland include Masjid Al-Furqan, Masjid As-Saber, and the Islamic Society of Greater Portland. Each of these institutions provides religious services, educational programs, and social events for the Muslim community, as well as outreach and engagement with the wider community.

In addition to these institutions, Portland also has a number of organizations that provide services and support to the Muslim community. The Oregon Islamic Academy, for example, is a private school that offers an Islamic education to students from pre-K to high school. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has a chapter in Portland that works to promote civil rights and combat discrimination against Muslims.

Overall, the Muslim community in Portland is a diverse and dynamic group that has made significant contributions to the city’s cultural and economic life. With its numerous mosques, Islamic centers, and organizations, the community has established a strong presence in the city and continues to thrive and grow.

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