Muslims in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA – Islamic centers and mosques |

Muslims in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA – Islamic centers and mosques

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Islam has a significant presence in Oklahoma City, with a diverse community of Arabs, Pakistanis, and other Islamic immigrants. The city has several mosques and Islamic centers, which play a vital role in bringing the community together and promoting Islamic values and teachings.

The Arab Muslim community in Oklahoma City is diverse, with individuals from different countries, including Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. The Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City (ISGOC) is one of the largest and most prominent Islamic centers in the city, serving as a hub for the Muslim community. ISGOC offers a range of services, including prayer facilities, educational programs, youth activities, and social events.

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

The center also offers Quran classes and Arabic language courses, helping Muslims in the city to deepen their understanding of Islam and connect with their cultural heritage. The ISGOC also hosts various community events and activities, such as food drives, blood drives, and interfaith events.

Apart from the Arab community, there is also a sizable Pakistani Muslim community in Oklahoma City. The Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City also serves the Pakistani community, providing them with prayer facilities, religious education, and social events. The center also offers halal food options for its visitors and hosts several events during Ramadan, including iftar dinners and taraweeh prayers.

Another prominent mosque in Oklahoma City is the Islamic Society of Edmond (ISE), which serves the Muslim community in the neighboring town of Edmond. The ISE offers daily prayers, Quranic classes, and weekend Islamic school programs for children. The mosque also hosts a range of social and cultural events, including interfaith gatherings, Eid celebrations, and fundraisers for charitable causes.

In addition to these mosques, there are several other Islamic centers and organizations in Oklahoma City, catering to different Muslim communities. The Masjid Al-Ansar is a Sunni mosque serving the African American Muslim community, offering daily prayers, Quranic classes, and other community activities. The Islamic Center of Norman (ICO) is another center serving the Muslim community in the nearby town of Norman.

The ICO offers Friday prayers, Sunday school classes, and other Islamic programs for children and adults. The center also hosts events such as Eid celebrations, interfaith dinners, and lectures by visiting scholars. The ICO is an active member of the Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma, working to promote interfaith understanding and dialogue.

The Oklahoma Muslim Women’s Association is a nonprofit organization that focuses on empowering Muslim women and girls in Oklahoma. The association hosts events and programs that promote leadership, education, and social justice. They also organize an annual women’s conference, bringing together Muslim women from different backgrounds to share their experiences and build connections.

In conclusion, Oklahoma City has a thriving Muslim community with a diverse range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The city’s mosques and Islamic centers provide vital services and support to the Muslim community, offering prayer facilities, religious education, and community events. The Muslim community in Oklahoma City is an integral part of the city’s social fabric, contributing to the city’s diversity and cultural richness.

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