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Amazing Miracles of Islam and Quran

An interesting video highlighting miracles of the Quran and Islam. Numerous research and work has been done by both Muslims and non-Muslims on the authenticity as well as miracles of the Quran.

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Miracles of Quran

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  • Mahmood

    Wonderful pictures and truly inspiring.May Allah reward you.

  • Very commendable and most interesting awe inspiring video to pass on to people to see the miracles of this world all put together and appearing so nicely of ALLAH ALMIGHTY name and HIS MESSENGER MUHAMMAD(P.U.B.H) appearing in various parts of fruits,animals, plants, and even in the sky. All being the creations of ALLAH.
    May ALLAH reward you.

  • ahmed


  • abdulrahman

    salam,ur website isan inspiration to the muslim youth all around the wourld

  • nasrin

    thank u for sharing, we all need to know more to understand allahs power and mircle

  • Rabia

    Jazakallah, Very Convincing way for all especially for non-muslim scholars.

  • A.sadiq

    wonderful, interesting& really convicing to muslims and non muslims as for the former they wud appreciate and give thanks to Allah for being in islaam

  • praise be to Allah the most beneficent the most compassionate,our body system is a miracle for the people who understand, infact the sky is enough for us to ponder but thanks to the almighty who in His infinite mercy decided to give us an additional miracle to guide us to the right path the more.

    I most say a big thank you to the brother that upload this wonderful video.

  • aminujibril

    Alhamdu lillah, this effort has come at the right time when Islam and Muslim ummah are facing a war more deadly than the one amunitions are used.
    If all Muslims will submit themselves to the cause of Allah (SWT) in no time, we shall be emancipated from the shackles of enemies of Allah.
    May Allah in His mercies bless this effort.

  • Anonymous

    this site is a real inspiration for the baginners,may allah gives the banefits for this ……ameen

  • Mrs.Khan

    As slam alikum,
    All praises be to Allah and may peace be upon our beloved prophet
    {sallalahu alaihi wa sallam}
    thank you so much this is so much helpful in gainig knowledge in islam,
    May bless all of us .. Inshalllah
    Allah Hafiz

  • Wonderful pictures and truly inspiring.May Allah reward you. i am very impressed. this is very helpful site for me.

  • May Allah bless you and our Umaah for showing all of Allah signs in his creation this is remarkable and awesome to see .Assalum Alaikum.Waramatiullah

  • Fazl-ur-Rehman

    Truly amazing,Allah”s words in the Quran coming to life as stated in the Quran. It is for the people to reflect on these things and various other miracles of the Quran and submit to Allah or to increase their faith in Allah but as Allah himself has said that this is not possible except with Allah”s Grace. Let us pray that Allah showers his gift of submission to Him on more and more people. Ameen.

  • Masha Allah, Islam is religion for peace and peace making.

  • Fatima Najie

    Assalaamoe alay koem.
    Those signs were very inspiring. When I saw it, my tears started rolling, my heart got that cringe. I could not stop my tears from rolling. This shows that Allah has the power over everything and gives ghiedaya whom he wishes. I feel honoured and proud to be a muslim and that Allah has chosen me to believe in Him. Allah is the all hearing, all seeing and all knowing what goes in our heart and around us, He created us and unto him is our return. Ameen, Ameen, Ameen. Let us ask Allah to guide and protect us in this dunya and Agheera Inshi Allah Ameen.

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