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Dua to seek protection from enemies and hardships

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dua to Allah protection enemies dua for success Allah

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Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

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  • Haruna Abdulkharim Link Reply

    Great! God bless and rewards you with janna.very helpful to improve our way of coming closer to Allah.

  • rafatu musah Link Reply

    May show us the straight path

  • Bakare O Balqis Link Reply

    My mind is at rest and am alwayz hapi because am more closer to him and because i believe my prayer as ben acceptd.

  • Sharifa Riyamy Link Reply

    JazzakaAllah kheir for the duas.May Allah grant us tawfik in this dunia and Jannat Firdaus In Shaa Allah.

  • Great collection!
    May Allah SWT give us the power to memories, remember, and ability to recite all the time. Waiting for next intake too.

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