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A Dua and Prayers for Our Muslim Children

Here is a Dua for our children.

Let’s ask Allah for His acceptance.

  • Make our children steadfast in their faith and Eeman in You and in following all the pillars of Islam.
  • Grant them complete health and knowledge.
  • Make our children successful in their worldly pursuits as well as the Aakhira (the Hereafter).
  • Make our children develop ‘Taqwah’ that they can use to guide their daily lives and decisions.
  • Grant them their own healthy children and give them the ‘tawfeeq’ to raise righteous children.
  • Make them obedient and respectful to their parents and elders.
  • Grant them the patience to deal respectfully with their parents and elders of old age.
  • Grant them the ‘tawfeeq’ to pray for their parents’ forgiveness after they have departed this world.


Dua and prayers for righteous children Muslims

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  • ahamed

    Ameen. Keep our children and us on sirat-al-mustaquim.

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