Signs of Qiyamah (Last Day – Day of Judgement) – An Islamic Lecture |

Signs of Qiyamah (Last Day – Day of Judgement) – An Islamic Lecture

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Signs of Qiyamah (Last Day - Day of Judgement) - An Islamic Lecture

(The following has select excerpts of a transcribed lecture of Mufti Menk posted on Youtube called “Signs Of Qiyamah”.)


What is the best day you can ever have? The best day you can have is the day you return to the Allah that created you. The gift of a true believer is death because that is when he will have no more oppression, no more problems that la ilaha illallah, which he believed in will become the yakin (reality) he will see it on that day and he will see the benefit of it. May Allah subhana watala grant us the benefit on that particular day.

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Preparation of the last day (Day of Qiyamah)

I wish to raise before you the preparation for that day and the few signs that will occur regarding the coming of that day. Remember one thing, Allah subhana wata’ala says that indeed when the fixed and prescribed time of Allah regarding yourselves and regarding anything and everything – when it comes it will not be delayed. When the fixed hour of anyone comes, they will not be able to bring it or to delay it even by a split moment or to bring it forward even by a split moment. Your time is written, my time is written. Don’t be fooled, every breath you are taking is one breath closer to that time.

The signs of (day of) Qiyamah (last day) are many, some of them are good, some of them are bad. When we say some of them are good, we mean they are encouraging on their own but they are worth being concerned about and worth being pondering over. When it comes to discussing them and connecting them to Qiyamah. Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam’s coming was already a sign of Qiyamah. He said that I am been sent as close to Qiyamah as this and he pointed with the two fingers. No other nabi (prophet) could do that because each nabi was sent and another nabi was going to come after him. But when Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam was sent, who was going to come after him? No other nabi (prophet). He said that I am the final messenger and there is going to be no messenger after me. Anyone coming to you telling you that I am a messenger of Allah, they are lying. But if they tell you I am a messenger of Allah subhana wata’ala, they are speaking the truth. But if someone comes to you and says I am a nabi as is happening today, then indeed they they are lying, we need to stay far away from them.

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First Sign of the Day of Judgement

So the first sign of the coming of Qiyamah was the coming of Prophet Muhammad shallallahu alaihi wasallam because after him, there is no nabi. There will rather be Qiyamah. May Allah subhana wata’ala grant us peace on that day. If you have peace on the day of the Qiyamah then you have peace forever. We pray that Allah subhana wata’ala will not make us from those who will regret on that day. Remember that is it not too late to prepare for the day.

Time of the Day of Judgement

Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam came with signs of Qiyamah. There is a famous hadith known as hadith (of Angel) Jibreel, alayhis salat ul wasallam. When Jibreel, alayhis salat ul wasallam came and he sat with Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam with utmost respect and he began to ask him questions until he got to the question of Qiyamah and when is it was the question. The answer was, the one who is being questioned does not know any more than the one who is questioning in this regard. It is only known to Allah subhanahu wata’ala. So then he was asked on the signs of Qiyamah and the answer was given.

We know that there are many signs of Qiyamah, but let me mention some of them.

Zina (Fornication) will increase

Has that not come? Has zina decreased or increased? It has increased subhanallah, that is the sign of Qiyamah already predicted by Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam.

People will begin to compete in masajid (mosques)

What does that mean? That means all of “that’s my masjid”, “that’s our masjid”, “that’s their masjid”. It’s happening already. ‘O Muslims’! We are together, we are one. We cannot say my masjid or your masjid. The masjid of Allah, the house of Allah subhana wata’ala. Even the one who contributed towards building it wallahi, he cannot say it is my masjid. The minute he says that, he is heading in the wrong direction. May Allah guide us all.

People will compete, when it comes to masjid, “oh our masjid has this”, “oh ours has that” “oh ours has a carpet which is 2 inches thick, ours only has one inch thick or mine is going to has 5 inches more, etc. That is not what we are meant to be doing subhanallah. If you want to build the best masjid, then build it for the sake of Allah, not because the masjid down the road is any lesser than that. It does not necessarily mean the better the masjid, the more acceptable your ibadah is. No way did that happen at the time of Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam, nor was it ever said in that manner. But we must understand that if we become materialistic even regarding our deen (religion), we are heading in the wrong direction, we become a statistic of Qiyamah – a sign of the day of Qiyamah. We don’t want to be walking signs of Qiyamah.

Let’s cover some more signs of Qiyamah. There were certain signs subhanallah that were mentioned at the time of Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam. The sahabat used to ask themselves, have you understood what is meant by this, and some of them did not really comprehend because the times were not there. We have seen those signs today. Let me give you one of those.

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A woman will give birth to her master

So people might interpret it saying, you know nowadays the women are giving birth, the children are becoming their masters. The children are ruling their women, that is one explanation. But let me tell you what is happening in the western world.

So what are the women of the West doing? They take the embryo, husband and wife. They make the egg and the sperms in a meet in a third party. They go to the Philippines or Indonesia where there are poor people who need money and they say look we want to use your womb for nine months for the gestation period of our child and we will pay you for that. And what are these women doing? Out of desperation, they are renting out their wombs. And then what happens nine months later, they get their payment. Have they not given birth to anything but their masters? Subhanallah, they have given birth to a child who is not related to them. They have given birth to a child who has paid them or whose parents, whose biological parents have actually paid them. Is that not a sign of Qiyamah? Tempering with the signs of Allah, with the creation of Allah.

Shaitan is quoted to be saying I will command them so that they will change the creation of Allah and temper with it. That is the sign of Qiyamah.

Consuming interest / Ribaa / Usury

If I tell you, the hadith says there will come a time when everyone will eat interest. If they don’t eat interest, at least the smell of it will come to their noses. Have we not got to that time

today? We don’t eat it, we believe its haram, we believe everything against it. Most of us. Alhamdullilah, may Allah make us strong. But the scent of it has come to our noses whether we like it or not it’s a sign of Qiyamah. It was predicted, prophesised by Muhammad ibn Abdullah, shallallahu alaihi wasallam, whom we are followers of. Are we not fortunate to have been given the warning already?

Appearance of Dajjal (Anti-Messiah)

A little while ago, I happened to listen to the khutbah in Mecca al Mukarramah in front of the Kaaba. The imam spoke on the same topic, and that is how I was inspired on what to speak on today. The signs of Qiyamah, I am happy to tell you that today this topic has been discussed in Mecca al Mukarramah just an hour ago. In front of the house of Allah subhana wata’ala, the Dajjaal was discussed. Let me tell you who is the Dajjaal, the one-eyed devil who is going to come. He will have control. Remember I am telling you something but I want you to use your minds to think of our situation today, we are in a Dajjaal-like situation. Though Dajjaal himself is not in our midst, but his entire system has already fallen into place. He is preparing us and our children for the day he comes wallah. Syaitan is doing that on his behalf. Let me tell you the Dajjaal will come, he will have power. Dajjal will have money, he will have wealth, he will have food, he will have drink. The crops will be in his hand, the land will be in his hands. Economies will be in his hands. The entire dunya (world) will be seemingly controlled by him. Seemingly I say because true control is always in the hands of Allah subhana wata’ala. And during his time, people will be dying of hunger, they will be dying of thirst, they will be landless, they will have a lot of difficulty in terms of the dunya (material possessions) and the Dajjaal will appear and he will say follow me and I will give you food, I will give you drink, I will give you property, I will give you wealth, and I will give you what you want. Follow me and I will take you to where you want. Don’t you want the dunya (world)? And the weak, which may be reported majority of the world, including the so-called Muslims, will follow. Why will they follow, because of the hypocritical way we are in today. We say we are Muslim. By what? By name? We come to the house of Allah subhana wata’ala  and the phone rings in the house of Allah. What do we plan? “Where should I meet her. At the door. Come at pick me up at the door of the majid, I will finish my Jummat salah at this time”. We are planning zina from the masjid. Auzubillah, it is happening. Is that not a fact? Wallahi (by God) it is happening. Just after you leave the house of Allah, are you not meant to be spiritually elevated? So what the Dajjaal is doing, using shaitan or shaitan is doing for the Dajjaal, you can put it either way, he is preparing the masses for the day he comes. Remember I said that a lot of the Muslims will follow the Dajjaal, according to the hadith of Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam, except those Mu’minin (Muslims) who have strong iman (faith). Our biggest gift is iman. Those believers who have iman, they will tell the Dajjaal, “ I don’t want money, I don’t want food, I don’t want drink, I don’t want land, I don’t want this dunya, if you are giving it to me at the cost of losing the Aakhirah (the next life). I don’t want it if I have to trade my deen (religion) for dunya (this world). I don’t want it, if I have to trade justice for injustice. I don’t want it if I have to give you my shahada l? ?il?ha ?ill?-ll?h, mu?ammadur-ras?lu-ll?h, shallallahu alaihi wasallam for food and drink. I rather die hungry knowing that I have died with shahada. Did I not say a few moments ago that if you have the shahada and you don’t have food and drink wallahi you’ve got everything? Understand it and realise it. This dunya (world) we are here for a few years. You cannot even guarantee that you will come out of this masjid alive. Is that not correct?

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Put your hands up if you think that you are going to live forever. You will not. Put up your hands and tell me if you think you are going to walk out of this masjid and you are sure that you are going to come out breathing. You can’t guarantee that. So remember one thing today. Our problem is a very big one. We are becoming from amongst the group slowly but surely who are so materialistic that their decisions are based on the dunya (this world). All their decisions are based on money, wealth, food and drink but not on justice, not on Islam, not on Iman. It is something we need to ponder about. Think about it. Your major decisions you are making in your life, how are you making them? Are you compromising your deen (religion) because of the world? If that is the case, who knows, our children might be the champion who might side with the Dajjaal unfortunately. Because what are we training them for? They see us as parents, and all our decisions are made in the line of the dunya (this world).

Don’t completely forget this Dunya (this world)

We are not saying divorce the dunya (this world). That is out of the question. That is another extreme. Take from the dunya as much as you can as long as it is halal and permissible, for as long as you have not compromised your shahadah and your Qalimah, Subhanallah. Hold fast to this Qalimah. We read it out in this masjid mashallah and we will read it out as many times in the day as we can. Send salutations to Prophet Muhammad shallallahu alaihi wasallam, for indeed he will be waiting for you and me on the day of the Qiyamah and wallahi good news for you, the faces we see here today, we are going to meet on Qiyamah. We are going to meet with Muhammad shallallahu alaihi wasallam. Do not doubt that for a split moment. Who is Abu Bakar Siddique radi allahu anhu? Was he not a sahabi (prophet’s companions)? Wallahi, we were not chosen to be sahabah in the dunya but in the akhirat, its not too late. We will be InShaAllah with Muhammad shallallahu alaihi wasallam. We will be with Abu Bakar Siddique radi allahu anhu. Don’t doubt it for a split moment. If you are doubting it, your iman is weak. That gift you have, strengthen it.

When you have a gem, what do you do? You shine it. And you keep it protected. You make sure it is your treasure. The day you need it, you are going to boast it. We are not allowed to be arrogant and proud in this dunya but in the akhirat, if you have died with the shahada, you have the right to be proud. And if you have died without the shahada, you have died the death of a dog. May Allah subhana wata’ala  protect us.

So remember today, our decisions must be made correctly. One might say that Dajjaal is going to come 10, 20, 30 generations down but we don’t know, so prepare from now. How do we prepare? Make sure you train your kids. Have you read the Quran, taught the Quran?.

Were you a witnesses when Yaqub alaihis salaam, when death approached him. What did he do? He gathered his children and he asked them certain questions to confirm that when he was gone that they would not be astray. How many of us have gathered our children around the fire or around the table and we’ve told them, my dear children, I am a mu’min, I am a believer, I might die tomorrow. What are you going to hold up with? What are you going to stand with? Are you going to hold on to this Qalimah and shahada or are you going to leave it? Are you going to be from the Ummah of Muhammad shallallahu alaihi wasallam or are you going to go astray. Please hold fast to this deen and don’t be astray. If you have made a mistake or two, turn back to Allah, don’t lose hope, that is Allah, He is most merciful, He is waiting for us.

We engage in Tauba because we are weak. We are men. We are supposed to engage in Tauba. But don’t lose hope in the mercy of Allah. How many of us have called our children and told them this? Let us do it. It’s not too late. Call your children for this Ibadah, great act of worship wallah. And ask them a question and help them answer it. Tell them please hold fast, you might have sinned a little bit here and there but turn back to Allah. It’s not too late. What will happen? Tell them. Tell the same thing to your children and so on and so forth so that fifty generations down when the Dajjaal comes wallahi myself and yourself would have already warned our offspring. To say that when you base your major decisions, base them on deen and not on dunya (this world).

So remember one thing. Base your decisions on deen (religion), on Islam, on shahada and you will never be led astray. And remember sometimes Allah will grant you with goodness but many times when Allah has granted you, it is a test. The hadith of Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam  says the poor people will enter Jannah (Paradise) 500 years before those who have a lot of wealth, why? I can tell you why and I will end by this example.

The reason is, you will have to give account of every penny and cent that you have. Where you got it, where you spent it, how you spent it and so on and so forth. Remember when you enter the airport, you have nothing to declare, which route do you go through, green or red? The green route. Why? Nothing to declare, I am a pauper, I’m walk in straight through. Search my bags, even if they search it, you’ve gone, you’ve nothing.

But tell me, you come with overweight, 200 kgs of overweight and large bags and three people pushing your trolleys. How long are you going to take at the customs? You have to account for everything.

That is Qiyamah, prepare for it by engaging. How do we prepare for Qiyamah, that’s a question.  By engaging in Tauba, admitting your guilt and making a turn to Allah subhana wata’ala. Not only will you save yourselves but you will save your offspring.

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