Calls of the People of Paradise (Jannah) |

Calls of the People of Paradise (Jannah)

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Calls of the People of Paradise (Jannah)

What will be the call of people in Paradise (Jannah)? Their behavior of remembering Allah and thankfulness would be quite similar to what they did in this world. See below the verses related to this and the explanation by Sheikh Moududi in Tafheem Al-Quran.


The fact is that the men of faith and righteousness who are admitted to Paradise will be those who, during their life in the world, have embellished their lives with sublime ideas and noble deeds, who have refined their emotions, who have oriented their desires in the right direction, and who have purified their conduct and character. Thus, the nobility which they have developed in their personalities will shine in even greater splendor when they set their feet in the pure and clean environment of Paradise. Those same traits which characterized their behavior in the world will appear with even greater lustre.

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

The favorite occupation of such people in Paradise will be the same as during their life on the earth – to celebrate the praise of God. Likewise, their relationships in Paradise will be imbued with feelings of mutual harmony and concern for each other’s well-being as had been the case in this world.

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