Book Summary: “What Must be Known About Islam” |

Book Summary: “What Must be Known About Islam”

Book Summary: What Must be Known About Islam

Book Summary

“What must be known about Islam” is a compilation by Muhammad bin Ali Al-Afraj. He has summarized the basic concepts of Islam in a comprehensive manner, so that this book may be used as a quick reference for Muslims regarding: worship, five pillars of Islam, Tafseer of certain verses of the Holy Quran, basic Islamic manners, Islamic laws, rulings and prohibitions and the advantages of marriage.

The simple language of this book holds immense appeal for the Muslim youth, who can learn about the basic philosophy of Islam through this book. There is a detailed discussion on four issues: knowledge, knowledge-based action, calling others to that knowledge, and being patient when treading this path.

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

The main aim of compiling this book is to urge the Muslims to adopt Islamic mentality by looking at things from an Islamic perspective. This would serve to be the guiding light for them, as they would not be distracted by the cultural or global effects of materialism or atheism. They would find solutions to all their problems by learning about Islam and incorporating its basic teachings in their private and public dealings.

Hadith and Prophet’s Saying on combing hair, touching Kaaba, wearing shoes, and Henna

This book categorically explains the terms: Islam, Iman and Ehsan, and continues its classification of Tauheed and Shirk. It clears people’s misconceptions about prayers, fasting, zakat and hajj under different conditions. “Indeed deeds are based on intentions, and for each person is that which he intended.” Thus, Islam makes an individual responsible for his actions and puts him in-command of his life.

The various benefits of supplications and remembrance of Allah teach Muslims to invoke Allah in trouble and peace. The final note on marriage is meant to address sexual waywardness and social evils that have crept in our society under the influence of other cultures. A close textual analysis of this book reveals that Islam is a complete religion that offers solutions to all possible problems- whether of the Old World or the contemporary world, which is yet in the process of evolution.

Book Highlights

  • Concise guide for the Muslim youth about the basis of Islam
  • Enlightens Muslims about the correct way of offering prayers, fasting, paying zakat (charity) and performing Hajj
  • Outlines basic etiquettes of Islam about dressing up, eating, sleeping, social obligations and duties and being productive
  • Forbids Muslims to go to magicians, soothsayers and tarot-card readers
  • Warns Muslims against indulging in haram activities such as gambling, drinking alcohol and taking drugs
  • Stresses upon the evils of extra-marital relationships
  • Educates Muslims about their duties to their Lord, themselves, and the society
  • Clarifies misconceptions about certain religious practices
  • Criticizes the evil customs of dowry and costly weddings
  • Educates new Muslims about the universality of Islam and its codes of conduct and modes of worship.
  • And more …
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