Al-Haqq (The Truth, The Reality) – Allah’s Name |

Al-Haqq (The Truth, The Reality) – Allah’s Name

“Al-Haqq” is one of Allah’s 99 Names. The meaning of  Al-Haqq is “The Truth, The Reality”

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Quranic Verses with Al-Haqq

Allah is the Haqq decides quick

And He is the subjugator over His servants, and He sends over you guardian-angels until, when death comes to one of you, Our messengers take him, and they do not fail [in their duties].(Surat Al-‘An`am 6:62)

Allah creates lifes and death

That is because Allah is the Truth and because He gives life to the dead and because He is over all things competent(Surat Al-Haj 22:6)

Allah is the King Haqq Throne

So exalted is Allah , the Sovereign, the Truth; there is no deity except Him, Lord of the Noble Throne.(Surat Al-Mu’minon 23:116)

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