Trust only in Allah as to Him is Our Return |

Trust only in Allah as to Him is Our Return

If you are getting overwhelmed with life, then start focusing on just a few things that really matter. Forget everything else. And remember that of the few things that matter, Allah should be on the TOP of your list.

When you are overwhelmed, stop – pause – and think only of ALLAH. He controls our lives. He creates our destinies. He will help us, ** IF ** we decide to ask HIM. He will remember us, ** IF ** we remember HIM. And most important of all, to HIM we will return.

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

Think of ALLAH and your load WILL become lighter. Focus your thoughts on ALLAH. Get your tongues to start remembering HIM. We all know enough Quran and Azkar to start doing that. The most important thing is for you to start engaging your heart. Let’s start now!

Trust Allah

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