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Stories from the Quran

Stories from the Quran

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  • ismail sheikh abdirahman Link Reply

    beneficial and interesting books. is a very large Muslim community and we ask Allah (Sw) to guide us and protect our Umma against all evils.

  • A valuable reminder to Muslims which has helped to strengthen my faith and good information to Non-Muslims that I think helps them understand Islam in it real nature, thus reducing hostility to the religion and its adherents. It is also valuable information to help Muslims to do Da’wa.
    May Allah reward your efforts, Ameen.

  • ashraf uddin ibn ataher uddin Link Reply

    Many muslims are poor and I think the rich muslims should donate free religious books for them. I found Bibles in hotels. In mosque Quran are kept for reading . If possible make represetatives in Bangladesh for book centres.

  • Abdul Majid Ibrahim Link Reply

    May the Almighty Allah keep rewarding you for your good work.
    I’m always wishing to have the opportunity to become knowledgeable in Deen Islam so that if Allah wish He will bestowed upon me the understanding and the ability to an effort for the Seen Islam.
    But you have done so much for helping me in the knowledge of the Deen Islam.
    Jazakallahu khair.

    • Samson Tetteh Link Reply

      Great to be a member of lqrasense islamic e book learners may Allah rewards all of us

    • Ahmed Abdullahi Daud Link Reply

      I appreciate it
      The people of the teachers who are spreading our precious religion
      May Allah reward you

  • thank you very much for your helping people to know the right way, may Almighty GOD help you also ameen.

  • Vinod Link Reply

    IqraSense is an excellent organization giving best knowledge / information about the Islam. I appreciate it very much. Allah bless you all at all times.
    Gazak Allah khairkom.
    Sallam allaekom vo Rahmat Allah vo Barakato.

  • Saja Konateh Link Reply

    May ALLAHU Azza wa Jalla grant more wisdom, more strength, more knowledge and more of any other resources to operate and sustain your blissful website. Amen!

  • Md. Kamal Uddin Link Reply

    Good learning with excellent references from the Quran and Hadith.

  • shaila maryam Link Reply

    excellent Islamic organization

  • Salahuddin abdullah Mohammed Link Reply

    With Allah’s Name,The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer
    “Keep up the good work for the world, may Allah’s Blessing be with you, Insha Allah!

  • Rabi Link Reply

    am just seeing this site for the first time l hope it going to be all l have wished for in other to help me in coming closer to Allah.

  • Mohammad Link Reply

    May God bless you for everything you do for Islam and so that all mankind will be guided and enlightened with the light of Islam which is the best way of life and Our Creator’s religion for all mankind!

  • margaret Taha Link Reply

    Assalamu alaikum Brothers and sisters in Islam
    All praise to Allah [swat]
    In my heart I cry for the sick, the old, the young.
    In this ,our world there are many wrongs but I know miracles are happening.
    My daughter had a beautiful little girl after struggling.
    My friend Habiba, her daughter had twin girls, Masha Allah.
    We just need to open our eyes, heart, ears to what is truth rather that lies and deceit.
    Jazak allah[swat]
    Thank you for the information which we need to read and understand the implications

    • Uncle Yunus Link Reply

      Thank you for sharing Islamic Knowledge to us.

  • Abdool Gaffoor Sheriff Link Reply

    I appreciate what you and your colleagues are doing for helping Muslim to know a lot of things about our Deen and at the same time to help others to know more about Islam.May Allah keep you in good health and happy so that you may continue in this field.

  • Ghazala Link Reply

    Thank you for the free books which will enhance my learning into the subject matters. I will gain a better understanding In Sha Allah

  • Nur Mohammad Mostofa Link Reply

    Assalamualaikum . Please keep me updated with all of your posts and publications .


    very good site

  • musa hassan Link Reply

    May Almighty Allah reward you in abundance. Masha Allah

  • Tele Imam Link Reply

    Very inspiring articles. May the Almighty continue to increase the Iqra team in knowledge (Ameen).

  • I am interested in your website. This will enable me have more knowledge of Islam _ The accepted religion of Allah SAW

  • May Allah guide you and keep on spreading the word of Allah.

  • Rufai Abduljeleel Link Reply

    You are making a wonderful sacrifice.

  • Dashee Ahmad Link Reply

    May Allah make all your effort as act of ibaadah
    Jazaaka Allahu khairan

  • Zainab Link Reply

    MashaAllah I’ve learnt and downloaded duas on healing. Jazakumullahu kheiran

  • Aliou kane Link Reply

    Many Thanks in advance

  • Fatima Link Reply

    Very helpful site. Hope to get your dua books.

  • Erika Link Reply

    Thank you so much , May Allah bless and reward you all for your efforts and good work and for helping people find the right way, teaching us more about Islam. Jazak Allah khayran.

  • Muhammad Haroon Burhani Link Reply

    Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmat-Allah Wa Barakatuh

    May All-Mighty Allah reward you for disseminating Islam through Iqrascene. Whenever I check my email and see that I have an email from IqraScene in my inbox, I am thrilled with happiness and no sooner I open the email and download it. Keep this rewarding job doing and enlighten the recipients of your valuable Islamic articles.

    Best wishes


  • Muhammad Haroon Burhani Link Reply

    Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmat-Allah Wa Barakatuh

    May All-Mighty Allah reward you for disseminating Islam through IqraSense. Whenever I check my email and see that I have an email from IqraSense in my inbox, I am thrilled with happiness and no sooner I open the email and download it. Keep this rewarding job doing and enlighten the recipients of your valuable Islamic articles.

    Best wishes


  • Sulaiman Gbolagade Oyedeji Link Reply

    Thank you for the book sent hope to share the knowledge amongst others thanks

  • Mustaque Al Nabi Link Reply

    Thanks a lot for this great work

  • Ntage Abdullah Link Reply

    Shukran. May Allah bless your efforts!

  • May Allah always bless you for helping us follow the teachings of the Holy Quran. Jazakallah Kheir.

  • I do thank to Allah who make u people’s guide and help us here on Internet for islamic teaching and guiding, may Allah bless and grant aljannat un2 us.

  • shuaibu Zakari Link Reply

    May Allah always Reward you and helping us follow the teaching of the Holy Qur’an. Amen

  • Arabiu Link Reply

    may Allah bless you for you good work

  • Sheik ghouse Link Reply

    I just want to know how many Muslims live below poverty line in the world so that I can start a donation camp or centre and also what is the actual Muslim population in the world

  • I am interested in the in-depth study of Tibb e Nabawi. Will you be kind enough to suggest/send me the releant books on this topics? I would be grateful to you for this favour.

  • I’m here to know how to praise the Allah.

  • Imti Ally Link Reply

    I always browse Iqrasense and I have learnt a great amount of important lessons on Islam which I find beneficial to me for my hereafter.Thank you.

  • Umaru yakubu ajickson Link Reply

    Help with lot of salvation verses to counter my enemies with

  • Rashid Bangura Link Reply

    A very useful link. I strongly believe that these materials will be very helpful for someone who want to follow the Islamic faith.

  • Anonymous Link Reply

    Very interesting and educative

  • Mohamed Eymoy kplc Link Reply

    MashaAllah MashaAllah bery happy to have Islamic books online. Alhamdulillah thuma Alhamdulillah

  • mashallah may allah bless you guys for making this website


    Thank you for sharing the Islamic matters across the Globe for this reason, may Allah reward you abundantly.

  • Greg Link Reply

    Assalamu Alaykum I want to thank my brothers and sisters for all your help and prayers for me. I made my Shahada on September 15 2021. I’m studying every day and will need prayers.

  • Maryam Link Reply

    Assalamu alaikum. Feels So good to be around muslim brothers and sisters. Am living in a place where there are a few muslims, so I don’t get to spend time with my fellow Muslim sisters and that makes me a little sad. But here I feel so happy and I feel finally this is an environment that I belong course even if l don’t see them I can feel their presence around , and that reminds me that am never alone . May Allah continued to shower his mercy and blessing upon us . Assalamu Alaikum

  • I really gained a lot from you, JazaakumuLLAHUkhayran fiddunya Wal aakhirah

  • Abubakar Ibrahim aliyu Link Reply

    Masha allah for making this website

  • May Allah SWT grant you the Paradise and uplift you too

  • Uncle Yunus Link Reply

    Ya Allah help anyone who helps your religion by any means.

  • Irene Link Reply

    Asalam aleykum

    Is there anyway i can get access to the books, maybe read them online or a site i can download them from?. Am intersted in furthering my knowledge on islam via reading books, like the one of summarised stories from the quran.

  • Adamson Idowu Jamiu Link Reply

    Salamaleykunm..I enjoy your conversations after reading them..I wish I can get more hands on your Dua books.Also I want to learn about the existence of Qur’an,Hadith and other things to know about Islam… Maasalam.. Mohammad Jamiu Adamson.

  • Ma shaa Allah. Its wonderful reading about Islamic guidance from your website. May Allah continue to support and bless your efforts. Amin. May these efforts of your be a meant by which Allah enters you to paradise. Amin.

  • Mohamed Liaquat Nawaz Link Reply

    Subhan Allah.Excellent Work and Great Service for Muslim Mankind and also to The Entire Mankind.

  • Anonymous Link Reply

    Jazakallah Khair. It is authentic and helps in icreasing comprehensive knowledge about Islam.

  • Alhamdulillah
    I’m very thankful because I can learn more knowledge about Islam ?? InshaAllah from

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