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Speech on Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) (and message of Islam)

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There have been many biographies written and speeches given on Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) that have provided a glimpse of his life, the role that he played as a Messenger of God, and the message that he brought for mankind. However, the speech delivered by Jafar bin Abi Talib to the Christian king of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) in the 7th century to date is referenced as one of the most succinct and eloquent speeches that captured the moments of that era, and expressed the message of Islam concisely and clearly.

The First Muslim Migration to Abyssinia (Ethiopia)

The speech was delivered in the fifth year of Muhammad’s Prophethood. As we recall from the early days of Islam when Muslims were tortured, persecuted, and humiliated in many ways, a few Muslims emigrated to take refuge in Abyssinia (Ethiopia) that was ruled by Ashamah Negus (also known as al-Najashi), a Christian king. The prophet had known him as a fair ruler and thus had permitted the followers of Islam to take refuge in his kingdom.

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

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Makkans Send Envoys to Dissuade the Christian King

Makkah’s Quraish, who at the time were amongst the foremost in persecuting the new Muslims could not tolerate the Muslims living peacefully in the Christian kingdom. Hence, they made a last ditch effort to get those Muslims extradited to Makkah and sent two of their strongest envoys to demand their extradition. Those envoys were Amr bin Al-As and Abdullah bin Abi Rabia (the two embraced Islam a few years later). The two envoys took valuable gifts for the king and his clergy in the hopes of convincing the king to return the new Muslims. The pagan envoys demanded the Muslims’ extradition on grounds that they had abandoned the religion of their forefathers, and their leader (Mohammad) was preaching a religion different from theirs and from that of the king.

The Speech of Jafar bin Abi Talib to the Christian King

On hearing the claims against Muslims that the envoys had presented, the Christian king summoned the Muslims to his court. The Muslims selected Jafar bin Abi Talib to speak on their behalf. With silence in the court, Jafar bin Abi Talib stood up and addressed the king in the following words:

“O king! we were plunged in the depth of ignorance and barbarism; we adored idols, we lived in unchastity, we ate the dead bodies, and we spoke abominations, we disregarded every feeling of humanity, and the duties of hospitality and neighborhood were neglected; we knew no law but that of the strong, when Allah raised among us a man, of whose birth, truthfulness, honesty, and purity we were aware; and he called to the Oneness of Allah , and taught us not to associate anything with Him. He forbade us the worship of idols; and he enjoined us to speak the truth, to be faithful to our trusts, to be merciful and to regard the rights of the neighbors and kith and kin; he forbade us to speak evil of women, or to eat the substance of orphans; he ordered us to fly from the vices, and to abstain from evil; to offer prayers, to render alms, and to observe fast. We have believed in him, we have accepted his teachings and his injunctions to worship Allah, and not to associate anything with Him, and we have allowed what He has allowed, and prohibited what He has prohibited. For this reason, our people have risen against us, have persecuted us in order to make us forsake the worship of Allah and return to the worship of idols and other abominations. They have tortured and injured us, until finding no safety among them; we have come to your country, and hope you will protect us from oppression.” [Reference: Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum]

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It is quite obvious from the speech that it has stood the test of time and delivers the message of Islam today just as effectively as it did more than 1400 years ago. The eloquence of the speech leaves no doubt regarding the strength of the faith and clarity of the new Muslims’ understanding of Islam and the message brought by Allah’s messenger. This speech also serves as a reminder not just for us Muslims but also for those who are still struggling to get the message that Muhammad (peace be upon him) brought for mankind. (Get the book on stories of the Quran here)


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  • asif masood Link Reply

    ASLK All,
    First of all I would like to thank you for providing this wonderful message from our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W(PBUH). Well as far as I am concerned I am not doing it; but inshallah hope Allah will give hidayat to me and inshaallah i will do it.

  • The best and very touchable. Ya Rasulullah Ya Habibbullah.

  • Fatimah Link Reply

    This is a grand speech but unfortunately in this present day of Islam the teachings of this are not being lived up to.

    Women are enslaved in ‘supposed’ muslim countries and no one speaks up for them, hence, the media is having a field day with Islam bashing. That is the one example that glares at the world about this deen.

    Where I live in the USA-they muslims are only social with their own culture and the new comer (me) does not have a place in their circle.

    • Cas Link Reply

      Salaam my sister!
      So well said! It´s like you read my thoughts mash´Allah. I agree with you fully and as a practising Muslimah, it saddens me beyond belief that the best sisters I know are the ones suffering the most. Why, because of the behaviour of their families and how the value of a woman is close to nothing among Muslims. In Islam, the woman is so valued that I think not even the brothers can match up. However, among Muslims…no.

      The worst thing is, these families claim their doing islamic things but no, they´re not. We´re once again back to Jahiliyya and if you research on it, it is in Muslim countries that daughters are considered the worst “gift” one can get. I´m extremely sorry to say all this but I´m so tired of the way my fellow Muslims are behaving.
      Wassalaam, sister Cas.

      • Sam Link Reply

        Asalamu alaikum wrwb, to all the new sisters And brothers who have come to Islam Masha’ Allah ! Allah had guided you all to Islam for a reason so do not be disheartened and stay strong in your faith continue to seek knowledge of your deen and make duaa believe me Allah will guide you.

    • Anonymous Link Reply

      Dear Sister Fatimah & Sonja Salam Alaikum,

      It is sad to know of the neglect of our community to new brothers and sisters.We have the best religion and message but we are the worst followers of that message. The fault is with we the followers not the message.

      We should be helping our new brothers and sisters in Islam who are the true muslims as they have come to the fold of Islam on the inspiration of Allah and not got Islam as their inheritance. I am ashamed sisters, that we are not doing anything for you and probably because of this Allah is testing the Ummah collectively.

      I am in Australia, so can’t be of much help to you, but is there an Internet forum for new converts to Islam where we can share some thoughts with you. Please let me know as that will also help me in helping someone else.

      Praying for your success in Islam and for the whole Ummah of Prophet (PBUH). Your brother in Islam.


    • AsalamoAlkum Dear Sis Fatimah

      I hope the grand speech above will wake up Muslim Nation. I am sorry to hear we Muslims are not following Islam as we should, mostly lack of knowledge in Islam has lead people to oppression and resorting to terror and isolations and fearing others, instead of Allah, but it will all change soon, InShaAllah.

      Please join us as our Brother Harun Yahya is trying very hard to spread Islam through intellect struggle and wants all Muslims to unite and speak for Justice, Peace and equal rights for women. I am supporting him in his quest and we are trying to enlighten people to truth n pure Islam without traditions which people are buried in deep and its time to came out of darkness and practise true Islam and teaching of our Prophet Mohammed PBUH who was Mercy for all Mankind and loved all women very much.
      Can I please suggest if you would like to join Harun Yahya Website and Facebook where all Brothers in Sisters are welcomed and have freedom of speech and equal rights for men n women as in Islam and encouraged to strive against oppression and demand for their rights for all.
      MaShaAllah our Brother Harun is very eloquent man and on a intellect struggle to spread Islam by Peace n Justice for all and I support him in his all works and you will be most welcome to join us.
      Allah bless you and Guide us all.

    • Who do you think should live the teachings of Islam for you when you Muslim decided to migrate from it’s core values and teachings? How many women (and Men as well) live their lives by the dictates of Islam? How can one operates outside the parameters of a system and still expect to find solutions to her or his problems within it’s scope? Fatima should be Fatima please!!!

      • Linda Armstrong Link Reply

        Salaam sisters and brothers,
        I am also a new Moslem – from New Zealand. I am happy to say the born Moslem sisters and brothers have been very welcoming to me. Sometimes overwhelmingly so.
        I had been dreaming about living in a Moslem country, thinking that all would be like paradise there. Sadly I have discovered that many of these countries no-longer live the Islamic way. And I have decided to stop calling myself Moslem, and start calling myself a Follower of Islam. There is a huge difference.

  • Inna Link Reply

    MashaAllah, it’s just in time to remind ourselves not to be spoiled, because the more we live the more fitnas we see. It’s really not easy to keep our hearts clean, we need to help each other, because no one else will help us to reach Jannat.
    Very good djazakha Llahu kheir

  • Ali Link Reply

    As Salamu Alaykum.

    Jazak Allah Khair. Every word and deed and even the name helps increase my Iman and I thank you for it.

    Truly Alhumdolillah, that He made us Muslims.

  • Mohammad Ataullah Link Reply

    SubhanAllah, the people who accepted Islam by Will & Guidance of Allah (swt) & followed teachings of Allah’s Last Prophet Muhammad (sws), were so focussed & paid attention to detail. Even Prophet Muhammad (sws) last speech on Arafat. Their speeches covered the essence of the whole story in few short sentences & yet powerful enough to effect whoever heard it & could not help not only sympathize but revert to Islam because they told The Haq/The Truth. SubhanAllah & Al-Hamulillah.
    We need to learn from them to spread Islam, sympathize, be kind & help each other. Specially with new Muslameen. Women need & should be at the forefront starting with the children & especially girls who will teach their children when they become mothers, InshAllah, Ameen.

  • Ferozfer Sheikh Link Reply

    As’salamu-alikum! Muslim Brothers & Sisters

    Masha-Allah it was a mind blowing mssg, may ‘Allah’ s.w.t. guide us & correct our thinking, to follow the religion of islam & sunna of Prophet Mohammed s.a.w.s. in true sense – ameen.


  • Sarah D Link Reply

    MashAllah! That was very impressive and touching! It reminds me of how we are living today and the way we are actually supposed to live–treat each other, take the sincerity in prayer, fasting, and donations.

  • Suleiman Jibrin Link Reply


    Thank you for this thought provoking message. I have not read any Islamic text as precise, coincise and that captured the essence of Islam and the message of our dear Prophet Muhammad SAW. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. May Allah reward Jaffar bin Abi Talib and all others of that early era of Islam, with paradise. Perhaps if muslims will be as courageous, keep to the teaching of Islam and God fearing like our brothers of that era, Islam would have been far from what it is today. We are all guilty but we do not have any excuse not to leave by the teaching of Islam. Let us all ponder over this message and change our ways before the wrath of the Almighty Allah befall us. May Allah forgive us and protect Islam and muslims all over the world

  • ibrahim Link Reply

    Very inspiring speech.It shows what real Islam is.I agree with Fatimah when she says that today there is a lot of discrimination against new Muslims.My wife and I are new Muslims and we have been looking for an Islamic institution to enroll in and study Islam but in vain.ibrahimoum@yahoo.com

  • Assalam-O-Alaikum
    Brothers and Sisters
    This speech given by Jafar bin Abi Talib truly inspires us, no doubt in it, What he did by delivering the message to christian king, giving precise and correct picture of Islam is one thing which each and every followers of Islam should strive to do. Bcoz considering today’s scenario our non-Muslims brothers and sisters have a wrong notion regarding Islam and their followers. May Allah give all of us strength, Hidaya and sabr to forward his beautiful message to all of the mankind that has been passed to us.

  • very touching indeed. so precise, instructive and to the point.
    my sympathy to the couple who are new converts
    and no one to guide them.
    That seems to be a real problem everywhere.
    maybe you can go to your nearest mosque, or Islamic library
    for information.

  • thanks alot for your inspirational text messages which remind us from time to time the purpose of our existance. May Allah increase your knowledge and ability to disperse it .

  • FEDA Link Reply

    Mashallah, what a GRAND speech…. If only their true beliefs would enter into every muslim heart!!! HOW STRONG WOULD WE BE????

  • Assalamualaikum.
    MashaAllah – A very thought provoking speech. It defines the meaning of Islam very clearly. A speech worth circulating to non-muslims as well. It would deffinitely give them a true picture too.

  • Dr Raji Tajudeen Link Reply

    Asalam alaikum. What an inspiring speech! The best speech I have received in recent time, it defines clearly the purpose of our existence in this world. May God give us the strength, will and wisdom to practice all that have been preached.
    Cheers to all.

  • Nurjenna Taqwa Link Reply

    I don’t know why I sometimes find it hard to explain to people about the teachings of Islam and Prophet Muhammad even if I am among Muslims. The speech given by Jafar Bin Abi Talib is so simple yet well versed that I would be surprised if anyone (especially among us Muslims) can still have trouble understanding it. After all nowdays in the era of understanding we should not limit ourselves from the wealth of knowledge made available to us by God. I hope everyone should free themselves from any uncertainty and believe in God and His Messenger wholly. May God bless…

  • hafsah Link Reply

    Assalamualikum wrb,

    Thanx for sharing the speech. It is the raw truth about our Great Religion and must be considered while doing even the smallest things of life. Unfortunately today we have incorporated all the Haraam customs and traditions like those we see in marriages and parties, photography n videos, mixing of men and women, lack of hijaab, music and songs (even in cellphones in mosque), love and friendships amongst the teenagers, unnecessary talk, television depicting haraam objects(even looking at non mahram male or female is haraam), lack of interest and faith in prayers n so on….Shaitaan has slowly n carefully planned the intuition of all haraam and evil things and made it appear as a routine thing…we ourselves are not aware how much we r sinning each day knowingly or unknowingly. May Allah protect us and our generations from all the evil created by our biggest enemy iblees and his companions.
    Praise be to Allah and peace be upon our messenger prophet mohammed sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.
    Jazakallah khair

  • habiba Link Reply

    Assalamu alaikkum to all, Its quite interesting to know about this story. Eager to read the rest of the story also. Pls. publish.


  • ayubkhan Link Reply

    Simply awesome.It leaves no space for anyone to have ill feelings towards ISLAM.
    Wish we could say the same for the bulk of present days’ MUSLIMS

    Allahu a’lam

  • A truly beautiful speech given by the sahaba Br.Jaffar. I feel sad for sister Fatima and Br. Ibrahim. Please reach out to your local mosques. You are so lucky to have mosques in the U.S. Here in Australia I am isolated because there is no mosque close to where I live. Nor do I know any Muslims in my area. I communicate with a Muslim lady via email. May ALLAH S.W.T. help us increase our Ibaadat and stay on the path of Islam, which is so peaceful and logical. May our children and their children follow Islam as perfectly as the RasoolALLAH S.A.W. May ALLAH Subhana Wa Taala forgive our sins and guide us to the righteous path Ameen.

  • Yolanda Docena Link Reply

    In this world, we find difficulties and lots of sufferings, yet those who stand still in the name of Allah remain stable (inshaAllah) and living with peace. I am very proud and lucky to be part of this ummah, who worship Allah alone. Islam is the way, this is the way going to Jennah, a way of life and a way what our prophet Mohammad (SAW) instructed us. May all the blessings of Allah be with us.

  • Hush Link Reply

    Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful message of Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. It will serve an enlightenment for all of us.

  • Assalam alaikum
    very inspring speech it has touched my heart and sense it is a message for todays mullahs,preachers

  • mohammed naeem Link Reply

    Assalam alaikum, You have published one part of the speech, Can you publish other part when Amr bin Al-As posed other question regarding our belief in Prophet Eisa a.s. that we do not believe him to be son of God, which will help us to explain our religion to Christians.

  • Shameela Link Reply


    A great piece of information to share. While we all would want to do something for Islam, i think most of us do not know how to start. The reason for this is we ourselves are not convinced with so many things. We are confused between our social life and religious thoughts. We do not make an attempt to understand Islam and thus fail to accept it fully and express discomfort when it comes to sharing with non muslims. I was a working women, not knowing many details of Islam, I started reading quran with the meanings and now I observe hijab and follow as many things as possible which are fardh and sunnah. We fear embarassment and think that we will be out numbered if we talk about our practices in todays modern world. But brothers and sisters remember, its Allah who bestows us with pride or insult. He is khaliq. It will hardly take a fraction of a second for him to convert one and all to muslims. He just wants to give us a chance. Best way to spread Mohammed the prophet s(PPBUH) message is to practice with full faith and belief. See how Allah supports you. JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR

  • Mirza Mumtaz Baig Link Reply

    Subhan-Allah one of the most time tested speech. In few sentences it gives enormous information about the Pre-Islamic and most importantly the transition phase from Pre-Islamic to Islamic phase. But Alas! even after 1400 years many of the ill practices figured out in the speech is still found in muslim today. The reason is very simple ………WE MUSLIM ARE DEVIATED FROM THE TEACHING OF ISLAM. WE HAVE WEAK FAITH ( IMMAN) AND DO NOT USE REASONING/RATIONAL. TO REVIVE THE TRUE SPIRIT OF IMMAN WE HAVE TO REVIVE THE CONCEPTUAL ISLAM AND MUST COME OUT OF THE RITUALISTIC ISLAM.

  • luqman Link Reply

    It is a summary of what a muslim should be. Very timely as a reminder and wake up call in this time of confusions and negligence.

  • ruqeeya Link Reply

    masha Allah

  • FARHAN Link Reply

    First of all I would like to appreciate the effort made behind
    posting the speech. It is indeed the call of time that we muslims are taught about the tenets of Islam, so that we don’t fall into the days of Jahiliya after the relevation.
    please post the reply of king Najashi as well, who was also influenced by the boldness and audacity of the new muslims and the message of Islam

  • This speech is too good to read it only once

  • Aminu Link Reply

    Assalamu’alaikum ya brothers and sisters
    “This is a touching speech.”
    Please I will like to make comments also on contributor No. 3. That the culture of ISLAM is ONE and I am happy she is in the light now. All she could do is to try and acustom her self to the culture of ISLAM and she will find it much easier to be in their circle for ever. May ALLAH strengthen you more into ISLAM with knowledge.

  • Shaziya Link Reply

    Mashaallah…. very touching and inspiring speech… Must say, it says so much about Islam and its teachings… Just pray that people who have misused the religion name to do wrong things, may Allah show them the right path..aameen

  • Engr.Nabiha Faisal Link Reply

    ASALAAM O ALAIKUM! with the depths of my heart would i like to thank iqrasense for spreading such a beautiful and friutful message of our beloved Prophet ( sallahu alaihi wa aleyhi wasallam). i am in no position of saying that i have enduered the true essence of Islam, but struggling to do so. i simply require hidayaa from my lord from the light spread by HIS true Messenger( sallahu alaihi wa aleyhi wasallam). but i would like to share that such mails n messages simply refreshes our belief, which is more than required these days. may you carry on the good job that u are already doing. Jazzak ALLAH. Wassalaam

  • Che Link Reply

    Masha Allah. If we read the biographies of the sahabas and those followers of Islam during the time the prophet (saws) was still alive, we can really say that they have been given by Allah (swt) great minds. Muslims in the early times are using the talents given to them by Allah (swt) by doing what our prophet and what the qur’an is teaching. Sub’hanallah, even on little mistakes, they feel broken. If Muslims today would have the same conviction and discipline as the Muslims before, we would be successful in our mission of propagating Islam.

    We should even be ashamed calling ourselves Muslims if we do not do what the qur’an and the hadith of the prophet (saws) are telling us. Let us stand the pillars of Islam. Why is it so hard for many Muslims to pray 5 times a day or to give charity or to fast? I’m sad seeing Muslims doing shirk and celebrating ocassions not allowed in our religion like celebrating birthdays and joining parties.

    Alhamdulillah, I belong to a community where Muslims are constantly reminding each other to forbid what is wrong and enjoin what is right. And I have a husband who is always reminding me to always think of death and the hereafter.

    I am a convert and I am praying to Allah that one day Insha Allah, my siblings and father would embrace Islam. They will be happier in this world and in the hereafter.

    For those who wants to communicate with me, I’ll be willing to give my email add insha Allah.

  • rasheed Link Reply

    we all know the story and it is and always will be a great one. to those who feel there is a ‘but’ to the story or lesson, stop thinking like west, east or where-ever it is that you’re from. think like a muslim, live and behave like you should, etc and you won’t need to seek acceptance from groups. find contentment within your own life-and-practice and you’ll see things getting better. remember only ALLAH(swt) is perfect. FATIMA (3) I hope you you don’t lose heart because Jannah is yours if you stay true to yourself. remember, a hand full of power seekers and whatever is in the media does not represent ISLAM. you have the example of the Prophet (saw) and the Quran as your guide.

  • Najeeb Link Reply

    Masha Allah, May the peace and blessing of Allah be on Prophet Muhammad (SAW). See the wisdom of islam and remember this happened more than 1430 years ago. Subhanallahh

  • Lawal A. Musa Link Reply


    I’ve gained immensely from the message and inspired by the valid but indicting comments by brothers & sisters.

    I sincerely see it as a challenges to ALL of us who ALLAH in his mercy bless us with the provoking message. I think one of the wisdom behind it, is for each of us to heed, abstain and refocus the remaining days of our lives living by the Islamic values. I’ll encourage all of us to be observing Sallat at its time, and, Allah in his mercy will make it easy for us to live a successful life. What bad will happen to us if we stop music & unethical TV programs in our houses??? If men lower their gaze and women wear Hijab peace will begin to set in our soceity.

    To the new Muslims, Alhamdu lil lah. Please be patient with the situation you find yourself, Allah is with the patient servants. As some comments suggest, many of the Muslims now adays lack the required sense of community and understanding of brotherhood.

    May Allah’s RAHMA be with ALL of us amin.

  • Nadim Tanwar Link Reply

    the message delivered by our beloved rasuallah is haqq n this is the way of Allah which he promised all muslims that if they follow and obey this message it leads to Jannah

    but unfortunatetly we muslims are more involved in this world which will be destroyed by Allah, we are not bothered about that we have to face Allah on the judgmnt day, when he (Allah) will be in his full anger.

    the message bought by our Rasuallah is came to us with lots of sacrifice, so brothers and sisters please dont ignore the message of Rasuallah and pray for whole humanity, may Allah fogive us all and give us Jannah

  • Abdul Aziz Link Reply

    Jaza Khalla khair, in fact a beautiful and motivating speech which is applicable to all of us brothers and sisters which has been new to the Muslim Umma.

  • Abubakar Modire Link Reply

    May Allah bless u and give u more wisdom to built up on ur efforts

  • Muhammad Afzal Link Reply

    MASHALLAH a very precise message delivered by Ja’far bin Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) which still holds it validity after 1400 years or so. SO what are the lesson learned. Ja’far Bin abi Talib a muslim for just few years can have that courage and faith to talk to the king of Abyssinia about Islam, so what excuse we have the born muslims not to deliver this message to every that we interact in our daily lives.
    Brother and Sisters this time will pass anyway, but if you want to be successfull in this duniya and the hereafter you have to deliver this message, and should consider it as your first and foremost priority. Allah (SWT) does not require you and me to stand for His (SWT) Deen, if He (SWT) want to protect and propogate His (SWT) deen He (SWT) can get the job done by any of His (SWT) creation, may be ants, birds, Bees etc etc.
    Just remeber the story of the Hud Hud (the bird) that was in Suleman (May Alllah be pleased with him) kingdom who was so concerned about the nation of Sabah that she flew to Suleman (AS) and informed Him that she saw a nation that worship fire and not the Allah of Suleman (AS). So what excuse you are going to put forward to Allah (SWT) on the day of judgement when He (SWT) is going to raise that bird infront of Ummah that if she can do the job why can’t you.
    So brother and sisters time is running out on us, so please my humble request to you that which ever capacity you are in talk to you colleagues, clas mates, your staff, your bosses, your business associates about Islam. We in the west have more responsibility on our shoulder.
    I pray to Allah (SWT) that Allah (SWT) give us strength to stand for His deen and propogate it in its true spirit.

  • sweetuly Link Reply

    now a days we muslims are sleeping but our eyes are open.We see but we pretend not to see.we hear but we pretend not to hear.so this kind of messages keeps optimum value for whole muslim ummah.

    • gulfreen butt Link Reply

      SubanAllah We Muslims being tested, Wake up call for all Muslims, end to all sufferings and Justice, Peace and Harmony for all Mankind. Ignorance is not a bliss, We Muslims need to educate our Nation and enlighten them to Truth and Pure Islam, it is our obligation. Allah says “Have they not travelled about the earth and do they not have hearts to understand with or ears to hear with? It is not their eyes which are blind but the hearts in their breasts which are blind.” (Surat al-Hajj, 46). Pray people will speek for Justice n Peace and Love and Fear Allah, InShaAllah. Allah Guide us all.

  • JAMAL ALI ASHUR Link Reply


  • usman Link Reply

    It is indeed a reminder to all muslim ummah,May ALLAH continue to protect islam and muslim ummah.Ammen

  • Muhammad Kabir Link Reply

    Alhamdulillah, May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala reward you abundantly for this good deed. However, a token of remembrance to us all is the Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW, wherein he said ‘None of you would be a True Believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself’ Let us imbibe this simple Hadith and the World would be a better place for all the Muslim Ummah

  • Abdul Rahman Shariff Link Reply


    MASHALLAH a very precise message delivered by Ja’far bin Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) the message delivered by our beloved rasuallah is haqq n this is the way of Allah which he promised all muslims that if they follow and obey this message it leads to Jannah.

  • I have been a muslim for nearly 3 years. As stated in an earlier statement. New comers have nowhere to go to bound with sisters as for they stay in their own communities and keep to themselves.

    I say to us all if we are to continue to grow all over the world we have to be there for those reaching out / knocking on the door. It is our duty. Allah loves us all

  • Ali Link Reply

    What a powerful speech full of meaning and very clear, Gave the right meaning of Islam in couple sentences with a clear , comprehensive and simple style.May allah reward the publisher for this good deed.

  • ibrohicas Link Reply

    May Allah whom to belong all the Glory and Honor reward those behind this good deed. It serves as a reminder to all of us. What a powerful speech full of meaning and very clear, Gave the right meaning of Islam in couple sentences with a clear , comprehensive and simple style.May allah reward the publisher for this good deed.

    I think the whole world should be made to have a look at this message (speech) so that they will truly understand the message of Islam

    I am PROUD to be a MUSLIM.

  • Norah Link Reply

    Asalam Alayiakom waramatuallahhe wabarakatu

    Mash’Allah! Mash’Allah . . . that speech was beautiful, It meaning of Islam was very clear. Alhumduallah.
    Inshallah I will FWD it to my family and friends.
    Jazakallah khir

  • moruff Link Reply

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    you will agree with me that the speech captured the whole essence of Islam.The contemporary muslim is faced with many challenges,these ranges from political,social,economic to educational challenges.unlike in the past,we seems not to know the religion itself any longer.I believe there is a need for a reawakening worldwide.there is a need to stress three esseence of Islam-Iman,sincerity and love.We need to have Iman-the prophet(saw)spent the better part of the message teaching the companions about Iman.then we have to be sincere about islam.we are muslims-we are intelligent reasonable,social,peaceful,organised and determined.
    though it is difficult,but we must try and live as muslims,our means of livelihood must be halal and finally,we need to love our muslims brothers and sisters world wide.there is nothing like nationhood in islam what we have is brotherhood.

  • Saheed Link Reply

    Barakallahu fii,
    what an inspiring message that remind us of our obligation in the deen.
    Jazakallahu Khaeran

  • Shahul Hameed Link Reply

    All Praise To Allah (SWT).
    Sincere thanks to the effort that you have put in this Iqrasense.
    We just can’t sit here and wait for things to happen.
    We have to show the world what ISLAM really means to people
    and its clearly stated in this Prophet (PBUH) Message.
    May Allah gives us what needs to be given inorder to be a good muslim.Ameen

  • Raheema Yaqub Link Reply

    Assalamu alaikum. The words of Ja’far bin Abu Talib (radiallahu anhu) is so short and concised. Islam today have alot of challenges from opposition. We muslims need to adhere to the teachings of quran and hadith of the prophet.

  • tabussum Link Reply

    asalam alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatu.
    first and foremost there is no doubt that Prophet Muhammad SAW is and will always remain to be the most influential person to ever walk on the surface of the earth.
    You may be an antheist or an agnostic; or you may belong to any of the religious denominations that exist in the world today. You may be a communist or a believer in democracy and freedom. No matter what you are, and no matter what your ideological and political beliefs, personal and social habits happen to be – you must still know this man.
    islam is such a beautiful religion, its such a shame that even the muslims in today’s society cant see that, henceforth thay are lead astray. “may Allah swt give us all hidayah and help us to spread LAILLAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMAD RASOOLULLAH!

  • Abla Link Reply

    This is a wonderful speech. Am only sad that, most of us(muslims) are not even taking a single step to follow the message of Allah delievered by our Prophet Mohammad S.A.W(PBUH). Actually if you think about it, the message to us, is to bring peace within us, if we follow Allah’s message, there will not be any FITNA amongst us because after-all, we are all brothers and sisters in the end. I just pray for those who are still not following the message of Allah, to start today and not to wait for tomorrow after-all we never know when we will depart this world, and we have to take only our good deeds with us and nothing else and that(good deeds) only will help us in Al Akhera and nothing else.

    May God Bless Us All (Ameen).

  • mona Link Reply


  • Rosheedat Link Reply

    Assalam alaekum, Jazakum llaha for bringing the message back for all muslims. I pray Almighty Allah (SAW) will assist we muslims of today to emulate those early muslims. We are too distracted to face our primary assignment in this world. I am not complying with all injuctions of Allah(SAW) but I thank Him for making my conscience to be alive. If one conscience is alive, one will readily realise a mistake the moment itis committed and one will feel sorrowful about it. For the newly converted accept what comes youyr way. You did not convert to be recognised by anybody other Allah (SAW) and He will surely reward you for it.
    Let we all muslims accept ourselves as brothers and sisters. Alla h(SAW) is , Islam is one. Lets all hold on together as one.

  • mushtaq AHMAD Link Reply

    Ma sha ALLAH. But the speech is incomplete. may the blessing of ALLAH be on MUHAMMAD(SAW)

  • david wicom s.africa Link Reply

    what a beautiful speech.more christians should come to know about this.there is too much negative publicity against moslems and I think its not fair.they do not publish any negativity against christianity or christ whom I now see is one of their prophets too.

    • Farook Hashim Link Reply

      To my knowledge all the messengers of almighty is choosen by god to guide the humans and jinns in the straight path.

      all reveletions are true in its original form.

      unfortunately humans made changes to previous revelations.

      as muslims we believe in all the messengers of the almighty are true and their teachings also true as long as it is remain its original form.

      Quran is the final revelation.

      in Quran a chapter is named Maryam.

      Maryam is Mary ( peace be upon her) the mother of Jesus (peach be upon him).


  • Abu Saleh Link Reply

    Assalamu Alaikkum wr wb.

    The speech s the kernel of Islam. If non muslims read this all over the world a phenomenal change will happen.

  • Tahir Link Reply

    Irrespective of Centuries, the speech is alive and instigates the truth to be practiced to reach Allah as conveyed by Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.S). This answers most of the queries of new entrants in to Islam and strengthens Iman of all of us.

  • Assalamu Alaikkum.A great speach that even after centuries admires the beleivers and even the non muslims.the speach shows the full iman of the sahaba.every one should try to become like him.thank u

  • Amoo Abdulazeez Olayinka Link Reply

    it was a great speech delivered by a great man. muslims on earth have to read and learn from this message. may Allah bless those who brought this message back to life. jaza ka allahu khiaran

  • Sameena Link Reply

    “The question for Muslims today is whether they are living that message?”
    A very pertinent question. The message conveyed in the speech is simple and clear. There can be no doubt about its effectiveness as well. Still why does it become difficult for many Muslims to live that message? Are we too lazy to make the required effort? Are we so enamored by this world that we can’t think of making a few personal sacrifices that might be required in practicing the virtues encouraged by Islam? Are we blinding ourselves to the stark reality of the brevity of this life and the eternity of the life of the Hereafter?
    May Allah Grant all Muslims of the world the right perspective and May He (Subhanahu wa Ta’la) reward those who shared this speech with us with His Blessings, for awakening us. Aameen

  • abdur raheim muhammad Link Reply

    mashallah, very inspiring story, as a new convert. i am still seeking knowledge, and through Allah’s help, i pray to stay on the path of rightousness, may the blessings of allah be you all. ameen.

  • Ma Link Reply

    This speech reflects the true spirit of Islam that we need to learn and propagate, while forgetting our minor differences.

  • yahaya Halidu Link Reply

    God reward you for reminding us as always with this very important message of the Prophet. Islam is truly the only religion in the universe that till date has not changed and will never change. Imagine a speech delivered about 1400 years back is still very relevant in this present dispensation. May Allah guide us aright and protect our religion from these devils as mentioned in the holy Quran. Ameen

  • Adam Ahmad Muhammad Link Reply

    We always thank for your effort by reminding us about our regilion, may God help your through life.

  • joe Link Reply

    Islam from what I understand preaches peace, learn to tolorate other who don’t share your religious belief, if some silly person mis-quotes or mis-represents your religion you don’t need to kill innocent people, instead I believe you should educate the individual(s) so that they can learn from their folly and amend their way(s). If we all go after each other at the slightest provocation then we will cease to exist and I don’t see how this will be beneficial to you if you intend spreading the word and teachings of your holy prophet. He was a man who preached peace. May the Peace of God Almighty which passeth all understanding be upon us all.

    • saa Link Reply

      The greatest misservice we are doing to Islam is our intolerance nature. The Prophet never preached intolerance of non Muslims and harmless persons or turning against a visitor to your country. Why aren’t we crying out loud at the waywardness of our Muslim brothers and sisters in the Arab world? when you turn on most Arab stations this days, you don’t see any manifestation of the prophets teachings, rather, you see The Jahilliyya Period staring at you and you begin to wonder what the cry is all about when the very same people that take to the streets because of our dear Prophet don’t even follow His Teachings!!!!

  • Abdu Salam Link Reply

    May Allah surely reward you here and thereafter.

  • Salma Link Reply

    I hope everybody that read the speech has learned something out of it and should be applied in our daily lives. We Muslims have to practice the teaching of the Prohet Mohammed(S.A.W.S) and to educate non Muslim and not to distance ourselves from them. To
    sister Fatima, I will say you are not alone but do not give up the practice of Islam as much as Islam preaches against discreminition, it still exist in Islam unfortunitly and I will sugest you get intouch with your local Musjeed and they will direct you to a lot of wonderful resources that can help you Inshah-Allah.

  • Abbaa milkii Link Reply

    thanks our brother for sharing us this very spectacular story. really it is very impressive message that never be obsolete at any stage of human history. the moment I finished reading the story, several things came to my mind. first, I was highly touched how our prophate was diplomat and managed smartly and peacefully with their neighbors and followers of othere faith. second the speech delivered by Jafar was constructive and convincing at that time of jahilya or ignorance. third, how the king of abyysinia was wise, legal and moral guy and never used to kneel down to the bribes of jahil people. fourt, the speech delivered and the king’s reaction in response to it, apparently convey the message how that generations were tolerant to the values of one another. fifth, our current leaders should remid such magnificent story to build tolerances and fraternity among religions instead of being a poodle for some western governments. sixth, I m extremely fascinated on how justice was served by that great habesha king amid that dark era.

  • Anonymous Link Reply

    Alhamdulillah,,,for allah to make as muslim.
    thanks my allah..

  • Lisda Link Reply


    First of all thank you for sharing this.
    Hope we can understand Islam better and can make people all over the world understand Islam and Muslims better too, Amiiin….
    I do not understand why some people like to abbreviate the word Assalamualaikum become ASA or ASAK????? – loosing the meaning, isn’t it???
    If it felt too long to write “Assalamualaikum”, we can just say “Salam”, right??? 🙂
    Sorry if I am wrong…..

  • sayed reshma Link Reply

    ASALAAM O ALAIKUM! with the depths of my heart would i like to thank iqrasense for spreading such a beautiful and friutful message of our beloved Prophet ( sallahu alaihi wa aleyhi wasallam).

  • may allah bless our beloving prophet (SAW) and may allah inshallah guide us to the right path.

  • Mustafa Link Reply

    Assalamu Aleykum,
    Jazakumullah khairen for your effort on spreading the religion of truth, May Allah the Almighty be pleased with you and help you on your mission.

  • KING SAJJAD Link Reply

    Alhamdulillah,,,for allah to make as muslim.with the rock bottom of my spirit thank iqrasense for spreading such a beautiful message.

    (Who knows death to be certain, yet does not take it seriously;
    Who believes in hell, [but still] commits sin;( Hazrat Usman RA)
    we all must should think about next destination … and do well things

  • Dr Lailun Nahar Link Reply

    In my country, women are not generally allowed to attend mosque. so, though highly curious to know such messages; not sure about its dessimination among general citizen! Eeven I myself didn’t know of such a nicely & precisely expressed sermon! Hope in my Mosque rich country, mosque attendance would know it.

  • If today’s Muslims want to remain as Muslims, identify with true Islam and enter the same similar Paradise that Ja’afar aspired, they should be as focused, as knowledgeable and as courageous as Ja’afar!. Islam is best represented/practiced by those who understands it, have deep knowledge of it and are ever proud to be associated (identify) with it comes rain comes shine!. May Allah shower us with unmerited favors to enable practice Islam as required.

  • afsheen asif Link Reply

    may ALLAH bless all of us

  • Shabana Link Reply


    Alhamdulillah your blogs are very good. They teach us alot about Islam n of how we shud also follow SAW n become a true muslim.

  • This is very good and I hope everyone follows this Prophet Muhammad (SAW) message inshallah. Please people do inshallah.

  • Mohamed Sayeed Badrodin Link Reply

    The most perfect and beautiful Prophet of Allah our beloved Muhammad Mustapha (SAW) and the purest message ever.

  • Abdulsalam Mustapha Link Reply

    Alhamdulillah, the message is still enriching and adapted to the present realities. It is we the MUSLIMS that are not living as a TRUE MUSLIMS. Our attitude is unIslamic and I pray we change and a sincere Muslim life and behave as preached and demonstrated by my beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). I thank you all for re production of these messages.

  • Zainab Umar Link Reply

    Unfortunately, the problem of the muslims today is that we are completely ignorant of the teachings of our deen. How many of us have taken time to read, understand and ponder about the personality of our noble Prophet(SAW)? May Allah give us the ability and wisdom to truly comprehend, understand and practise our deen, ameen.

  • alveera Link Reply

    You refresh our minds and religion.It is the gift of ALLAH SUBHANO WATA AALA,to whosoever keep on the right path.May ALLAH SUBHANO WATA AALA guide us and include us among pious muslim AAMEEN

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