Makkah Haram Mosque Live Video Streaming |

Makkah Haram Mosque Live Video Streaming

You can watch activitiy at Haram Mosque in Makkah live here…

Click on the play button to start streaming the video… You can watch all prayers live on this channel. During non-prayer times, you can still see Makkah and hear Quran in the background.

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

dua for success Allah

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  • maria company Link Reply

    i love makkah and i wish that Allah swt grant all my sisters and brothers to perform hajj, i would love to recived the duahs for ramadan

  • Mohammad Idris Abubakar Link Reply

    Salam, May Allah (SWA) let all muslims that did not visit the Holy Mosque (Haram) to be there and those that witness to go back only for Allah’s sake, Amin. This gigantic project of expansion, may Allah see them through in a very short period of time, ameen.

  • Siddiqui Link Reply

    This is simply great. Thanks.

  • Kabiru Ado Link Reply

    This is great. May Allah swt reward u abundantly Ameen. I love Makkah and Madina and preparing for my Umrah visit next week by God grace

  • It’s been always a beautiful place mashaAllah. May Allah give a chance those Muslims who deserve to visit Makkah and perform hajj and umrah. May Allah also allow me to visit it again. Ameen.

  • mo ibrahim Link Reply

    This is truly the essence of Islam. Many nations, one people, one God-Allah Wish I were there, hopefully Next year. Insha Allah!

  • ibraheem yaqub Link Reply

    May Allah Bless All Muslims, who visit Makkah doing #Hajj and those who still hope.

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