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Dawah and Islamic outreach – Books for Distribution to Churches and Mosques

The Need for Religious Outreach to other USA groups

Anti-Islam Hate Crimes in USA!

Consider this: A Muslim woman in Milwaukee, USA was beaten and stabbed only because she was wearing a hijab and was a Muslim. A pig carcass was thrown at an Islamic center in Florida. Two men were recently killed for protecting a Muslim woman who was wearing a hijab. An Arab man was beaten with a pipe by someone who yelled at him, saying “go back to your country terrorist”. A Muslim worshipper going to pray in a mosque was stabbed. An Islamic Center was vandalized with graffiti that read “Allah is a fraud.”

These are only some of the hundreds of incidents that were reported this year. In fact, the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has reported that there has been a 57 percent increase in anti-Islam bias incidents in US including hate crimes, harassment and discrimination.

Hadith and Prophet’s Saying on ruling on washing a utensil used by a dog

Problem Root Causes!

Both the American public and media is clearly ignorant about the message of Islam. The question is whether Muslims are doing enough to correct this image? Are common Muslims such as all of us doing enough to fix this?

Although IqraSense.com has been doing its best to spread the real and peaceful message of Islam for the past many years, much more needs to be done. This is where you can help and do your part.

The Solution!

Let’s not be spectators to this injustice. Let’s all do our part as a Muslim to correct this.

IqraSense.com has embarked upon a program, where it will distribute Islamic books on your behalf to churches, mosques, masjids, Islamic centers, etc. for dawah purposes. If you are interested to participate to contribute to Islamic Dawah purposes, see below.

Consider this: In the US alone, there are more than 300,000 churches so the more you can help, the more you will earn rewards in front of Allah.

See the process below. The more you can order, the more people will get to know the truth of Islam. You can order the books and deliver them yourself or you can arrange to deliver them to IqraSense.com’s address (see below) and we will deliver them to churches and other places of worship on your behalf.

Let’s not be spectators to this injustice. Let’s all do our part as a Muslim to correct this. You can order 5, 10, 100, or many books.

Hadith and Prophet’s Saying on Sajda Sahw for mistakes in Salat Prayers

Quran Islam Allah Dua

Quran Islam Allah

Dawah Participation Steps

  1. Visit the link next to the books listed below and you can order as many books as you would like distributed  for dawah. You can order, 10, 20, 50, 100, and more books at the HilalPlaza.com site. The book price includes shipping.

  2. When ordering, mention in the comments section if you would like your books to be distributed to a specific church, synagogue, or Islamic center. If not, we will distribute to a center of our choice. (Send to IqraSense at the following address.)

  3. Only books available at the end of this page qualify in this program.

  4. Once HilalPlaza.com receives your books order, they will send the books to the appropriate church or other religious center.

  5. You will receive a confirmation of the delivery of your books to the specific center.

E-mail us for more details at admin (at) IqraSense.com.

Order the Books Below

  1. A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam – ENGLISH (Click to order here) (This book will be sent to non-Muslim religious centers within USA)
  2. Christianity and Islam According to The Bible and The Quran (click to order here) (This book will be sent to non-Muslim religious centers within USA)

Islamic books in other languages

Books on Languages and Dictionaries

Islamic / Christian / Outreach Books

Sunni Shia muslims history

Islamic views on disciples of Jesus

Quranic stories

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    Assalaamu alaikum, I am an Imam in HMP High Down in Sutton, UK. Do you deliver books within the UK? Our men inside our prison are in need of literature, of which we have very little if any. JazakAllah

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