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About IqraSense.com

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Islam is a noble religion – a religion that has asserted the message of truth and explained it for those who are willing to listen and understand.

Unfortunately, today, in many quarters it remains misunderstood. It’s misunderstood because there are those who don’t fully understand it and have misinterpreted its message and then there are those who don’t want to understand it.

The vision behind IqraSense.com is to help educate the public on the true message of Islam and the wisdom of the Islamic message. Muslims as well as non-Muslims are encouraged to participate and comment on the various posts on this blog.

Any messages that are hateful or encourage hate are not permissible and will be deleted. This discussion is for mature and educated audiences who are willing to listen, and learn the message of Islam.

For any questions or comments, send us an email at  admin @ IqraSense dot com

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  • Nor Hiszan Link Reply

    Allahumma baarik, may Allah accepts your amal as saddaqatun jaariah..ameen!
    When Allah wishes good of someone. He bestows upon him the understanding of the Deen (religion). — A Hadith

  • Anonymous Link Reply

    I think this website is brilliant, it has helped me in many ways, God bless you for this wonderful job you are doing, Ameen

  • a muslim Link Reply

    Brilliant website may Allah reward you for this great work which has helped me many times in many ways, ws

  • Joseph Link Reply

    I pray thay Allah swt will continue to bless and guide your work here.

  • Mdbaba Link Reply

    Mashallah brilliant website may Allah reward you

  • shirin Link Reply

    mashaallah indeed this site is very useful

  • shabnam ansari Link Reply

    MashaAllaah it is fabulous web site related to Islam. May Allah bless you!

  • Malik Omer Link Reply

    Mashallah. Fabulous work done by you for us. May ALLAH bless you!

  • Bilquis Link Reply

    MashaAllah very good work may God bless you

  • Rekia Mahmoud Link Reply

    May ALLAH (SWT) accepts Ur
    nia and reward u Gennat Al-Firdos


  • Irda Link Reply

    Alhamdulillah. May Allah reward you and the team with ample rewards and may all be granted to the highest ranks in Jannah. Ameen. I cannot say enough on how this website has benefitted me. The posts are suitable for anyone at any level, insyaAllah. I read the emails and posts during lunch and breaks. Awesome work at times like now. Direct, precise, beautiful yet gentle. Allahu akbar!

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