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Issues Related to Traveling

Similar to sickness, scholars have stipulated their views regarding what constitutes as “travel” under which concessions for travel can be exercised. The following are some of the views:

“Travel in which the concessions for the traveler are prescribed is that which is customarily regarded as travel, and the distance concerned is approximately 80 km (~50 miles). If a person travels this distance or more, he may avail himself of the concessions of travel, such as wiping over the socks for three days and nights, joining and shortening prayers and not fasting in Ramadan. If the traveler intends to stay in the city for more than four days, then he is not entitled to the concessions of travel, but if he intends to stay for four days or less, then he may avail himself of those concessions. The traveler who is staying in the city but does not know when his stay there will end and has not set a specific time limit for his stay there may avail himself of the concessions of travel even if that is for a long period. There is no differentiation between travel by land or sea. [Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah (8/99)]

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