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Who Wrote the Quran? Proving that the Quran is the word of God (Allah)

In the book, “Who Wrote the Quran” published by the “The Memphis Dawah Team”, the book provides many reasons related to how The Quran is the word of Allah. The following are some of the highlights:

Mankind was created to worship Allah and to lead a righteous life by following His Messengers and the Scriptures sent to man.

Five known Scriptures were sent to mankind as follows:

  • Prophets Abraham or Ibrahim (alaihissalaam) received scriptures
  • Prophet Moses or Musa (alaihissalaam) was sent the Torah
  • Prophet David or Dawood (alaihissalaam) was sent the Zaboor,
  • Prophet Jesus or Eesa (alaihissalaam) was sent the Injeel (Bible) and,
  • Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was sent the final word of God (Allah), the Quran.

Three opinions on the authorship of the Quran are as follows:

  • Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him) himself wrote the Qur’an
  • The Qur’an was written by someone else and taught to Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him)
  • The Qur’an is the pure word of God having no human author

The book concludes with the argument that The Qur’an is the pure word of God having no human author. Some of the arguments presented are the following:

  • Prophet Muhammad (SAW) couldn’t have written the Quran as he was unlettered.
  • History shows that he was never interested in material gains
  • He did not suffer from epilepsy or any other such diseases.
  • He could not have been aware of previous nations, civilization that are mentioned in the Quran and later confirmed by the history books.
  • He could not foretell future scientific discoveries (being validated and confirmed even today) without the help from Allah.
  • Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did not copy from other sources nor did he learn it from another person.
  • The Quran itself challenges man to imitate the Quran
  • A human could not have known then, about the many medical and scientific discoveries that scientists discovered only recently.
  • The effect of the Quran on a person’s life, i.e. improvement in his quality of life was not only seen during the Prophet’s time but witnessed for all times.
  • The futility of trying to match the Qur’an’s eloquence has been established by many literary sources.
  • Absence of contradictions in The Quran establishes its Divine origin
  • Allah has predicted in the Quran that the Qur’an will remain unparalleled, unrivaled and unchanged till eternity. We see one proof of it that for the past many centuries, where the Quran has only “one version” and no doubts have ever been raised about its content.
  • Reason (not emotion or blind faith) is the primary means for arriving at the Truth.


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