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Weakness of other deities in front of Allah – Surah Hajj Verse 73 Quran

Brief Verse Interpretation / Tafsir

The people who argue regarding Allah’s power, and choose to worship others should know that even if all the deities come together and try to create a single fly, they would not succeed. More than that, even if the fly were to steal anything from them, they would be unable to retrieve it successfully from the fly. So weak are thus their false deities.

Quranic Verse 

 Surah Hajj Verse 73 -Allah is your Lord! Verse Translation

O people, an example is presented, so listen to it. Indeed, those you invoke besides Allah will never create [as much as] a fly, even if they gathered together for that purpose. And if the fly should steal away from them a [tiny] thing, they could not recover it from him. Weak are the pursuer and pursued.” Quran (Surah Al-Hajj, 73)

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