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Prophet Muhammad inviting to Salvation and Islam – Surah Ghafir Verses 41-42 Quran

Brief Verse Interpretation / Tafsir

In this verse, Muhammad (saw) is addressing the people who were refusing to listen to the message of the Quran. Prophet Muhammad was mistreated by a lot of people when he used to preach Islam and he expresses his amazement and shock in these verses that how could they invite him to the fire and false deities when the prophet was trying to invite them Allah, the Perpetual Forgiver.

Quranic Verse 

Surah Ghafir Verse 41-42 Muhammad (saw)'s invitation to Salvation

Verse Translation

“And O my people, how is it that I invite you to salvation while you invite me to the Fire? You invite me to disbelieve in Allah and associate with Him that of which I have no knowledge, and I invite you to the Exalted in Might, the Perpetual Forgiver.” Quran (Surah Ghafir, 41-42)

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