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Prophet Ibrahim thanking Allah for his sons – Surah Ibrahim Verse 38-39 Quran

Brief Verse Interpretation / Tafsir

In this verse Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is praising Allah as He is the All-knowing and is aware of what we say and what we conceal in our hearts. He is also thankful because in very old age Allah had bestowed to righteous sons (Ishmael and Isaac) to him.

Quranic Verse 

Surah Ibrahim Verse 38-39 Ibrahim's Gratefulness towards Allah -

Verse Translation

“Our Lord, indeed You know what we conceal and what we declare, and nothing is hidden from Allah on the earth or in the heaven. Praise to Allah , who has granted to me in old age Ishmael and Isaac. Indeed, my Lord is the Hearer of supplication.” Quran (Surah Ibrahim, 38-39)

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