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Surah Al-Masad (Chapter 111) from Quran – Arabic English Translation

Basic Information and Facts on Surah Al-Masad

  • Surah (Chapter) Number: 111
  • Number of Verses: 5
  • English Meaning: The Palm Fiber

Surah Al-Masad (The Palm Fiber) Arabic and English Translation

Surah Al-Masad Arabic English Translation

Mushaf – Surah Al-Masad

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1. Perish the two hands of Abu Lahab (an uncle of the Prophet), and perish he!

2. His wealth and his children (etc.) will not benefit him!

3. He will be burnt in a Fire of blazing flames!

4. And his wife too, who carries wood (thorns of Sadan which she used to put on the way of the Prophet ( ) , or use to slander him).

5. In her neck is a twisted rope of Masad (palm fibre).

— End

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