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Quran Recitation and Surah Reading MP3 MP4

This section lists Quran recitation pages of all Surahs from the Quran. On each page, you can listen to the Quran recitation that was uploaded on youtube in mp3 and mp4 formats. You can listen and read the Quran by following the recitation on the included mushaf pages.

Quran Recitation by Surah Name and Reciter

  1. Surah Al-Baqarah (Sheikh AbdulRahman Al Sudais)
  2. Surah Ale-Imran (Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamdi)
  3. Surah At-Taubah (Sheikh Khalid Al Jalil)
  4. Surah Yunus (Sheikh Ahmed Al Ajmi)
  5. Surah Hud (Sheikh Ahmed Al Ajmi)
  6. Surah Yusuf (Sheikh Maher Al Mu’aqily)
  7. Surah Ibrahim (Sheikh Khalid Al Jaleel)
  8. Surah An-Nahl (Sheikh Ahmed Al Ajmi)
  9. Surah Al-Kahf (Sheikh Fahad Alkandari)
  10. Surah Maryam (Sheikh Afasy)
  11. Surah Ta-Ha (Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al Afasy)
  12. Surah Al-Anbiyah’ (Sheikh Ahmed Al Ajmi)
  13. Surah Al-Mu’minun (Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al Alafasy)
  14. Surah An-Nur (Sheikh Maher Al Muaiqly)
  15. Surah Yaseen (Sheikh Sudais)
  16. Surah Ghafir (Sheikh Ahmad Alobied)
  17. Surah Al-Qamar (Sheikh Mishary Rashid Alafasy)
  18. Surah Ar-Rahman (Sheikh Afasy)
  19. Surah Al-Waqi’ah (Sheikh Qari Minshawi)
  20. Surah Al-Insan (Omar Hisham Al-Arabi)
  21. Surah Mulk (Sheikh Afasy)
  22. Surah Al-Muzzammil (Sheikh Abdur Rahman Al Ossi)
  23. Surah An-Naas (Sheikh Mishary Alafasy)

Quran recitation and reading benefits Quran recitation and reading benefits

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