Sand Fountain in Saudi-Arabia |

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Sand Fountain in Saudi-Arabia

..An amazing scene of a sand fountain in Saudi-Arabia..



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  • Imtaz Ali

    This is an amasing video.

    I live in a tropical climate and therfore this is the first time I saw or heard about this.

    Is this abnormal in a desert area?

  • Abdel Hamid

    Its Marvellous

  • Nurhudan Hanafie

    Subhanallah Its Amazing Miracle on The worg ..Its Godwill…
    I belive this penomena can be haven…allahu akbar…


    It is marvellous sight to see. I have seen so many waterfountains but this is first time in my life seeing a sandfountain.

  • nasrin

    never knew its possible, thank u for the video, miracle or allah let all do our share of spreading the word for islam. may allah reward u and guide us all. specialy our teens

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